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Qasid Ali Feb 8
Unchallenged beauty
Beauty unchanged
Perfectly balanced beauty
Eyes remain engaged

Undisputed beauty
I lost words for your praise
Unpolluted beauty
You're ineffable in one phrase

You still seem impeccable in your flawed days
You're above the beauties
My stone heart says
Qasid Ali Apr 2018
Am I the one fading away
Perfect I am dare I say

Wrong I am if I don't say
Not enough did I pray
What cards did I not play
My dear love to make u stay

Chasing along or was it sway
What took us to the wrong way
I can't find a light no ray
Barren lands where I lay.
Qasid Ali Dec 2016
After losing myself in your love
I found you

I have travelled the world
Your love made me travel a lot

I tried to find you
But I couldn't
Then I lost myself
And I found you

Deceived by the voice of this world
To the traveller of the dark
You have shown me your way

I have a night in my heart
I have a small wish
My destiny made me laugh at my self

Why hold hopes with this world
Without you I could never live

I trusted so I could break once more
My ignorance made me weep a lot

Then I lost myself and found you

O my creator don't separate me from yourself
I have no one but you only

You burnt this sinner in the fire of love
And then which hell are you making me afraid of?

You made me thirsty for your vision
And then which heaven do you make me dream of?

I was nothing
Why made me something
Qasid Ali Dec 2016
Red roses have turned black now
The clouds of rain whisper in my ears
Time has thrown me back now
In the days of no fears....

Somethin i see when I look into a mirror.
The good times and the horror
The wrinkles on my face
The smiles given to me by grace
Description of my time spent
The days I didn't have my back bent

Smiling in the face of world
Flying like a free bird
The Arrogance and the pride
Like an oceans high tide

The unruly ways
The untruly says
The trustworthy fellas
And that secret crush of Bella's

Alas.. I had the days
Where I could have said the phrase
Could have made my life with her
But the bitterness of love we all have to taste

The energy overflowing in me
The joy overthrowing me
The nights merging into days
Roses losing it's petals

Back when i was a boy
Goin through the wet days and the dry
Better know as the black sheep
Nothing to hide no feelings so deep

Dancing my way through the crowd
My presence shouting my name out loud
No emptiness there was to fill
No guilty I had to ****....

The summers and winters of the life
Everyone has to witness
Spring is the choices we make
Autumn is the destiny....

I've known the four Seasons
I've lived them in a way
when you get to the truth
Life sways away with the death.

The old days have gone now
The silence now speaks to me
Those memories mess my head
Now there's not a long road Ahead.

I see my death on my door everyday
Always finding a way to take me away
A million things I've left to say
Wishing to get one more day.
Qasid Ali Dec 2016
Without you
I'm standing alone
In a silent zone
Hoping to hear
My beloveds tone....

My world has dark sunsets
The skies have less stars
The oceans are drained now
It's never going to rain now

Without you
I'm standing alone
In a silent zone

I'll never dream again
I'll never scream again
I'm just a dead soul now
To someone I'll never mean again

My poetry has lost it's rhythm
I'm a bird,I've lost freedom
I'm a flower I've lost bloom
I'm hopeless and destined to doom.

Without you
I'm standing alone
In a silent zone

The winters were never so cold
My dreams will never unfold
These memories never seem to get old
I have no hand to hold

I'm a lone flower
In a barren land
I'm a widow's dower
Abandoned buried in sand
You have left my hand
Calling you again still here I stand

I'll hope you return
And make me burn
I love this pain
I'll give you another turn

I'm a cloth that's worn
I'm a wish that's torn
In regrets I mourn
Asking why I was ever born

Without you
I'm standing alone
In a silent zone

I'm a broken mirror
Unable to see myself
I'm the only book
On the burnt bookshelf

I'm a misguided traveller with no one to guide
I'm my own help the fact I can't hide
I have to complete the ride
With no one by my side
I'll surf on this ocean's tide
With your memories along side.

I'm hoping for a wishing star
A remedy to heal this scar
I'm looking for wishing well
To get me out of this hell

Without you
I'm standing alone
In a silent zone
Hoping to hear
My beloved's tone.
Qasid Ali Dec 2016
The eyes that smile
Takes you on a journey of thousands mile
The smile that eyes
Can't look off for a while

Her smile
Like a sad sunset
Beloved's that never met
Flowers that never get
A Springs joyous Ballet...

Her eyes
The book of love
black spot on a dove
innocence of a child
Looking for water a fire gone wild
A Lantern of light
In the darkest night..
The cry of a unloved soul
Whose wishes never unfold

Her smile
like a thief's mask
She steals me wearing that
Helps her complete her task
Stolen and left puzzled
Let me now just ask..

What makes you beautiful?
You are a magnet
I can't avoid the pull
My heart's Fallin for you
I have to be careful.

You are like a stary night
Giving a little light in the darkness.
You are rainy cloud
Watering the fields in barren mess.

You are a shady tree
Shading the ones passing by
You are a Flowers petal
Giving the nectar honey is made by.

What makes you beautiful?
You are a magnet
I can't avoid the pull
My heart's Fallin for you
I have to be careful.

You're the one that praises grace
His love all over your face
Like a firefly that fights
Even when the evil ignites

Like a bundle of small sticks
Trying to burn yourself and ignite the flame
That will keep everyone around the same
In the the cold and the hail.

What makes you beautiful?
You are a magnet
I can't avoid the pull
My heart's Fallin for you
I have to be careful.

I have to say
Whatever you say
You have had cat eyes
You cannot hide that by lies

That voice of yours
Sounds to me like a chorus
Of my favorite song
I want to replay along.
My whole life long....

And how can I stay
At the shore at the bay
You are an Ocean
Of my wishes and pray
So just let me Drown
And dissappear Like a abandoned crown....!

What makes you beautiful?
You are a magnet
I can't avoid the pull
My heart's Fallin for you
I have to be careful.
Qasid Ali Dec 2016
You are my sky.
the cure of my scar
You are my only wish
You are the shooting star.

You are the one I see
When there's no one for me
You are the one that stands
Even when the havoc lands.

You are my holy wing
You are above everything
You are the eye of my heart
You are the soul of my art.

You are my earth my space
You are the falling grace
You are my sun my moon
You are the light in doom

You are the All praised
You are the all grace
You are the Judge
You are the executioner of Grudge

You are The God
The only one I sought
You are the Love and melody
You are the soul of Rhapsody

You are the Beloved Lord
You are the God
The most beneficent Lord
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