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Charm me asleep, and melt me so
  With thy delicious numbers,
That, being ravish’d, hence I go
  Away in easy slumbers.
      Ease my sick head,
      And make my bed,
  Thou power that canst sever
      From me this ill,
      And quickly still,
      Though thou not ****
        My fever.

Thou sweetly canst convert the same
  From a consuming fire
Into a gentle licking flame,
  And make it thus expire.
      Then make me weep
      My pains asleep;
And give me such reposes
      That I, poor I,
      May think thereby
      I live and die
        ‘Mongst roses.

Fall on me like the silent dew,
  Or like those maiden showers
Which, by the peep of day, do strew
  A baptim o’er the flowers.
      Melt, melt my pains
      With thy soft strains;
That, having ease me given,
      With full delight
      I leave this light,
      And take my flight
        For Heaven.
Ceryn  Jun 2016
Skinny Love
Ceryn Jun 2016
There's a certain rush in my veins
When I see your face as it lights up
With bliss and content
While we come together
Face to face
Against a world real pressed
With tears and lies and torment.

The idea of you, just you
Is enough to becalm
The raging ocean of emotions
That has long run wild
In the sketchy corners of my mind
Our destiny, such uncertainty
But amidst it all, you're my sanity.

You showed me truth, my fears subside
You painted my blues with a shade of life
My loneliness, I can perfectly fight
With you right here, nothing's mystified
This is the reality we are facing now
Branded feelings, shall we allow?

We kept each other standing tall
We were there together in every fall
Yes, we could be the perfect match
That the whole world shall have to adore
Afraid, we may seem, but we both know
Keep hiding the truth, but our eyes plainly show.
When someone gives a brand new gleam to our days but we are afraid to burn freely, we may hide. But the sparks in our eyes would simply tell the truth.

That love's light radiates even in the darkest facades of our souls.
Michael P Smith Mar 2013
Mislayed into a abysmal reverie
Like sitting idly in the dark
Relegated and cast aside
Residing in a transitional place
A midway state of imprisonment
Bordering a intermediate reality
In a fantasy of the unknown
Compacted within rage and peace
Hallucinations and premonitions
Guide my space of entrapment
Inside this world of inception
I feel like a ghostly embodiment
A entity inside my own mind
Lost in a indefinite mirage
The apparition of a phantom
Longing for a way out
Into a externalizing release
To reach a metigated outward form
To becalm and sooth my waves
Assuaged my grief and pain
My spirit must alleviate
Wake into the shimmering light
From this overwhelming dreamland
I often question myself
How did I cross the border?
Into the threshold of chimera
This beastly uncanny form
A wonderland of uncertainty
My brain has seemed to freeze
Succumbing to a brick of emotions
I have a potpourri of thoughts
A war of the good, bad and ugly
Yielding of a unrestrained musing
And now I seem to be descending
Furthermore dropping deeper
Into a vagary of dreams
A occurrence of sloping slumber
Such a unbearable enclosure
It's hard to snap out of..
It's difficult to escape from..
This ******* of my soul
Tightly submerged in the depths
Of a hammering state of limbo...

©Michael P. Smith
Ceryn  Sep 2013
Ceryn Sep 2013
She knew so well, she was broken
Grazed by the dark episodes of her life
But for a reason not well spoken
She bottles up her pretty lies.

Too soon, oh Heaven. How do I despair?
Should You becalm the sea, why not seemingly fair?

Questions and tempest, in just a minute stare
All, in a trice, turned out as an awful nightmare
Hovering over the memories, hearts are still in pain
Tears are carefully hidden, sore wounds she'd rather feign.

I knew I wasn't dreaming, but for once I'd like to know.
Can we still dream much further despite a losing show?

Such a lax image, she tends to portray
Religiously, so patiently, she never goes astray
At the darkest edges of her discernible universe
Beyond our keenest senses, she buries a pitch black curse.

Shame on me, my steadfast wishes, I can hardly collect.
Another revolution yet; oh, how do I deflect?

Like a western avalanche, her days came rolling by
As if they're going out of hand, over her head, we can testify
She can just give up, or give another shot, no one seems to know
But in her mind, she knows just why she was there all from the word go.

I know to whom I shall only concede, never to a ruthless battle.
Disjoint, unarmed, I could always be; but my faith, no one can throttle.

And so the tale of this one staunch damsel never ended wrong
She might have had some tough good byes, but that made her strong
Cropping out the tragedy from the frame, she tries to recover from drama
Star-crossed, perhaps, but not til she stops becoming the one tough Andrea.
For my friend, Andrea, who carries on til forever. Carry on til forever.
Ceryn  Feb 2013
Kindred Hearts
Ceryn Feb 2013
I know it’s not that easy
But would you believe me tonight?
You’re all I ever think of
Each lonely day of my life.

Lingering thoughts of you
Keep my enchanted soul ablaze,
Driving me to the zenith of my emotions
Taking me too far away.

My eyes are filled with odd glimmer
My tongue speaks otherwise,
But if you’ll listen to my heart forever
It beats for you ‘til I die.

I don’t know what you’re thinking
I wish I can read it right,
‘Cause stolen glances are never enough
To becalm a heart that’s on fire.

Whenever you set your eyes on me
You’ll know there’s something different,
So please look beyond what you see
‘Cause it’s something and I really mean it.

Maybe we’re too young to act so real
And too old to play this game,
But I know time will come for us
To give this game a real name.

Can you see how really strange things are
For only you and me,
Imagine how we’ve come this far
Two paths on the same journey.

What has been hidden stays the same
Untold words still unrevealed,
Waiting for the moment in our life
For kindred hearts to finally meet.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2013
It was being you
Becalm you, are you
A woman
now you nock me down
look you made my nose bleed
F * * K you woman
go home
and wait for tomorrow you will feel small.
Third Eye Candy Jun 2014
To be kind
would be wise.
what harm is it
to lead with
and becalm
the turbulence
that is two
in a room.
to open with a gentle
respect for the Other
and borrow a smile
from a humble
place in your nexus.
to begin with a kiss
where a ' welcome ' would suffice
and outshine the habit
of your bitter tongue
by the luminous of a Love
for granted -
but never taken
Biskut  Mar 2021
Biskut Mar 2021
This morning
I touched
My primordial stardust
This evening
I capsized.
I helm a fickle craft
My blue poise belies
The leviathan's sudden rise.
Springtime rivulet
Monsoon burst
I wish I could flow
My glacier cold.
I stumble
From dawn to dust
Chasing fool's balm
That last becalm
Always, just off grasp.
I am passing thru spiritual experience so sweet so calm
When she is with me I feel the entire world in my palm
And the universe to dangle and to dance on real psalm
Your red cheeks start to glow and brown tresses becalm

Let us be on the path of love to tread to unknown destiny
On the terms and conditions of your beauty let me agree
Let our yacht of love to sail just smoothly in the life of sea
Let us play game of love openly without just any valid plea

World is created on the rule of love to spread light all around
Let us be on galaxies to open horizons ,vistas on new ground
My sweetheart henceforth to each other we are chained ,bound
Whisper all love in my ears to listen to sweet sound to be sound

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
b more  Mar 2016
How to Be
b more Mar 2016
become before

No honey,
honey hunt me.

No bees.
No bees to be, please be.
Be me. Be you. Be who

Be me?

1 yellow prophetic dandelion,
do they know one day,
one breath
or maybe one be(e)
and they will fall to pieces?
(cira December 22nd, 1996)

Abby tested positive, (sans colonized)
with clusters of Group B streptococcus
(GBS, a type of bacterial infection found
within ****** and/or ******) undergoing
routine prenatal examinations during third
trimester of pregnancy with (Eden),

which intent toward natural childbirth delivery
preparations came to screeching halt, cuz said
harmful naturally existing toxic secretions
(detected within about 25% of all healthy,
adult women), thus midwives at Bryn Mawr

Birthing Center could no longer countenance
(against good interdenominational faithful con
science and any impending lawsuits) assist with
timely delivery starkly aware of serious adverse
risks via incumbent natural birth.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Hence sea change
     immediately adopted
     pitting mum blame
ming discombobulation
     as she scuttled
     linkedin with intravenous tubes game
lee crossing Township Line Road
     (all the while,

     her body shored up lame
basted with necessary intravenous sustaining
     nutriment fluids none
     of which I could name
awaiting to be wheeled into sterile
     antiseptic hospital prenatal
     ward, where shame
     enveloped descended,

     where questions addressed
     to fly by night doctor
brushed away unlike
     storybook television medics,
     where real life hectic frenzy all hustle
     and abustle becalm temporarily tame
when cameo appearance
     of Doctor Do Little rushed into fray
(hastening onset of cervical dilation to grow

     so he could, return as an ordinary Joe
     to his interrupted round golf
     with Trump at Mar-a-Lago)
when labor pains
     did not start less or mo
(at the convenience
     of obstetrician), a no

name generic brand hailed
     from "doc" side of the moon oh
most without consensus,
     hestarted "mother"
     on an IV infusion poe
shun of oxytocin
     (brand name Pitocin),
     which agitation provoked

     roil (royal) row
her disposition to
     high blood pressure
     quieted by attendant
     mid wives beaming
     at "starry eyed student,"
     who uttered whoa
Already daughter wasted

     no time lambasting us
     newly minted parents for intervening,
     sans natural status quo
     versus surrendering "scheduled birth"
before launching into
     the peroration slow

wing enunciation (something
     about Dorothy and
     the wizard of Id) in toto
of a lengthy excoriating speech, she rehearsed
     while she bobbed around in utero
     like ma's yoyo.

The departure from maternity ward
back to Pennfield Manor Apartments
     of Hatfield, Pennsylvania
appeared (hyperbole understated)
     as a double edged sword,
an ill fitting car seat
     generating highest decibels
screaming (do nut under estimate
     the lungs of a newborn)
whom this papa being hard
of hearing now, thereafter
     hitherto known as
     the pantomiming bard.

— The End —