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Samira Jan 2018
I never thought it'd come to this... a point where we no longer exist. My feelings are gone, my pain is gone, my care is gone. I have nothing left in me for you to co-exist. I never even thought another man could take your place, to only show me better & put nothing but a smile on my face. I was lost. I didn't know anything else but you, that was the case.. but I learned we were mild and I thought we were hot. Let's call this new guy O... see, he makes it hot but not just sexually... he embraces me mentally & emotionally. You only gave me physically. I accept that now your just a ghost to me. I use to be hurt but I thank God, this is what it's suppose to be. I'm so happy you gave O a chance to get close  to me.
Ceryn Jun 2016
There's a certain rush in my veins
When I see your face as it lights up
With bliss and content
While we come together
Face to face
Against a world real pressed
With tears and lies and torment.

The idea of you, just you
Is enough to becalm
The raging ocean of emotions
That has long run wild
In the sketchy corners of my mind
Our destiny, such uncertainty
But amidst it all, you're my sanity.

You showed me truth, my fears subside
You painted my blues with a shade of life
My loneliness, I can perfectly fight
With you right here, nothing's mystified
This is the reality we are facing now
Branded feelings, shall we allow?

We kept each other standing tall
We were there together in every fall
Yes, we could be the perfect match
That the whole world shall have to adore
Afraid, we may seem, but we both know
Keep hiding the truth, but our eyes plainly show.
When someone gives a brand new gleam to our days but we are afraid to burn freely, we may hide. But the sparks in our eyes would simply tell the truth.

That love's light radiates even in the darkest facades of our souls.

— The End —