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Biskut Jun 25
I was looking for you
I found you
Explored you
Lived with you
Knew you
Too well.

I'm still looking for you.
Biskut May 27
If you could write me
And I could sing you
No world outside
Would intrude
Biskut May 13
My heart hurts
An implacable stormfront
Elephant goad driving
To abased shame

Older much, wiser a bit
Don't chafe at it
Swim through and with
Not against.

Yearning to float, to drown
Once more, in limpid warmth
Chase and catch forest flame
In scalded hand
What you would embrace
Is lost

This half pierced thorn
A sore
...a scabbed waif
Bathe it, home it
This stray tortoiseshell

Acquiesce to her reign
Her comfortable disdain
And you perhaps,
Will learn peace.
Biskut May 12
To two lone wolves
Baying together at the midnight moon.
Biskut May 12
Why does broken heart
Taste of grit on the tongue
Biskut May 12
I need you to lift
As a shroud
Off my being.
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