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20/M/Los Angeles    Wanting to find the meaning behind the smallest things. Hopefully poetry helps with that :) Amateur photographer on Instagram @ShallowSky
Dhaye Margaux
Pearl Of The Orient Seas    Hello! I am a public secondary school teacher, a passionate artist married to her dream. I've been here since May 11, 2014 so it's been ...
Seattle.    A prose bro. All rights reserved.
F/I'M ILLUSIVELY"HERE"    Thousands of words; never enough to say or express. Stuck inside me, mute; yet expressionistic... Shy; yet bold; exotic & ordinary , mesmerizing, a beautiful ...
Drake Brayer
Legends    Poetry and prose are my form of expression. They give me comfort in darker times. I hope you find
matilda shaye
22/F/AZ    a world trapped inside of a person / Copyright © Madyson Shaye. All rights reserved.
Ashley Kaye
19/F    A full-time student who proudly owns her turbulent happy-go lucky personality. Wastes way too much time in aesthetic coffee shops, pondering misc, and on occasion, ...
treat me like a piece of art
Nadine Sharise Hayes
North Carolina    To the naked eye, these words I write are merely frivolous poems, but if you exchange the eye for the ear, you will hear their ...
Kaye B Anderson
A poet, a lyricist, a lover of life, an aspiring author, a mother, a friend, a wife.
17/F/Narnia    my gun fires several shades of blue
Miranda Marie Mayer
Omaha, Nebraska    Let us dream. That's all I ask.
Evan Hayes
I just write what I feel.
Manda Raye
Southern California    I'm just here to make you feel.
Baylee Kaye
18/F/Texas, USA    I picked up a pen and wrote my deliverance
Poetry is my muse.
19/F/garden of eden    💗 hi, i suck at poetry but i try 💗
RE Strayer
29/F/Florida    Punk Poetess || Maladaptive Daydreamer || Half Witch, Half Goddess || Instagram: @re.strayer
way out in the waters    i cant stay in one place for too long. i end up getting roots. and believe me it's bad news for everyone when a girl ...
Alexis Mayer
Nebraska    Hello, my name is Alexis and I am a 21 year old Nebraskan. I'm on my way to becoming myself.
21/F/ph    a night owl who loves coffee and rain and has always believed that love is love. (JF.K)
Isabelle H Graye
Planet Earth    "I now choose the brilliance of my being."
Dean Hayes
dublin    Quixotic.

— The End —