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Ston Poet Dec 2015
where the ****...Where..(Where the2)..drinks..(Where the2)..****..(where the2)..drinks..Uhh..Let's have some fun tonight mane, Yeah let's have some fun Aye..(Where the3)..****, where..(where the2)..drinks,..Where..(Where the2)..****..(Where the3).. Drinks..(Aye, let's have some fun tonight mane2)..(Yeah..let's have some fun2)..Aye..
Burn up, Blaze up..Yeah burn up, Yeah Blaze up, Yeah po up, Yeah drink up, Yeah burn up..Yeah po up..Yeah..Blaze up, Yeah drink up.. let's (turn up
2)..Yeah..let's..have (some fun2)..Yeah have fun mane..Aye..(Where the3)..****..Yeah..where..(where the2)..drinks..(Yeah let's have some fun2)..tonight mane,aye..(Where the2)..****..Yeah..(Where the2)..drinks..(Aye let's have some fun3)..Tonight mane..Aye..Po up Yeah, Blaze up Yeah...drink up *****, & burn up man..(let's have some fun..Yeah3) man..Aye

OFTR, we throwing a house party like we in the 70s era dawg, yeah we gonna have this **** jumping like Kid n Play dude.., mane
The whole crib gonna foggy filled up wit hella smoke, aye..Yeah ***** that dope..Yeah that good kush aroma dawg..The only thing you can really see is the fire at the end of the roll up..Everybody drinking yeah Everybody rolling up, Yeah everybody coughing & choking & (having fun3).. nigaa..Yeah we puffing on funky, Uhh.. Homie leave all the stress at the front door
Don't bring no drama, don't bring no problems, don't bring no *******, don't bring no false ones, & don't bring no stank **'s please dawg..forget blowing ******, we got sticky icky grown organically, no pesticides Yeah mane..just straight THC Thats it..home grown , Yeah we..(having fun
3)..relaxing kicking back Yeah kicking back a young ***** had a long *** tiresome day, now its time to unwind get high & have some
Yeah, its time to roll up,Yeah, its time burn up, Yeah its time to po up..Yeah, its time  get super drunk..
(Yeah just having fun2)
(Have fun

Yeah, we gone turn up tonight dawg, Aye we got 40s OEs, Aye we got champagne, clicquot mane,Aye..we got Budweiser, bud lights,coronas & 2,11s by the case load,..also *****, gin, & vsop..Yeah we getting ****** up like a white fraternity, please don't throw up mane,..make sure you eat..Aye mane, **** what people think about me I just live my life, who's the **** to tell me I ain't living right..nobody **** right..
(We having so much fun yeah3)..tonight   should be here dawg , come now, Noo we ain't stopping till the morning.. That's how OFTR party dawg..Uhh Yeah we party hard Aye..

(Where the **** at mane,Yeah where the drinks at,Aye
4)...(burn up, po up, twist Yeah, don't stop..Uhh,Yeah3)..
/Don't stop,
ever *****..let's go..
Noo I ain't done wit this song no not at all
...Ohh, that's what you thought dawg, ****, I still got some more turning up to do.. Man I still got kegs & bags of marijuana that ain't even half way through we getting throwed ,like a football, Yeah we so gone mane..(Ohh
3)..Yeah dawg, Let's go..
(burn up, po up, twist Yeah, don't stop..Uhh,Yeah3)

/(Have fun
3)..Yeah mane/2
(Have fun
3) Yeah..Uhh

where the ****...Where..(Where the2)..drinks..(Where the2)..****..(where the2)..drinks..Uhh..Let's have some fun tonight mane, Yeah let's have some fun Aye..(Where the3)..****, where..(where the2)..drinks,..Where..(Where the2)..****..(Where the3).. Drinks..(Aye, let's have some fun tonight mane2)..(Yeah..let's have some fun2)..Aye..
Burn up, Blaze up..Yeah burn up, Yeah Blaze up, Yeah po up, Yeah drink up, Yeah burn up..Yeah po up..Yeah..Blaze up, Yeah drink up.. let's (turn up
2)..Yeah..let's..have (some fun2)..Yeah have fun mane..Aye..(Where the3)..****..Yeah..where..(where the2)..drinks..(Yeah let's have some fun2)..tonight mane,aye..(Where the2)..****..Yeah..(Where the2)..drinks..(Aye let's have some fun3)..Tonight mane..Aye..Po up Yeah, Blaze up Yeah...drink up *****, & burn up man..(let's have some fun..Yeah3) man..Aye

We doing what we want Yeah..we having so much fun man, we twisting & drinking we living free Yeah..we living freer..than they want us to be , Yeah..we breaking all the rules like **** Dat ****, Noo, we don't care about polices, noo, we don't give a **** about nothing, like **** all the laws homie, Naw mane,
/we just do what we want..(Yeah2..)/2
we gone kick back & roll up the whole pacc, Yeah man,we gone  wake up tomorrow & do the same **** again..Yeah man, we gone live it up..(Yeah, we gone have some fun3)..tonight.. (Yeah2)..Aye..Uhh

Where..(where the3)..**** at...Where..(Where the3)..drinks at..Uhh..(Where the2)..****..(where the2)..drinks..Uhh..Yeah
Let's have some fun tonight mane, Yeah let's have some fun Aye..(Where the3)..****, where..(where the2)..drinks,..Where..(Where the2)..****..(Where the3).. Drinks..Aye, let's have some fun tonight mane..
(Yeah..let's have some fun3)..Aye..

(Uhh..Yeah, Blaze up, burn up, drink up , po up, Yeah Blaze up, burn up, turn up, drink mo
(Have fun6)..(Yeah have fun4)..
Let's have some fun..Aye
Sean Hunt Aug 2016
In the middle of the riddle of life and death
You’ll find the answers that you haven’t found  yet  

Tell me why tell me why do the good die young
It’s just a story in a song that’s sung  
Tell me why you don’t love me when I love  you
Can you tell me why the sky is blue

Aye aye aye aye aye we wonder why
Aye aye aye aye aye we sigh and cry  

In the middle of the riddle of life and death
You’ll find the answers that you haven’t found  yet  
Tell me why tell me why do we have to  die
Because you gotta find another ‘I’  
Tell me why tell me why things come and go
Because every thing is like spring snow

Aye aye aye aye aye we wonder why
Aye aye aye aye aye we sigh and cry  

In the middle of the riddle of life and  death
You’ll find the answers that you haven’t found  yet  

Tell me why tell me why is the snow so white
Because we like things dark and bright  
Tell me why tell me why I can’t live  forever
One thing you gotta learn is not to say never

Aye aye aye aye aye we wonder why
Aye aye aye aye aye we sigh and cry  

In the middle of the riddle of life and death
You’ll find the answers that you haven’t found yet

Sean Hunt
This was a poem, then a song, now a poem/lyric
Ston Poet Dec 2015
(Aye.., I wanna be free3)..I (wanna be free2)..I wanna be free,..(aye..I wanna be freed 2)..(Aye ..I wanna live free2)..(I wanna be freed, 3) from all of this pain mane..(Aye I wanna be free2)..mane this world is insane,..(Aye I wanna live free3)..from all of the grieve mane..(Aye I wanna be freed3), emancipated,... Aye,Man

How does it feels to be free,.Aye,  I wanna know  How does it feels to live free, Aye I wanna be free..Aye, How does it feels to be free,.Aye,..I wanna know How does it feels to live free, Could somebody answer me please.., Instead of passing by me mane,..Aye,They just keep on ignoring me, & Its so annoying to me,..because they are the ones that need my help the most,They need me more than I need  them mane,..Aye..How does it feels to be free,.Aye,.I wanna know How does it feels to live free, can yall please stop walking over me mane,..I wanna know How does it feels to be free,.Aye,,
Can somebody please tell me How does it feels to live free,. Because I really wanna know mane..How does it feels to be free,.Aye,How does it feels to live free mane I guess I can only get the best answer from my king Jah ,..Aye
How does it feels to be free,.Aye,How does it feels to live free,Yo that's a good question that would  probably never be answered because we all are under mind control by the CIA ,..MK ULTRA, Aye

If I can't be freed then Imma  start alot of chaos mane..
If I can't be freed then Imma start madness right away..If I can't be freed then Imma just lead the way for the next generation..Aye,..If I can't be freed then Imma just emancipate myself mane,..It's time to Prison Break,..Aye I wanna be free..(from all the hate2)..(I wanna live free,2)..(from all  this pain2)..I wanna be free Prison Break..(I wanna be free..I wanna be freed2) matter how many lustful thoughts enter my mind mane, no I won't let these  demons confuse me, No way..

Imma stay having hope..Imma stay having faith..Imma stay praying above mane for changes to come into effect in this evil sick crazy world mane,..I can't let the thoughts of not having what I want curropt me, I won't let all of my depression upset me,..I'm sailing all of my pain away,..I'm sailing all of my anger out too mane,..I'm breaking free from every single generational cursed that Satan has place on my me &  family,..I'm being me, myself , & I &  I'm breaking free, Aye...

I know that the government has  been chasing me, but noo I ain't afraid of a good challenge mane..The Illuminati can't have my soul Noo way, These jeaslous people can't have my body..Noo,Noo, mane.. I'm playing a solo game, aye, & I'm steady finding my way, Aye..I'm in the dark homie, but I'm using my spirit to see, Yeah my spirit shines so bright in me,..I think that's just the Holy spirit mane, I  always gotta give my praises up to  the Heavenly,.. &  stump down on Satan mane,

I'm on a  mission, I'm emissioning all of this realness, To remission all of the darkness, Aye, no Batman No part time, Noo I won't clock out..I'm saving all of my brothers & sisters that's soul less, Yeah They can & will get their souls back because Imma fight & Imma make sure of that,..Aye,..can somebody please let me know something.., before I start shooting,. Aye..
Young Ston Poet, I wanna be freed mane..
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Ayee..Uhh..(**** a hater let em hate, aye7)..**** em let em hate, **** em..(let em2)..hate **** em let em hate..**** em (let em2)..(hate2)..(**** a hater2)...let em hate, Aye..**** a hater let em (hate2)..**** em..
(Let em)..hate Aye..
/(let em
(Let em
5).., you gotta (let em4)..hate, (let em9)..(hate 2).., Aye don't have any worries of what they gotta say..(**** em2)..let em (hate2)..Aye..,(**** a hater, let em hate,aye6)..****   a hater (let em5), hate Yeah , you gotta let em hate, **** em anyway, Aye..(let em *7)..hate.. Don't have any worries of what they say..(**** a hater just let em hate4)..**** a hater, (let em5)..hate, let em hate..Aye

Let em hate, get yo cake, stack it up Yeah mane, Do what ever your spirit desires, don't worry about a hater **** hater..(let em hate
2)..Aye Young Ston, look at me, I'm trying my very best..Yeah I'm making so many **** sacirfices to influence love forget hate..(**** a hater, let em,aye2)..Yeah , I do cuss alot in  my songs, dawg I'm just letting all of my angry, sadness, & my depression, go yo, ****, the kids still need to listen to this still, I'll make a cleaner version for the album soon man called Living Legend.., Imma living legend Yeah mane, Like Christian Rich said man, Only Real music is gonna last all that other ******* is here, today & gone tomorrow mane,Aye..(,**** a hater, let em hate,Aye2)..Im too real to be doing what all of these other fake ***** *** rappers doing mane, They some gangstalicious head *** buster ******..Aye

Forget joining thee Occult, Noo, I won't change my faith for gaining fame my *****, Imma still accumulate billions tho dawg, Yeah man, Aye & Imma split that **** up wit my family equally, Yeah we all equal mane.. OFTR, is  a family business, Yeah its (only for the Real2) ..yeah only real ****** , involved in it yeah Aye..
The industry will test yo character, but you can't let Satan destroy you, forget em, Yeah..(**** a hater
2)..(Let em3)..hate, Yeah Uhh..OFTR
We came from the underground & took over Mainstream, Imma lethal weapon my ***** , you rather be with me, Aye me & my brothers stayed going....
Now all we burn up is Dat strong mane,..Noo these hos can't handle it, Noo none of these hoes can handle me, ***** I'm too strong, even tho I'm skinny, I go in lil mama hard..yeah I go in her long,..Aye but this ain't that type of song my *****, This is Only to inspire my brothers & my sisters Yeah..Let's turn Section 8 into Blacc Hollywood mane.., Uhh Yeah, Aye..

**** a hater let em hate..hate..**** em..(let em
**** em..(let em2)..(hate2)..Aye **** a hater..(let em4)..hate
/(let em
**** em..
Let em hate, Aye
(**** a hater, Let em hate,aye
/..yeah..(let em3),..hate/3

Aye don't worry my ***** because (there will always better days2)..Uhh, your worse day ain't your worses of days & it ain't probably gonna be yo last , so just stay strong, keep your head up & keep moving on **** a hater, Let em hate dawg..Uhh, Yeah..Young Ston..
(**** a hater, let em hate
**** a hater, Let em hate Aye..
(**** a hater2)..(Let em hate2)
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Young Ston what's good, Only For The Real Entertainment ***** thats what's good..Whats up tho dawg..Uhh,..Ohh..Ohh..Ohh..Ohh,..O..,..
I'm in my zone,..(I'm in my zone4) (my zone2) (my zone2)..Yeah..(I'm in my zone2) my zone,..Yeah..(I'm in my3) zone,..just leave me (alone2) (my zone2)..(I'm in my zone2)..(just leave me alone, in my zone2)..,don't mess wit me don't bother me dude at all,..(I'm in my zone2)..just (leave me
alone2) my zone..(Im in my zone2) (my zone3)
so Don't annoy me **,..(I'm in my zone
/in (my zone2)../3
(Yeah3)..dawg..(Ohhwoah2)..Ohh, o..Let's goo, roll something now,....Ohhwoah..Ohh, o..

/Im in my zone2..just leave me alone2/2..
Leave me alone, don't mess wit me, don't bother me dude, Noo,Woah..Ohh,oo Noo,..(I'm in my zone
2) (my zone4)..(I'm in my zone3)..just (leave me alone2) alone..while I'm in (my zone2)..,Aye..,(I'm in my zone3)..My zone,.. Yeah (I'm in my zone2)..
/so just..leave me (alone2)../3
While..I'm in (my zone3),..don't annoy me **,just leave me alone,(while I'm in my zone2)..I'm in (my zone3)..Aye,..(Im in my zone3)..(just leave me alone3)..leave me (alone2)..alone in (my zone2)...Aye

Its (so much
2)..******* & (so much2)..fucc **** going on in this world today man, much (problems2)..,so much (violence2) much (drama2).. & so much (corruption2)..,Aye I just want peace dawg,..Aye I just wanna be all
2) in (my zone4)/2
Uhh.., (Aye I just want to be left alone2)..left alone, ( my zone2)..(Im in my zone4)..Yeah bro..Ohh,o..(please just leave me alone2)..Aye

I been stressing out so much, my head starting to hard dawg, so Imma just roll up & solo dolo  me 3 king size joints yep..
Aye,I might just sip on some brown too dude,Imma wash it down, wit a ounce of OE, who gives a **** , stop worrying about me, ***** worry about yo self..Aye
Yeah I'm only 19, but I got a old head spirit mane, I get my habits from my daddy, don't **** me off or I'll whoop yo *** mane,Uhh..
I got so much angry thats up in me, I release it all out on a beat, I'm raging, I'm trapped in a mental cage man,Aye will somebody (set me free3)..please, Aye..I'm so invincible homie

All that other **** that these rappers gotta say is invisible to me, I speak so in depth, I speak so clearly,  my  music speaks volumes..I rap so vividly, so thoroughly I'm so complete, because God got me aye..God got me mane,..So Imma say as much as I can say as possible mane,..anything is possible Yeah..anything is possible man, don't ever in yo life let a hater wash away yo hope my *****, real talk man..because (anything is possible
2)..Yeah don't let a doubter tell you otherwise, dawg..Uhh,..(I'm in my zone3)..(My zone2)..& I just wanna be left alone,..I just wanna smoke solo dolo, chill by myself & get to business man..Uhh,Yeah  I'm feeling so lonesome, but I'm usta to this,Imma be okay,Yeah man..Aye
I'm in (my zone3)..Aye

All of these fake ***** *** rappers need to lay low man & stay outta the real ones way, before they all get laid out by me & my team..,for real mane,..Uhh,I'm in my zone wit the fam,Uhh...we getting to the money, Yeah man..,I'm not worrying about making new friends, I'm not worrying about what ***** bout to **** on my ***** next, Noo..
(I'm in my zone man,Yeah I'm in my zone *****
2)..(so just leave me alone2)..(just leave me alone3)..***** I'm in (my zone2)..
(So just leave me alone
2)..(just leave me alone3)..while I'm in (my zone2)..Uhh, Yeah..(I'm in my zone2)..(My zone2)..

Aye What's up, what's good, What's cracking dawg, Aye what's happening now,Aye..What's cracking shawty, What's good,..What's happening, What's up now man..Aye

I'm spitting knowledge, Yeah conscience filled raps Yeah..I'm on my KRS one , **** my *****,Aye let all of your stresses,..go..(just let em go2)..let em all go..(just go2)..go..Uhh
Aye, roll that choke, mane, you ain't even got to pass it homie, Aye, I throw you some for free because you (my folk4)..Yeah you can roll yo own..Yeah roll yo own man, just like a boss should ..& Aye let all of your stresses,..go..just (let em all go2)..let em go..(just go2)..go..Uhh..Yeah

OFTR We bossing,..yeah..we bosses, We all come from nothing, we came outta no where now we shinning  like vvs diamonds,real diamonds *****..We stunning like a high fashion model, Aye don't be a follower be a leader , I'll teach you how to become one.. , yeah Imma role model.., Aye Imma roll my whole O & be (in my zone
Im not picking up my phone, all yall **'s (just leave me alone2)..Yeah (I'm in my zone2)
(My zone..*2)
Muyi Mar 2017
Yea +
I rob ****** 4 they shoes

(Me n joey got the juice
Yea +)×2

Greedy Gangsters
Imma drug addict

Imma devil
Imma spirit
U don't want no static

Selling molly pills n bags
'Ziner on my ***

Joey crack a beat his *** over petty cash

Stole some heron
I can't use it so I knock it off

U been selling shirts 4ever shorty knock it off

I got 2 ****** doing 40yrs a piece

Mr reaper (×2)
U not scaring me

My ***** got hair like just like rogue from the x man

Rob u blind n sell yo product 2 the next man

She a pirate
She a siren
She a winters dream

Low nem grave, he playing *****, get the summers eve

Jimmy Hopkins wit a pistol
Hang u like some stensils

Low nem drawing on reaction, in not talking pencils

Shorty stealing science scales cuz she loves me

U ain't hear me call u fam so plz don't trust me

Money man(×2)
Im the son of Sam

Burnt my soul, I can't ever c the sun again

All my family drug dealers
**** ******

N Im always looking down cuz Im above ******

Were da dope (×2)
Were da plug *****

45 kicker
**** that pistol fit so snug *****

I know shooters (×2)
Just like hot sauce

Were Im from couple bills a get u knocked off
Greedy Gang Lowlife or No life *****
Ston Poet Dec 2015
(***** I'm dreaming2),..***** I'm believing,.. I'm chasing hope & faith mane..I'm chasing my dreams, ***** I'm believing, I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations2)..***** I'm believing,***** I'm dreaming (Yeah2)..(***** I'm dreaming2)
Dreaming..***** I'm believing, ***** I'm dreaming.. Dreaming..I'm (having hope & faith2)..***** I'm believing.., (I'm having hope & faith2)..***** I'm dreaming, ***** I'm believing, (I'm having hope & faith2)..Yeah..(***** I'm dreaming2)..***** I'm believing, Im (dreaming2)..I'm chasing hope mane,..(I'm chasing my goals & aspirations2)//***** I'm dreaming, ***** I'm believing, I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations2)..Aye..(I'm dreaming3)..dreaming, ***** I'm believing , I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations3)..(***** I'm dreaming, my ***** I'm believing2)..(I'm chasing hope & faith 2)..mane,

I ain't chasing after fame, I ain't chasing none of these hos either,..(***** I'm dreaming
2)..***** I'm believing,..I'm dreaming, I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations3)..*****, I'm believing, ***** I'm dreaming, ***** (I'm believing2)..(Im dreaming3)..dreaming..,aye..I'm chasing, (my goals & aspirations3)..
Goals & Aspirations.. Aye

That's what I'm chasing after like a hungry cheetah, I never been a cheater, ***** Imma believer, a true believer, a King Yeah..Aye, I'm chasing my goals & aspirations, &( I'm speeding2) like,**** the laws I'm going past the speed limit, **** a stop sign, no braking, I'm in drive *****, Its so hard being patient, but I'm tryna be Aye, no time waiting  , no time waisting, none of my days  being wasted..Im so wavey..Aye, Yeah I'm getting so faded, so wasted, Lord please forgive me even , tho I smoke alot of **** on a regular basis, that's (my medication2)..& I need it, it helps me from going (crazy2)..,I ain't never had **** partner, I come from nothing, I ain't had alot of money at a point of time in my life , I was so broke my *****, all I ever had was my goals , dreams, & aspirations, Yeah I was dreaming, & believing, I was chasing after hope & faith.., not after no females mane,Aye..
Nobody can't tell me nothing paparazzi better stay away from my face, aye I ain't on that Kanye West **** I ain't selling my soul for a happy meal *****, In happy all ready, God owns me, So I'm investing in my own worth homie, Yeah..I'm building my on corporation..Aye man..

(***** I'm dreaming
2),..***** I'm believing,.. I'm chasing hope & faith mane..I'm chasing my dreams, ***** I'm believing, I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations2)..***** I'm believing,***** I'm dreaming (Yeah2)..(***** I'm dreaming2)
I ain't chasing after fame, I ain't chasing none of these hos either,..(***** I'm dreaming
2)..***** I'm believing,..I'm dreaming, I'm chasing (my goals & aspirations3)..*****

/This is (only for the Real
3)..if you don't know well then now you know *****/3,..
Aye, if you don't know *****, then pull a chair up & listen, Turn this **** up & listen, Blaze one up, (& listen
2), pay attention..This is (Only For The Real2)..Aye
I'm teaching ****** lessons like a teacher *****, I didn't have to go to college to teach *****, but that doesn't mean I can't teach you *****, I was blessed wit this gift from God, thank you so much Heavenly Father, thank you so much Jesus Christ, Ayo we all can learn something from each other, we all sisters & brothers word, Uhh..
Let's come together, let's stand up to this curropted government system, rise up & destroy them..Uhh, Aye I usta be all alone man, so lonely stuck in my room writing hits all day, I been a big factor my *****, man I always been the man, Yeah..Uhh, I ain't conceited either my *****, I'm just saying I'm confident,.. (Yeah *****
I just been (chasing my dreams & aspirations2)..I write (masterpieces2) Pablo Picasso type of ****, if you don't know well now you know this is (Only For The Real2)..Aye,..

/Im chasing my goals & aspirations
2..(my goals & aspirations2)/2

(Aye, we all on3..) all
(Aye, we all on
3..) all

/Aye it doesn't matter what anybody gotta say about ya, forget a doubter let them hate man, if you dream it see it in yo mind, & believe it, then you can achieve it/2
**** *****
if you dream it see it in yo mind, & believe it, then you can achieve it..for real dawg..Ayr

You can become anything that you want my ***** for real dawg, gotta push yo self, uplift yo self if nobody else will, chase after hope & faith, chase (your goals *2), chase (your dreams
2) & your aspirations, don't ever stop *****, Cuhz, (anything you put your mind too you can achieve it,2) Yeah mane, you can..Uhh

/***** I'm dreaming, I'm chasing hope & faith, I'm chasing my goals & aspirations/
(Goals & aspirations*3)..aye
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,Yeah..Young Ston

(anything is possible Yeah3)..(Anything2)..Its possible.. (Anything is2).. possible..yeah Anything its possible ..(Anything is2) possible..Yeah Its possible Uhh,..(anything is possible2)..
/anything possible/2
Yeah (anything
2)..(yeah its possible2)..Yeah..(anything is possible2)..Its very possible..yeah
anything is possible it's possible, Yeah man,Aye..if you put your mind to it then..(you can do it dawg..Yeah2)..anything is possible, you can do (thee impossible2)..Because..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything man, Uhh, just stay focused,..Cuhz..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything.. You just gotta (put yo mind to it dawg2)..
Yeah..because anything is possible .. Okay man..Uhh

They say action speak louder than words..
Yeah, I usta just sit around the house wit no job & do nothing..
But why  judge a book when you ain't even read one  word from it..
I said I was gonna be a star..& they just laugh in my face & said Yeah right, some even was my own familia..What the **** dawg.., they don't even have goals,  they mind is so conformed, so its hard to understand (mines
2) is something that could get me killed, but I'm ready for war..Yeah I'm ready **..Because anything is possible.. Yeah..Cuhz..(anything is possible2)..

Yeah anything my *****..Yeah anything possible..yeah..its  possible..
Anything is possible....(Yeah..Anything
You can be anything that you dream , You can be everything that you your goals & aspirations, don't save these hoes mane, none of them, not one, Yeah..Don't be a corporate slave be a boss, plant yo seeds & make sure you water them everyday, Aye..succeding is for both you & me, anything is possible homie,..Uhh Yeah.., anything is possible homie, Yeah its possible if you got a (dream3)..big mane,Aye dream big homie reach to Heaven Yeah..because anything that you put yo mind to with the strength from the Lord..(its very possible, Yeah2) (anything is possible,..2)..Yeah its possible..
So **** a hater, Forget em dawg,

Keep pushing forward even if you don't have a crowd my *****..still (show off
2),..push yoself, over the edge, learn how to use yo wings be a King, be a leader,..push yoself to the limit, become stronger than this world homie,..Aye even if you do take alot of losses, & slip & fall down..(that don't mean nothing2)..nothing at all man,....because you can always press restart so (get back up2)..& finish yo race my *****, Yeah..
I'm moving these boulders ***** I'm Hercules, I'm getting stronger, wiser & smarter as my life
progresses on ,..Aye, I freestyle this rhyme in 2015 mane, wrote it down & saved it for a rainy day, I knew that all of this writing & ryhming I was doing in my mama house was gonna come & handy someday.., Aye

I put my all into rapping, I infused my mind, heart,& soul within the inkpen dawg,..
**** a major record label, I'm staying independent Noo, I ain't falling into the white mans trap, Aye,..I'm staying in The Trap tho, Trap my *****..Only For The Real,..ayo..where all of my ****** Disciples at, whats happening let's mob man..Uhh..Yeah..because
(Anything is possible2)..mane, I started this **** outta the true love I had for original authentic hip hop music that went missing  like Malaysia Airlines Flight 3-70 homie, I'm bringing that pure crack back to the fiens thats in  need of it,.Aye man I'm in these streets, frequently, spreading peace,..smoking **** & keeping it g..My *****..

I'm building my own record company, I already got my blueprints ready for the contractor to see, I'm talking about God,homie,..its all in his timing so I ain't gone trip or whine mane,..Imma just keep on writing.., Imma living legend, I'm writing history..Aye Yeah..Uhh, (anything is possible.
2)..Yeah anything is possible..
(For you & me2)..anything is possible, homie,.. Yeah,Uhh for real & this ain't just talking my ***** this is called educating,..My bars so heavy, like my ***** mane..Aye..
Keep pushing yo self, never give up, never give in to Satan, because anything is possible for you & me homie,.. Yeah..Aye anything is possible..succeeding.. (Anything
2) (very possible2) mane..

(anything is possible Yeah
3)..(Anything2)..Its possible.. (Anything is2).. possible..yeah Anything its possible ..(Anything is2) possible..Yeah Its possible Uhh,..(anything is possible2)..
/ possible/2
Yeah (anything2)..(yeah its possible2)Yeah..(anything is possible2)..Its very possible..yeah
anything is possible it's possible, Yeah man,Aye..if you put your mind to it then..(you can do it dawg..Yeah
2)..anything is possible, you can do (thee impossible2)..Because..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything man, Uhh, just stay focused,..Cuhz..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything.. You just gotta (put yo mind to it dawg2)..
Yeah..because anything is possible.. Okay man..Uhh

You better push yoself, you gotta push yo self..(push yo self2).., you gotta push yo self, you better push yoself,..(push yoself4)..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
2) Salt & Pepa..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
Like a woman giving birth man..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
Push it real good man..
Yeah, you gotta push yo self,..(push3)..(yo self2)..,

/Aye push (yo self2) gotta push (yo self2)/2
/Push (yo self
/(You better push yo self, you gotta push (yo self
2), aye/3

Push it my *****, go your very fastest, Yeah man..(you gotta push
2)..yo self like you never have pushed yoself before man..Yeah
push (yoself2)
(push yoself
3)..,Yeah man..(push yoself3)...push (yoself2)..Yeah *****..
Uhh, chase yo attractions, make yo own laws  *****..Impress yo self, just worry about you  & yo family  my *****, you gotta (push it2)...,Yeah (push it2)..don't stop man..

You gotta push yoself, You better push yoself..(Yeah, push yo self2)..
(You gotta push yoself, You better push yoself, Uhh push yoself
Coach yo self, **** having friends, Aye the money gonna come in,..Just (keep pushing yo self*3)..push yo self..Yeah..Aye..because
Anything is possible when you put yo mind to it..dawg...Yeah anything is possible..anything...yeah man
Fo ******>
Ston Poet Dec 2015
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
No you don't wanna mess with my team.
No you don't wanna **** wit my gang
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
Aye..(no you don't 9)...

(No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
No you don't
No you don't wanna mess with my team.
No you don't
No you don't wanna **** wit my gang
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
/No you don't
2/..Aye..No you don't )2

No you don' ******* don't want nothing wit me mane, no you don't..I'll tell yall straight up one wrong move then its (bang
2) yo dome, & I ain't wit gun violence mane, I believe in a fair one on one,  but if one fight then we all fighting that's just the rules of my gang homie, Aye none of these stank ******* is getting a dime from me, no they won' these major labels won't use me like a dummy,.. no they won't..Aye
I'm creating new waves like Jonesboro beach, Only For The Real Entertainment, theres only one real one mane & that's me,Uhh..I'm not soning none of these ******* so don't claim me to be..Aye, Yeah mane..No you don't wanna **** wit me lames Aye, just stay away..its gonna be alot of problems if you do **** wit me mane, so please don't play wit me, I'm saying that nicely, don't try me, because you don't wanna fight me..(no you don't4)..,aye I'll take yo **, & **** her just like Tupac did Faith  then feature dat ***** on a song wit me..Uhh,Yeah boss player status *****..Ayo..I gotta stay pimping, Never simping..
Noo I don't trust these **'s my *****, I learned that from Snoop man..Ayo

The game should never be sold just told, & Noo I ain't just selling dreams I'm blessing the streets..Yeah dawg, Uhh, I gotta get my bread up dude like a Sara Lee truck stocking up, so noo I can't pay attention to all these **** ******, &  I can't pay attention to all of these thristy ***** **'s Noo.. young *****...I'm on go,no slo mo,OFTR, work fast pace like a crack ****** in a race, mane..Aye.
OFTR, we made it to our destination, even tho the Feds was steady watching me plotting tryna stop my plans to succed,..We still prosper, mane..Yeah we still prospering, Thank God, we made it to the the top, Yeah ***** we in the sky, We so high..We so fly.., like a Jet, in stealth mode, we came outta no where guns blazing destroying anything in our way man..Aye man
**** being famous mane, I hustle tryna attain wealth, yeah I rather be rich than famous shoutout to the north side thugs man..Uhh..

(No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
No you don't
No you don't wanna mess with my team.
No you don't
No you don't wanna **** wit my gang
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
/No you don't
2/..Aye..No you don't )2

Aye..(no you don't
Aye.., I always knew that I was gonna be big dawg, Yeah I was a star way before stardom, my mind I was living like I already dun made it to the big leagues man, that's how you should think too..Yeah I was a Rockstar way before I was rocking alot of stages..yeah Imma professional at this , Aye man..these other ****** had music out way before I did, but they still under me,no competition, they so amateur, Yeah I'm way ahead of all of them busters..
They suckers , literally my *****..Aye,Yeah..

Uhh, **** being patient, chase after yo attractions full speed, ****** gonna hate always especially when you tryna do better mane, **** em..forget em, let the hate just motivate you Yeah..keep yo head up do what ever that you gotta do to feed yo fam, but don't be a ***** *** made *****  *** *****, be your own boss, Yeah build up your own corporation & teach others the ways of becoming a boss player too man..
I been dreaming & thinking about my future , & I know its much brighter than the present is mane, I'll be so grateful when I can finally live in it homie,..Uhh I'm staying up all night I'm just too excited for it, like Christmas morning so Imma keep putting more work in, Aye..versatile lyrics Yeah man they say practice makes perfect well I'm a good example of it..yo, I  thought of these lyrics not on purpose but subconsciously my *****, Uhh Imma g, a genius,...Yeah mane

No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
No you don't wanna mess with my team.
No you don't wanna **** wit my gang
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
Aye..(no you don't 9)...

(No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
No you don't
No you don't wanna mess with my team.
No you don't
No you don't wanna **** wit my gang
No you don't wanna **** wit me mane..
/No you don't
2/..Aye..No you don't )*2
(no you don't *16)...
Ston Poet Dec 2015
(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But its worth it....Yeah its worth it....
(Love hurts...Yeah
But its perfect....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But its worth it....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah
But Love is perfect....Yeah Love is worth it.

Love is pain..
Love is care..
Love is  scarce..
Love is wealth
Love is Jesus bloodshed..
Love hurts but its worth the fight..Yeah

Love is very hard to attain..It seems that love went MIA..or maybe I'm just going blind homie..I been searching tryna find it, where could it be..I don't know mane..but searching for it kinda made me weak..
Love is strength
Love is kind..
Love is the best high ever, Love is a feeling that we all need to acquire.
Without love there's no peace..
Without love there's no you..
Without love there's no me..
Love can't be bought but Love is richer than gold ,silver , & billions all combine together.
Love is what so many people need..
Love is unconditional..
Love is indescribable..
Love is why the sun come up..Love is why the sun goes down..
Love is why the moon shines so bright..
Love is why the stars are so beautiful at night..
Love saves a broken heart and pampers it..not tampers with it..
Aye..(love3)..when I find you you are forever mines..real talk..for show..
Love is worth more than this world is worth dawg
I'm just letting ya know,Love is what got us all here in the first place, Thank you so much Jesus, Thank You So much Heavenly Father..Aye..Yeah

(Love hurts...Yeah
But its worth it....Yeah its worth it....
(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But its perfect....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah
But its worth it....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But Love is perfect....Yeah Love is worth it.

Love can pull you down & tear you apart from the bottom to the top, but its all worth it, dawg   its so **** perfect my *****.. its all worth it Yeah..Uhh
Its worth more than being famous, its worth more than being rich , Yeah its worth more than the most luxurious crib, its worth more than the most luxurious whip..Love is  worth more than the most luxurious jewelry.. Love is so precious , so if you get it then take care of it homie..Aye,..Love is everything to me.. Love washed all our sins, & Love took away all are  pain..Thank You so much Jesus again for your heroic deed..Aye

Why is it so hard tryna find love, Aye, its harder than taking a calculus quiz dawg, & I been trying my best tryna past it, please help me Lord please..please I need your can't buy love, no matter how much money you think you spending on it ..its only gained by trust dawg, Aye..
Where ya at love, where you been , I really want ya, I need ya bad..(love
Yeah love hurts so ******* much but Imma fein for it, no demon, I'm so addicted to the feeling bru, its like smoking on some good kush, its my medicine, I need love to help me unwind & relax Yeah.. So when I find love, Imma make love mines forever & ever dawg, ain't no running away from me Yeah..

(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But its worth it....Yeah its worth it....
(Love hurts...Yeah
But its perfect....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah3)
But its worth it....Yeah its perfect
(Love hurts...Yeah
But Love is perfect....Yeah Love is worth it.

Where is Love at,..Yeah I been searching..
Aye, I need (love2).. & I want (love2).. So where you at (Love2)..Who you been with (love2)
Where the **** is love at,Where the **** has love been for so long man..
Yeah Yeah..Uhh
I want love..,Wheres it at,  I can't find it..I need love ****..Where has it been at man, I been searching steady tryna guide it, but I can't find it so I'm still trying,.. Aye
I..I want love,..I..I need love where is love at..(Where the **** it been..
I can't find it..Wheres it at3)
Love hurts yeah..but its perfect,
(Yeah its worth it
2)..(Aye,I want love, I need love, where is love at,..2)..Aye
Where the **** has it been, please stop hiding from me love, I really need you, I'm so sad..Uhh..(Wheres it at..Where is love at
4)..Aye..because its worth it, yeah its so perfect..Uhh...Yeah I need love, I want love but..(I can't find it,no2)..(Where is Love at *4)..(where the **** its at aye4)..its so perfect , its worth it, (love6)..(Yeah, love hurts but its worth it..2)..Yeah love hurts but its perfect yeah its so worth it..(Yeah love hurts3)..but its worth it, man its so perfect,.. (Love7..Where the **** it been..
I can't find it..Wheres it at3)
(Where the **** is it at..noo..I can't find it man
3)..(Where the **** is love at..3)..*****

I want it in my hands yeah I want love so bad man, I been seeking love for years & years  chasing after it,..I been looking everywhere I'm going mad,..Uhh..Yeah
But its worth every mile of this journey that I have been hiking for sure I'm gonna find it, its just so **** perfect Yeah man, its just so **** worth it, Love hurts yeah but its so **** perfect, Yeah its so **** worth it, Yeah..
I need (love
2), I want (love2) so much..Yeah
I want (love
2) , I need (love2) so my ***** I'm searching..
I need love, I want love my ***** Imma find it
(Yeah ***** Imma find it
Where the **** is it at...I need love Yeah I been searching & Imma find it..
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh..God bless all the real ones mane..

Aye (I'm pimping3)..pimping..Uhh,Yeah..(I'm pimping4)..(pimping..I'm pimping..I'm pimping3)..Uhh,Aye
..(I'm pimping
4)..Yeah mane..Uhh..(I'm pimping3)..pimping,..
Young Ston..Only For The Real mane,..Yeah
(I'm pimping
/(I'm pimping2)...the industry like Bishop Don Juan mane,Yeah/2
Yeah,..(I'm pimping3) the bishop....Yeah mane..(I'm pimping3)..pimping, like Bishop Don Juan homie..Yeah, I'm pimping the industry, they ain't gone play me..(I'm pimping2) the Bishop.. (I'm pimping2) Fifty..(I'm pimping2)..the industry just like Don Juan mane, (Aye Yeah I'm pimping3)..I'm..(pimping2) Kat Williams....,Yeah mane,aye..(I'm pimping2)..Yeah mane..Aye

Ain't nobody gone play me, they better not even try to homie, ****, I'm way smarter than what I look like mane, I'm too wise to be another industry puppet aye..ain't nobody around me, ******* **** or falling in the white mans society trap..We all surpassing the **** ****,..
/yeah..(I'm pimping3)/2
Like   Bishop Don Juan my *****,..
/yeah..(I'm pimping3)/2
Like Fiffty..
I **** so hard, like DJay.., I'm the Mack mane call me Goldie.., no free me, because I'm never getting caught homie, I'm dodging the, El Chapo mane.. **** the laws homie.Imma **** my nig..dawg..I grew so fast at a very young age,**** I had to why wait...Yeah I had to get my **** together sooner than later mane. No more kidding around homie,..Aye, I wanted to put all of my depression under my feet so I could get  my mind right mane, so I started smoking the pacc at 15 mane, I was kinda going down the wrong street, God had to correct me, Thank you so much Heavenly Father, you always pleases me..Ayo..
I'm pimping the industry like Bishop Don Juan mane..Aye..

Aye (I'm pimping3)..pimping..Uhh,Yeah..(I'm pimping4)..(pimping..I'm pimping..I'm pimping3)..Uhh,Aye..Yeah
(I'm pimping
/(I'm pimping2)...the industry like Bishop Don Juan mane,Yeah/2
Yeah,..(I'm pimping3) the bishop....Yeah mane..(I'm pimping3)..pimping, like Bishop Don Juan homie..Yeah, I'm pimping the industry, they ain't gone play me..(I'm pimping2) the Bishop.. (I'm pimping2) Fiffty..(I'm pimping2)..the industry just like Don Juan mane, (Aye Yeah I'm pimping3)..I'm..(pimping2) Kat Williams....,Yeah mane,aye..(I'm pimping2)..Yeah mane..Aye

Yeah.., I'm pimping the game, while these other musicians too ***** & afraid to spit the truth mane, but not me homie, its my job to let my ****** know whats real, instead of influencing them in a back of a hearse man, Yeah..
Im feeding yall ****** life instead of death, so listen clearly,.. Yeah *****, I'm preaching , Yeah I'm preaching (Yeah2)..Only The Holy Spirit coming through me..Only wisdom coming, outta my mouth mane,..,Im blessing the street ****** with knowledge, Aye.Yeah..
OFTR no false claiming my gang or you will get delt wit discreetly mane, if you know what that mean, just stay lo key away from me.
..Yeah OFTR,.
I does this for my family, we standing tall against, Satan Yeah..(I'm pimping
3)..pimping.. Like Kat Williams..Aye,

Yeah..I'm pimping the industry like Bishop Don Juan mane..(Yeah*2)...
I'm pimping.. Uhh, This is my story,..,show & tell, so I'm only telling yall real ****..let's get it man..Yeah..Aye..
I'm pimping...
Ston Poet Dec 2015
I'm just smoking my **** &
(spitting facts2)..*****..

Aye..(Smoking **** & spitting facts
/I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)../2
Smoking **** & spitting facts..
/Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts
I stay (smoking **** 2) & spitting facts
Spitting facts..
That's what I stay doing man,Yeah Aye....just
(Smoking **** & Spitting Facts2)..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..(Spitting facts2)....& smoking **** up..Yeah man

The real is back , we been here, we never left, we just evolve man, evolve yeah to bring death to all the fake rappers, Yeah *****, I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts
2)..(Spitting facts2)..Ayo, I'm on my gangsta ****, Ayo I need me a platinum grill, what up DJ Drama. We need to collab, & do a mixtape real quick..,Aye I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts..,2)..Aye I don't want no drama or any problems homie, I just want to get my cheddar, I roll alot of marijuana Yeah so what man, but I also tell the people what's real Yeah man..

I'm bout to get so many **** bands, so much that I gotta throw some to the fam, Aye.****, I might throw some  to the fans,..Aye man, I'm bout to cause so many problems ***** like Ol ***** *******,Aye..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts3)..Yeah man..,my *****, turn on the fan, its so much **** smoke up in the air that I'm starting to lose breath, Yeah I smoke awesome,.. I smoke on that dope, that choke,Yeah ***** that potent..while I'm rhyming to improve society not impress it..
Yeah I'm  smoking **** & spitting game to the  youth man..Let's get it..Aye..

Aye..(Smoking **** & spitting facts
/I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)../2
Smoking **** & spitting facts..
/Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts
I stay (smoking **** 2) & spitting facts
Spitting facts..
That's what I stay doing man,Yeah Aye....just
(Smoking **** & Spitting Facts2)..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..(Spitting facts2) & smoking **** up....Yeah man

Mufuck a opinion, when all I  rap about is the truth my *****,..I be spitting facts, so Talk yo **** be a critic man, Imma be a hustling young *****, Yeah a hard worker, a go getta, a goal digger, A dream chaser..Yeah,

I be spitting facts while these other rappers be spooning each other..***** and
Gomorrah type **** ..they fooling the people, but yall dumb ***** don't wanna listen to what's real, be it..Imma still rhyme  this same way..I know I can Spark the mind up of a future revolutionary leader mane..Yeah....Aye
(Smoking **** & spitting facts.. Spitting facts, Aye

I'm the best MC in Atlanta since Outcast,.. Yeah the biggest fish, so if the industry trys to hook me, Imma drown their ship..I'm a Outcast of this world no fallen angel..Im my favoritest artist , Young Ston he be going so **** hard, Yo he be (spitting facts2)..Aye, I'm smoking on a doop, 2 in 1 dawg, King size cone, while I'm writing scriptures..Aye..Yeah..Uhh

(I'm smoking **** & spitting facts
Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts

Uhh,..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..
Yeah (spitting facts
I'm just smoking my **** &
(spitting facts*2)..*****
Ston Poet Jan 2016
Young Ston..Oh..
I glow,Oh, I won't stop No..Oh..I'm on go..Oh..(Ohh3)..Yeah, ** I glow..(Oh5)..I...glow..(Ohh6)..I won't stop Noo...(Ohh4)..I'm on go..(Ohh4)..I won't stop Noo..(Ohh4)..I'm on go..(Ohh4)..I glow..(Ohh4)..Uhh,..I glow...(I won't stop2)..(Noo4)..Oh.., I'm on (go7)..Yeah I'm focused, Yeah I be I'm on go, Yeah, I glow *****..(I'm on go3)..(Oh2)..(go8)..Yeah ***** I (glow3)..(Ohh3)...I won't stop..(no7)..I'm too (close3)..I'm on (go3)..I (glow3)..Oh, I won't drop the ball,..(no4)..Im too focused..(Oh4)..I'm too close to succeding , so I'm on (go3)..(Ohh4)..(I'm on go3)..(go5)..Yeah **.., I glow..(Oh9)..
/I won't stop glowing.. (No
I'm on..(go
6)..(Oh6)..for sure Ayo..

I gotta get my safe filled up dude, straight cake nothing but cash on me..Yeah **, **** the Federal Banks dawg, I been trappin so I got that ***** money, Imma throw some to mom dukes & let her open up her own bakery, so we can clean Dat ****,  yeah man.. My whole family know what's really real, Yeah they stick to  the g code, Yeah they already know the deal man..
My bloodline is filled  with real gangsters *****, that always kept it true & trill, I would never tell, death before dishonor, you don't wanna ever betray me man or your familia will be missing ya, I'm just letting y'all fuccers know from the beginning, Yeah..I look like I'm weak & I'm a geek but I'll have you swimming wit the fishes, Yeah mob ****, Yeah *****, I'm plug in wit the Italians, so like Loaf said ***** ****** you don't wanna..(try me Yeah
2)..then its (bye2)..homie for real, ***** *** ****** this (the statement3)..Aye Man

I usta eat ramen noodles all day everyday man Yeah even for breakfast, but now I'm renting the whole Ruth Chris out in Buckhead for my ****** Disciples, Yeah all of my OFTR Souljas..
wit me everyday & everyday now we getting paid too man, & baked too..(Yeah2)..We making statements..Aye, Yeah Fo sho..

I'm on go..(go
Yeah dawg, I gotta go..(oh6)..Imma keep rolling mo, Yeah Imma keep going..Oh..(go2) sho,..(Ohh3)..Woah,..Yeah I gotta..(go3)..Yeah..I gotta (go2)..(Ohh5)..Yeah of course Imma (glow8)..that's..(Fo sho4)..Yeah dawg..Uhh,yeah I gotta go..

Ohh, whatever God wants me to go then I'm going hes my master & I must obey him or I'm just useless like a 80s era cell phone,Yeah so whatever God wants me to do then Im on it, like a good assistant..
The Heavenly Father assistes me that's why I am still living today,..He's my creator, he's an inspiration for you & me Aye..Uhh Imma **** Yeah..Imma..(****5)..,real talk..
Imma always give (my all
3)..(all2)....but not my soul that belongs to the Heavenly Father,..Yeah..(Fo sho5)..(Ohh2), Uhh..Young Ston..

7)..Uhh..I won't be stopped..(Noo3)..(Oh2)..I'm too..(strong3)..(Ohh6) the Hulk, Oh..I'm incredible & I'm untouchable, Yeah..Imma threat to the Osama Bin Laden tho, but Death to America Fo sho..

(yo8)..I won't stop..(Noo6)..(Ohh10)..,I'm on (go8)..Oh..I (glow7)..Oh..(goo8)..Uhh...(Ohh7)..
Woah,Oh..Let's (go

Im on (go9), Like P.D Eastman, go dawg go..OFTR no we don't support these hos..we only support the real yo..Imma blow, Imma shine, & Imma glow like a nuclear bomb dude, Noo I can't give up now, I'm too close to the finish line, my ***** I will have my victory man,Yeah..
I'm gonna prove all of them doubters wrong,..OFTR we all Kings & Queens , yo these busters all ready tryna steal flow from me..,yo forget being  in a secret society,..Imma let my gang be know mane , Yeah Imma real ***** & I'm proud of being one mane..ayo,What happen to potten lyrics & conscience word play...Hip Hop is dead, so Imma  resurrected it my *****..
These rappers be in the studio playing house naked & dress up wit each other, then claim to be..(bout it
2)..on cameras,..Yeah man..

Yo, shoutout to Nas, Aye, I get that ether flow subconsciously when I rhyme, ayo my Flow kinda reminds ya when hip hop first had started, now these rappers sound like Prince, too much purple drank got these ****** going ******* , I can't understand a **** thang they rhyming..these ****** just don't make no sense anymore, yeah they all  so pathetic..,they ain't even making they own profits, all that revenue is going inside the white manz pockets,they **'s yeah they getting  pimped..By The Illuminati..Uhh,Yeah

I dun gott hot like KD at Rucker Park forget the hook, leave it out, I'm shooting it man, Uhh..I wrote alot of legendary **** while living with my  mama, so yeah I gotta give back to my mama, Noo I won't do what Kanye West or Jennifer Hudson did to their families, **** where yall souls at..Yall suppose to be ******, but yall on that crazy white kid ****..Tyler Hadley..Uhh, I guess the money done, made yall its puppets, Ohh well, ****, yall inspired me to not do what y'all thanks,.. Aye
I have no fears, Only For my Heavenly Father & that's outta love & respect...

Aye man..I wrote this early New Years eve 2015, I had to end the year off wit something deep that'll make the people think & at the same time, let all these elementary reading level looking *** ****** see why I'm the new king in my city, hand the crown to me TI, no disrespect, I know you see me , real recognize real,Yeah or has being a celebrity made you blind to the facts ****, & What's good Ye,..what happen to Jesus Satans ***** now,..You ain't no God..Uhh..****..I just wanna know,Ayo  what's wrong wit asking questions man, that's what's so wrong wit people today, they so afraid of the truth, but living the pagan Satanic way..****..
What's wrong wit this world, I know its alot of information that they scared to share wit us, but we need to know, before Independence Day the movie become our reality, Yeah mane..let's change the world & make it a better place..(Ohh6)

8)..I won't stop..(Noo6)..(Ohh10)..,I'm on (go8)..Oh..I (glow7)..Oh..(goo8)..Uhh...(Ohh7)..
Woah,Oh..Let's (go6)..Oh..

Let's do it, come along wit me my brothers & my sisters & let's all make history my ***** its much room but you can't be afraid of the evil..(Noo
2).., & You gotta be willing to make sacrifices for G-o-d only..(Ohh3)..Yeah of course sometimes we may lose, but the losses only makes you stronger..(Ohh2)..I won't stop..(Noo2)..because I know when the end comes that I am doing the right thing..Yeah man, I'm glowing..

/I'm on..(go
(Ohh8)..(I glow2)(glow2)..(Yeah2)..(I glow3)..(Yeah5)..Uhh..Yeah (I glow2)..Yeah I glow man,..I glow..(glow3)..Yeah , (I glow3)...,Yeah..(I glow3)

I'm the mufucking man, Yeah I usta have nothing , I usta to sleep on the floor, or I usta to sleep on a sofa.., I wake up my neck & back be so sore, but I soared away from that struggle on to success dawg..Uhh, Yeah Imma skinny young dude that loves to spit my mind on a beat & smoke good kush to yo..I remember a time not so long ago, when I couldn't even barley afford to, but **** I stilled smoked tho dude..(Ohh8)
I was jobless stressing out my mama, causing problems around the house man because I wasn't trying get a job man..Yeah I had drive man, all I ever wanted to do tho is stay at the crib & write hits..Uhh,Yeah you can say that I was lost & confused but I was only I was only tryna figure out my true  purpose on this earth instead of slaving for the white manz..

So I started up my own business OFTR, Yeah..Im only tryna give the people what they need not what they want man & that's what they gonna get..yo..we can all learn & teach each other new things, cooperation, Yeah we can all be Leaders & rulers instead of being so against each other mane..real spit we need to cease with the stupidity & be a family, because we can all glow Yeah we can all glow my *****, we gotta go  make some moves, before its too late & the end times come & people don't know what to do man..I said we can all glow,Yeah we can all glow man, so Lets glow together, & grow together to my *****..(Yeah

(Ohh8)..I won't stop..(no2)..I'm on..(go9)..(Oh4)..I won't slow down at all..(no4)..(I'm on go,Yeah2)..(go7)....Ohhwoah..go..go

Like some DC **** dawg,..Uhh, I'm bringing the whole hood wit me, everybody gone eat Yeah..& if you want beef from me, I don't keep none like a vegetarian,Yeah I keep alot of proteins, knowledge & wisdom mane, you can eat them , Aye man, if you hating *****, ******* & If you ever disrespect the clique that's gonna be yo last time man..Aye, so you better repent..
Young Ston, The ****** Disciple, Yeah I love to stay fried but I ain't no dummy, Imma OFTR Soulja,...**** right mane..Aye

They always got something say..Yeah mane
Them nasty ******* & ***** ******  like to stay talking , Yeah ***** they talk alot of fucc **** concerning me man..but I don't care about their words because mines more powerful, They Bruce Wayne & I'm Clark Kent dawg..,Uhh,Yeah..Aye..
I'm one of one like a custom made breitling, I'm so confident in myself , I got alot of confidence in my team..OFTR, we gone win no matter how hard the mission seems, like we was train by the A Team..
Yeah we winners mane so they don't gotta notice me, because I already know where I'm heading mane..Its cool, I'm good, I'm gravey,Yeah Its okay mane.I'm g.Cuhz, (I'm still glowing,Yeah..Uhh
2)..I'm shinning my light bright on all the hate,..*****

(I glow3)..(Yeah2)..(I glow3),yo, I said...(I glow6)..(Oh7)..Yeah..(Oh3)..I won't stop...(no9)...(Yeah4), I'm on (go5)..(Oh5)..I won't stop..(no2)..Im on..(go5)...(Oh6)..I won't stop  no,Oh,..I'm on go **..(Ohh4)..

OFTR, this The Statement, dawg, I won't stop, I'm on go..Yeah..Ayo **** the rules, **** the laws, we breaking them all, we gone ball, Yeah Fo show..,so they can say whatever they wanna say man..,Yeah They can think whatever they wanna think about ya my *****..let them jeaslous busters hate..don't worry, be happy, let the doubters be your motivation,.. Uhh,...I'm the streets preacher, I'm The ****** Disciple, you don't wanna battle against me dawg,..(no you don't
3)..(Oh4)..Uhh, yo much love to all my real ****** thats still breathing Yeah..shoutouts to all yall..yo..
OFTR, we ascending, Yeah *****..we blowing up like the Al Quada goons, OFTR we thugs tho ****..
I don't got much food in my refrigerator, but I ain't even hungry my *****,..I'm getting full off of these rhymes, Yeah this is spiritual food man & it tastes so good like og..Uhh,mane,Noo I don't pop beans, but I do keep alot of bars on me & they got me in another plane..Aye

Yeah I do admit I must change some of my gangsta ways, Im so hectic, but noo I can't  change my gene's,like I'm homeless,..Ayo, Yeah I live life so recklessly,but I'm humble..I'm so misunderstood,I'm  just different man, but I love the way that God has made me...OFTR..(Yeah
2)..I told them ******  that this **** would happen way before I was even established as a certifted business..Yeah I show em, when I was posting songs on my tumblr page & talking so much **** on twitter,..Yeah I forewarn you *******, them busters didn't even get to  see me like Jesus secondcoming.., no they didn't take me serious , so now they gotta deal wit the consequences, man, they only made my job more easy when I finally made it.. Davis..,what up tho my *****..Look whos laughing now,Yeah now who's richer not yall ***** made *** **** a ****  arch ya back for a deal  *** rappers.., Uhh **** yo whole squad they all just sweet ***** *** ******, yall could never make the moves I dun made anyway..Noo I ain't perfect but yall too of the world, yall too weak & afraid of the truth..Uhh
Yall **** ****** know who yall are theres no need for me to even say y'all ***** *** names..OFTR We the realest gang, we the best in the A, we the best world wide too mane, Aye..,Yeah..

I'm glowing.. When they was like "Noo you wouldn't.."..but forget em, Yeah **** em, forget em,..Aye, where all of my **** gangsters & down women at who got my back show some love, I show some back..Oh..(Yeah4)..& I ain't even rapping right now *****, this the Outro,..So I'm making my last few statements before this beat stops, ****..I know the engineer tired, I been  working him towards a billion..Uhh, my ***** they saying what I'm tryna do is thee impossible, but I'm on..(go3)..(Oh3)..I won't stop (Noo3),I'm on..(go3)..(Oh5)..Fo show..Uhh..
You can do anything you wanna do my *****, & you can be anything that you wanna be..,Yeah & that's for sure.. Real gangsta talk..

Uhh, Shoutout to all my OFTRA Souljas , Shoutout to all my ****** Disciples, I love all of yall, for real my *****, I really do mean that to..yall the only ones I'll give my heart too..Yeah..
Only For The Real *****..Only For The Righteous.., Yeah,..OFTR, Only For The Real business, Yeah.., Only For The Righteous..
(Yeah Only For The Real *****, Yeah Only For The Righteous*2)..This is for the righteous & this is for the Real..only..for real homie
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,..(I can't sleep3)..(I'm up,Yeah2)..Uhh, Yeah..(I can't sleep3)..I gotta stay grinding more yeah..Uhh..(no I can't sleep6)..I (can't sleep3), I gotta keep writing till I'm dead & gone,yeah..Aye..(I can't sleep6),can't sleep...I gotta keep working hard .Aye..(no I can't sleep3)..(I can't sleep3), (can't sleep.3).Imma keep rolling *** , sativa..Aye..(I can't sleep, no I can't sleep4)..,I gotta keep grinding yeah, some more..,.Uhh, Yeah..(I can't sleep3) (I can't sleep.3)
No I can't homie..yeah I'm doing the most, Yeah..,
/I (can't sleep2)/3.
(I can't sleep3)..Insomnia, Yeah,..(I can't sleep3)..I gotta lot of moves & money to make,& I'm in pursuit homie..I can't sleep..I'm up..Yeah

Ayo, I'm spitting this dope man listen up..Ayo yeah I'm spitting the truth my ***** so blast this **** loud..Uhh

I'm in my Trap man, rapping & packaging this hard to flood the streets wit, I'm investing in my tounge *****,..I'm slanging dope with communication, Yeah my language, ***** its a craft to do what I'm doing,.. I'm so good with writing raps..I should apply to Atlanta Art Institution, (I can't sleep2)..(I'm up2) I'm too focus, I'm so hungry, physically & mentally Yeah,..(I can't sleep2)..(I'm up2)..just like a crack fein chasing after its last high mane,..I'm tryna get higher, I'm so tired of rolling  ****** up, so I'm grinding, so I can have alot of dat funky stuff up in my brain, no I can't get enough of the funk my *****..Yeah,Yeah

I'm in full speed,.. I'm going so fast homie,.. Like a  NASCAR race mane, you demons better stay outta my way or yo *** will get raned over just like what Tony Stewart did to Kevin Ward..R.I.P homie, no disrespect to his family, I'm just saying don't mess wit me..because (I don't play3)..Naw mane..I'm bout what I say,..Noo..(I don't play3)..Imma grown *** man, no baby steps no more homie..Aye
(I can't sleep2)
I'm up (all day
(I can't sleep2)
I got money to take & make..noo
(I can't sleep
I got alot of moves (to make2)..No
(I can't sleep
I got alot of **** (to Bake..2)

Aye, I stay up 24/7..,I gottas to get it...I'm very impatient, I'm pushing my self to the limit, I'm pushing my self no peer pressure, **** who else gonna push me nobody else will man..Ayo
I'm inspiring the youth homie,Ayo..Im inspired by myself, mane I look in the mirror man, & be like (got ****
2)..You the truth Drew, Fo show..(Yeah4).., & I ain't cocky or conceited, my ***** I motivate myself..Yeah..Aye

(I can't sleep
3)..***** I'm up next..(Uhh2)..(Yeah2)..(I can't sleep2)..** I'm the best..(I can't sleep3)..***** I'm the man Yess..(I can't sleep2)..I'm up & writing hits *****,..(I can't sleep3)..,I'm grinding.. (I can't sleep3)..I'm  searching, tryna find where success lives..Yeah I'm hungry, like a lion..Aye..(I can't sleep3)..

Imma diamond, Im so fly man,..I'm so higher than anyone else,..yeah Im so unique, Ayo, Imma  g, Aye (I can't sleep3)..its so hard to get some rest like I lived (on the streets,3) Ayo, I'm tryna feed (my family3) mane,..I'm fighting for my family like John Q homie, I'm doing the impossible anybody could of done it tho, but these ****** just to ***** for the part so Im playing the role, Ayo, I'm staying true to myself always no matter what, I will never ever fold, I will never change for the fame, **** having  a fraudulent sound, forget a major label, nobody bossing me around, I'm commanding myself dawg..I'm in a position of authority no Cartman..Uhh, Imma young southern ***** wit a  Midwest Flow..,Aye, I roll up for depression, that's my medicine Yess..mane I ain't regreting nothing , I'm looking past all of the dumb **** I  ever did do, I'm growing stronger, like the Hulk , Im teaching myself control..but im still uncontrollable..Aye my rhymes make parents uncomfortable, **** it have your lil son trying dresses on, I did the best that I could do..I'm here to uplift you  & inspire, not take you to hell  dude..Uhh

(Don't try me
2)..*****, OFTR we camed from nothing now all we do is get stares , the people finally starting to notice what's real, man we was famous in our minds already, (confidence,)
when the doubters & haters thought of us as a bunch of lazy *** ******, we was winning even before they ever started to  take notice, Aye, we was winning even tho we  took alot of losses,..OFTR we prevail, Thank God for everything without him I would never had wrote this..Ayo
You gotta learn from the past mistakes,  move past them, & try to never make them again mane dawg, never take any breaks, keep practicing, untill you fall out, & lose consciousness..never give up, & never give in , Yeah you win some, Yeah you lose some, but your heart still beats, keep breathing.. (Go harder, Yeah2)..*****,.. Uhh

(I can't sleep
3)..,Naw (I can't sleep3)..Insomnia,.. Uhh, play this song over & over again if you  are feeling down, sad & depress ..I'll uplift ya..Uhh..,..I can't sleep

I can't sleep
I gotta stick to what I know.
I gotta stay on go..
Ston Poet Dec 2015
(Yo3)..let's go..Ohh stunning
(I'm stunning
4)..Aye, Yeah..(stunning2)..
(I'm stunning
5)..stunning..Yeah ..stunning..
..(I'm stunning2) when they said I wouldn't, stunning.. (I'm stunning2)..stunning..(I'm stunning2)..when they thought I couldn't..I'm stunning..Yeah stunning..
(I'm stunning
4)..when they thought I wouldn't..(I'm stunning..3)Yeah stunning.. (I'm stunning4)..when they said I couldn't..
/(I'm stunning3)..Yeah stunning/2
(Stunt3)..forget a doubter, get yo money, Yeah dawg,..(stunt2)..on them ***** made busters..(stunt2)..prove em all wrong..Uhh Yeah dawg

OFTR my ***** we camed from the bottom, now we here stunning no Drizzy Drake ****, I write my own lyrics, Yeah man, its so easy homie,Uhh,Yeah  I can write a song up real quick in under 5 minutes my nig, so if you need a verse , hit me up then dawg, I know you see it, Yeah I know they can see me now,..Aye
They doubting while I'm  believing, & cheifing, they so blinded by all of the **** ****, they so confused mane Ayo  forget going the ***** made way towards the fame, Imma boss player Imma real gangsta, Imma Outlaw Yeah Imma true forget ******* up to Satan
Cuhz I only worship Jesus,Yeah mane, all of my prayers goes to the Heavenly Father & that's it Yeah..
(I'm stunning
2)...the right way without bowing down to the white man..Aye

Yeah (I'm stunning2)..I'm..(shinning2)
brighter than a new pair of white forces,Yeah.. I'm stunning Im shinning brighter than a diamond (Yeah2)..mane
So what, they gotta say about me now homie ****,they can't say...(nothing
2)..Aye, I'm stunning, I'm shinning brighter than the streets lights at night, man yo..
These ***** *** artist should be sponsor by Little Debbie, they some sweet ***** ******, all in they feelings, they ain't even from these streets my *****, they false claiming.. They all bout to get (bang2)..mane for real, Aye..

Noo, they can't see me, I be hurting they eyes, that's how bright..(I shine
2)..Aye, I prove them all wrong my *****, I had no job, I usta to be posted up at my home *****, I stayed in my room *****, in my zone *****, I felt so all alone *****, I only had my family but Thank God for them, they taught me not to trust having friends homie, because friendships never last, its alot of snakes out here yeah, so watch out, keep yo eyes peeled man..Yeah..

Forget having a girlfriend to my *****, Noo, I don't got alot of time here to be spending my time waisting it wit a nasty *****..Uhh man just keep sending me more beats & Imma eat em up then **** hits out mane, Young Ston..***** Yeah I'm stunning on I'm demanding my respect, Aye I'm way stronger than Superman, I go so hard , Yeah I'm the man, I go in , no I can't quit, Yeah..(I'm that *****2)..that you don't ever wanna disrespect, Aye stank ******* stay the hell away from my face, aye don't be all in my space in my way, Yeah..*****, Aye..
If you ever had something bad to say about me, you'll gonna be sorry, Yeah I bet you will you regret it, Yeah *****..(I'm stunning
2)..for the little kids that ain't ever had nothing..

Aye, look up to me young *****, stop crying & stop pouting pick yo head up stop looking down man, keep running towards the end of the race, even when you are in last mane, keep pushing forward lil homie, don't give up, don't give in..just keep moving.. (Yeah2)  is a big test so if you just put forth in a little effort into succeding it in well in the end dawg, yeah when the end comes man you will win & its all gonna get better, Yeah..
So stay strong younging..Uhh, Young Ston yeah Imma 90s baby, but I spit ether tho homie, ain't no competing wit my lyrics *****..Aye Yeah you can compare me to Moses yeah I write scriptures, yeah I speak what the people need man, for real Yeah..

Ohh stunning
(I'm stunning
4)..Aye, Yeah..(stunning2)..
(I'm stunning
5)..stunning..Yeah ..stunning..
..(I'm stunning2) when they said I wouldn't, stunning.. (I'm stunning2)..stunning..(I'm stunning2)..when they thought I couldn't..I'm stunning..Yeah stunning..
(I'm stunning
4)..when they thought I wouldn't..(I'm stunning..3)Yeah stunning.. (I'm stunning4)..when they said I couldn't..
/(I'm stunning3)..Yeah stunning/2
(Stunt3)..forget a doubter, get yo money, Yeah dawg,..(stunt2)..on them ***** made busters..(stunt2)..prove em all wrong..Uhh..Yeah dawg

Stunt, prove em all wrong Yeah..(Stunt
3)..on them..(stunt3)..Yeah man, we stunning,Let's (stunt2)..We stunning, (stunt*3)
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,..Young Ston, What up..
Shoutout to my hustling **** ******..Shoutout to my hustling gangstas..Uhh, Shoutout to all my hustling ****** ******, Shoutout to all my ****** real ******, aye..

/OFTR, We ****** Hustlers man & , (we handle our business, Yeah2)..Aye we some ****** real ****** & we (handle our business4),Our business Yeah..OFTR we ****** Hustlers man , Aye we some real ******..****** young ******, , but we (handle our business4) our business..(Yeah we handle our business2).. Handle (our business2)..,OFTR, we gangstas..we ****** hustlers man Yeah we stay high all day. ,but (we take care of business, Yeah2)..we take care of business man.. Handle (our business3)..we some ****** real ******, but (we get to business, Yeah3)..We ****** Hustling young ******.. (young real ******2)..gangsta (thugging..real ******3)...Yeah,OFTR, We ****** Hustlers,man..(We handle our business..3) (Yeah we handle business3) man...we (handle business,2)..our business (we handle..our business..2)(our business2)..***** (Yeah we bout our business4)..We some ****** Hustling (Thugging..gangsta ******3)..OFTR..(****** young ******3),..but we bout our ****, Yeah we ****** (Hustling Gangsta young ******3),We gangstas *****..ONLY FOR THE REAL..
Aye Yeah..
(we handle our business
4)..handle (our business3)..Aye we some ****** Hustlers man Aye, Yeah (We bout our business2).Yeah we (take care of business2).. We take care of (our business..2)business..We busy

We bout our business, Yeah we handle business man, We some Thugging ******, we some gangsta ****** & (we stay ****** *****2)..Aye, but we all on our **** man, Yeah..We ****** Hustlers *****, Yeah (we handle our business2)..(our business3)..Yeah..Uhh
I wake up in the morning I gotta Thank God, & I gotta get (back to ryhming, back to grinding
2),back to taking care of business *****,Aye, they say stick to what you do best & stick to what you know man..& stay true to yourself, don't let these devils confuse you & mislead you  to the wrong path my *****..

Aye, hard work doesn't go unnoticed & that's real talk, this is real game from a younging, don't be scared to learn something from me, don't be a fool man, I know they don't know too much about me, The Young ****** Disciple, but I'm one of the realest rappers that's still alive tho dude, Fo sho,I'm the best rapper in Atlanta OFTR, we our own league dawg..& I'm the commissioner, we will never fall, we stand tall, & We forever gone ball, stay strong, & keep grinding.., Yeah, we take care of business..
Yeah..We bout our business..

/We ****** Hustlers, ****** (young ******,2) that (handle our business,2..)(our business2)..Yeah we take care (of business3), Yeah/2
Aye we getting to , I'm making these hoes famous just for one night my nig,I'm macking on these hoes,like the 70s, then I'm (back to business
2) man..I handle (my business2),yeah, my ***** I'm too much , too handle, I'm too much to control,Young Ston *****..(too much2).. Man
I got the full control of my music..I got the control now Kendrick,..Uhh,I'm proving all of them ***** *** critics so wrong now man..They made a big mistake dobuting on a young *****, a ****** Hustling Thuggin Gangsta,ayo The system created a monster that's about to go off like Godzilla on my city dawg, I'm causing alot of chaos my *****,no regrets
Fo show dude ..Ohhwoah..Uhh.

Shoutout to my hustling **** ******..Shoutout to my hustling gangstas..Uhh, Shoutout to all my hustling ****** ******, Shoutout to all my ****** real ******, aye..OFTR
We ****** Hustlers.. ONLY FOR THE REAL
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,Yeah.. I know times getting harder, but you just gotta get stronger, & keep moving on tho dawg, no matter what a hater gotta say **** em forget em..I said no matter what a hater say (**** em,forget em2) matter what a hatter gotta say fucc em, forget em, no matter what a hater say (fucc em, forget em2)..Let em talk, let em hate man, They just mad at themselves, **** a hater, forget em, **** a hater Yeah forget em, **** a hater Yeah just forget em, **** a hater Yeah forget em..
I said **** a hater, Yeah just (forget em2)..They not happy with themselves, they hating for nothing man, ****, & I ain't got nothing but love to give away man, so Imma let em hate Yeah (**** em, forget em2)..Yeah , they just mad at themselves,.. They mad at (themselves2)..Aye..(they mad at they selve2)..Yeah just let em be  mad at them selve.s. Man, **** a hater , Yeah just forget em, **** a hater man, just forget em..**** em forget em..Aye

**** a hater, let em hate dawg, we don't stunt em, we don't worry about them losers noo, we just get our cake dawg, my ***** we rolling haze up, they won't make my blood pressure go up, no more worrying & stressing over a hater, ****, Yeah problems do still come my way, dude trials & tribulations, but I'm keeping my head up to the sky man, **** the drama, Uhh,..I don't wanna hear all of dat loud mouthing, shouting Shawty, I just wanna smell that loud (Yeah2)..we stay burning, we puffing 24/7 ***** non stop, our lungs don't clock out,
Uhh, aye They like to talk behind my back how I ain't ****, **** a hater, I just (forget em
2)..I ain't nothing like the past, I'm the future man, I'm way ahead of my time like hovering whips, Aye throw me the pass, Imma catch it of course man, I win the game for the team *****, real spit, Imma young legend, I'm very legit, **** the laws man, I'm playing the industry, & I ain't quitting ever , no man, **** a hater, forget em, let em talk they ****, I do my money dance on them *******, Yeah, Aye, Yeah, Uhh..

Young Ston the man, I keep going in daily, Yeah feet don't fail me now, my ***** I'm on a mission, **** a hater, let them ****** hate man, let them be mad (by themselves2)..They not happy wit (theirselves2)..I'm traveling on this route to wealth, I'm on this route to helping my ****** out that need help aswell, my ***** if you down for the cause then travel along wit me then dawg,No Wizard of Oz type of **** tho, **** that witchcraft magic **** dawg, forget the Devil, I ain't doing nothing enchanted,I'm changing the world.. While I'm chanting in these raps homie..

I'm very passionate about this ****, no hater won't get in my way & if they do that's their last day living, Yeah mane..Don't try me, I'm so blessed Yeah..God giving me so much favor, I'm not gonna be selfish, Imma share it, This song is for the people who spirit been down & need some uplifting.. **** a hater, forget em..Aye
I'm here for you man, I gotchu , we gone be okay, Satan won't stop us, Yeah I'm stumbling through these roadblocks, but I'm still in drive tho dawg, This is inspirational music, I'm inspiring the next generation future leaders, **** a hater just forget em..Aye

When I was younger it shoulda been more rappers like me, but its okay I dun stepped up to the plate, & Imma knock the ball outta the park..home run mane..**** a hater forget em..Aye..
I was so needy, I wanted my own ****, so I started writing raps, hoping that people will need me, I'm tryna save souls homie.. Aye for real mane..**** a hater, forget em..Uhh, Yeah
A young  ***** want a lil mama I can call my own, but **** I ain't that type of ***** that beg for some ***** , I don't wait for no *****, my ***** I handle my business like a grown *** men should (Yeah2)..
I got my fam, OFTR man, they all riding to the end, no to death do us part, we live forever, eternity, **** a hater, forget em, let them hate man, let them ******* hate, go get yo cheddar,

That's my motto,(**** a hater forget em.
3)..Aye ***** thats what I been bout man, always, I'm up in the morning rolling no mollies, & I won't go to sleep till the next morning, I'm on my hustle, I hustle so heavy mane, I get it outta the mud, like Kevin Gates,**** Life my ***** I never been a nerd, but they still picked on me when I was in school..mane, my parents could never afford the expensive brands, Aye but **** a hater Yeah just forget em.., they just mad at themselves, they need to smoke more **** like me, man, Uhh, yo I was such a bad *** kid , a class clown Yeah ,cussing in class & jumping on the classroom tables man, acting a ***, ****..

I'm still that same hyper dude now, but I'm more maturer Yeah, ***** this is spiritual food, I won't fool ya, **** a hater forget em, let em hate man..(Uhh, Yeah3)...

/(**** a hater let em hate man
2)..go & get yo cake Yeah/2

Stay praying stay,stay baking, **** a hater, let em hate man, **** a hater, let em hate Yeah, **** a hater, ***** forget em , Uhh, Young Ston OFTR (Yeah *****
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh..,Young Ston, OFTR..
They say I'm crazy, They say I'm lazy,..they call me crazy, they call me lazy,..Ayee,Yeah..They say I'm crazy, Yeah they say I'm lazy, Uhh, they say I'm crazy..I'm amazing, They say I'm lazy, I'm amazing, They say I'm crazy, They call me lazy, They say I'm....
Crazy..(I'm amazing7)
They say I'm crazy..they call me lazy, They call me crazy..They say I'm lazy..They say I'm crazy, ***** I might  be..Uhh..Yeah..I'm (amazing
(so amazing2)..amazing

Uhh, No Kanye West **** tho dawg, Good Morning tho, Yeah the birds is chirping so loud in the Atown, but I ain't worrying or stunning them hos, no,no..,Ayo, I'm wit my big brothers we mobbing, & we rising up to the top without selling our souls, **** all of that Occult ****, forget about being a Freemason, I'm keeping it hundred, & they only keep it 33 percent, them ******* so scared to even ever show they faces true colors & rep they gang man while they out in public,.. Not me Imma stunt Yeah,..Imma stunt for OFTR *****,..Imma scream my gang so loud to the top of my lungs, Yeah ***** Imma shout..While I'm smoking on some crazy amazing bud mane, I'm  spitting facts from my spirit & soul man, ayo them ******* *** rappers ain't who they say that is noo, not (really
2)..homie, they only betraying us mane, Yeah they so fake man, they so gay Yeah freaking faggets, stay the **** outta my face & stay the **** away from me homie, before yo body be filled with maggots..

Aye, I builded my own corporation by just having hope man & praying Yeah..I'm motivating all of my young ****** to stop, following after these **** ******, they ain't keeping it true they rapping lies, & that's not the code. Ayo even the president & his whole committee stay lying to us too, we as the people need to do something together soon, so lets overthrow these false prophets & fake leaders as soon as possible dawg, Uhh..
**** the government, **** America, man I'm going in,.. noo OFTR we won't stop, Noo we can't stop,man.. We can't be stopped either my nig..Uhh, **** Society, **** the police, **** everybody that's hating, **** all the fakes too homie, Aye man **** a friend, **** having a ol lady too homie noo I don't need all of those distractions around me Aye..
Imma always stay true to myself mane..Yeah ***** (Yeah2)..Uhh I got my family, &  I will  ride on any ***** ***** who ever disrespect one them & shoot some **** up,Yeah , that's what my Daddy taught me my *****...Uhh,Yeah..I'm riding to the end for OFTR man, OFTR we all stars..we so amazing,..Yeah we (so amazing3)..

Aye man yeah these ****** stay hating, they hate me..Why because I'm amazing, so amazing.. Aye man, yo ***** wanna come over to my place get faded & get ******..Uhh Imma beat her up..I Chris Brown dat **, call her a Uber then send her *** home packing,.. ain't no sleep overs wit me *****  Noo , you should already know that OFTR noo we don't love these **'s, noo we don't trust em too..Uhh
I be too busy to be sexting & picking up my phone but ***** **** I do give out the best quickies tho **,Yeah..I'm on my grind for the whole day, Noo I can't sleep, Yeah I'm doing whatever I gotta do to feed my family & developing my business into a multi billion dollar industry, but I ain't bending over or ******* ****, forget that sweet Starship type ****.., Yeah **** all of dat , OFTR we got our own agenda man, keeping it real & funky, everyday, Yeah Uhh..I'm getting so stronger everyday..I'm smoking on that strong Hulk smash ****, please don't interfere wit me or else you will be MIA, Aye mane..,I'm so amazing..Uhh.
I'm on my sonic Flow, I'm going so fast, I'm rolling some more grass while I drive man, I been drinking too ****, my ***** I might even crash,..Yeah I'm crazy but you can't call me lazy mufucker, you just looking in from the outside man, who the ******* think you is..Uhh

Only my Heavenly Father can judge me mane,
(Nobody else , Noo2)..*****, Yeah Young Ston a King , Yeah..Uhh Young Ston a g, Yeah Uhh.., Young Ston the man **,..I keep going in, & I ain't pulling out, let's go..Uhh..Yeah
They say I'm crazy, they call me lazy, but they don't know that there is a weapon that's been inside of me, bout to get me so paid ***** paid Yeah..Yeah..(I'm about to get paid man
2)..(I'm about to get paid Yeah3)..
/Yeah..(so paid
2)/3..I ain't being (no slave2)

They say I'm crazy,...
They say I'm lazy, they call me crazy, they call me lazy, they say I'm lazy,..They call me crazy..Uhh..***** I'm amazing, Yeah..(I'm amazing2)..Yeah ***** (I'm amazing3)..Yeah ***** (I'm amazing3)..I'm so amazing, Yeah..

I'm amazing everybody when they doubted on me my *****, They  said I couldn't do nothing but just be a problem, well **** they was right about one thing, Yeah I didn't have a job for a long time  mane..young *****, I usta just sit around the house dream about my future & write hits all day long mane,..Aye but I always had a plan to go out to get what is mines homie..Aye this world so **** evil they gott a ***** like me set up for failure already but I will achieve, & smoke a J wit Farrakhan to discuss being invole  in the Future Revolution for my people..Aye Yeah man..

These demons won't block my vision, man they underneath me Yeah dawg, Yeah I like to roll up Yeah I like to drink alot my ***** , so what, I live my life so you should live yours..Uhh my ***** live it up..Uhh,Yeah Young Ston these busters said I would never ever make it too the big leagues but now they all following after my foot steps  mane.. dawg these succers all around me, & stay tweeting me asking for a **** handout bru, hell naw get the **** up outta my zone, Im not ever associating myself or ever  doing business with ***** *** fakes,..Yeah..Aye.. ***** ***** stay on yo route, don't hop in my lane dude..

You lames copying after each other in Atl mane & I'm doing my music my own way ****, I was the greatest already without nobody even knowing about me, Imma living legend, I prosper forever Yeah, Uhh..Young Ston I'm amazing , so amazing, Yeah ***** I'm amazing, so amazing.. So amazing, so what they can call me crazy dawg, I'm so far away from the haters mane, I'm so elevated, Yeah they can call me crazy all they want ,but no they can't call me lazy, because *****..I know what I am..

I'm amazing Yeah Cuhz.. (I'm amazing
3)...Yeah (I'm amazing3)..(Yeah I'm amazing3)..I'm (so amazing2)....
Ayee..Yeah they  say I'm lazy, They call me crazy, They call me lazy, they say I'm crazy,..
/*****.., Yeah (I'm amazing
Haaaa,(so amazing
3)..I'm (so amazing3)..
***** I'm amazing, Yeah ***** I'm crazy,but I ain't even 5 steps close to being lazy..Uhh I'm amazing.. (So amazing
4)..Young Ston
Ston Poet Dec 2015
We gone (live life up2)...(we gone live it up2)..(Live it up2)...we gone (live life up2)..We gone (live it up,2) We gone live life Yeah, we gone live life up, we gone live life Yeah, (we gone live it up2) it up..we gone (live life Yeah2)..(live it up2)..Aye, (we gone live life up3)..***** we gone live it up, Yeah ***** we gone (live it up3)..***** (we gone live life up,  Yeah2)..(we gone live it up3) life up,..Aye live life up,..Aye (live it up2)..

Everybody come through ***** lets turn up,lets burn up,Blaze (not just one
2)..blaze the whole pacc up **** we got alot (more coming2) smoke no we don't ever run out, we living life Yeah..we live life up *****, we gone (live it up2) life yeah..Uhh..
If you coming through, Yeah bring your crew with no drama, no guns allowed at all..What up Snoop Lion..,Uhh,if you coming through bring some bottles too, come through & let all the ******* burn up wit the marijuana, come through wit no violence, tonight we will be having no problems none at all dawg,we living it up man..,

(***** We gone../live life up2../)2..

Tonight is gonna be so amazing,..Uhh,.
Only Real ****** invited to my crib, Yeah Only Real gangstas & down chicks, thats (bout it2), man, Aye we (living life up2)..we didn't usta live life at all dawg, we didn't have much fun, I was slaving for America till, I said **** a 9 to 5 bru, & became my own boss OFTR Yeah, just for that Imma (live it up..3)..Yeah Imma live life now.., Yeah tonight I'm living it up, Yeah living it up,I'm  living life how I want, it up, Yeah,live it up my *****,..
Let's jam..(Aye, we gone (live life up
2) Yeah2)..

/we gone po up, Yeah we gone roll up, & post up my nig..Uhh, we gone (live it up
Aye, (we gone (live life up
3), Aye,Yeah2)..
/We gone (live it up
Live life up my nig..

Whats good , bad lil mama bring yo **** *** over, Yeah come through & bring some of your friends over too, come hang chill & let loose wit a real gangsta Young Ston, Imma show you what's real Babygirl,make sure you bring some lingerie wit ya..Uhh, Imma teach you alot of new things boo, I can tell you ain't been wit a ****.. (Like me before
2)..Never before,.. Aye my life is a critically acclaimed motion picture & it ain't even  been released yet **** having a Oscar nomination, ***** I'm still a winner, Aye don't ever compare me to somebody else , nobody man, unless it's a real one,
Yeah man we turning up, some even throwing up, some even on the floor pissy drunk ****, my crib gonna look a mess in the morning but its all good along as everybody have fun.. (Yeah2)..
We (living life up *****
2)..(live it up3)..Aye

(***** we gone live life up
2) it up..(***** we living life up3)..we living life Yeah..(we living life up2), live it up, (yeah, we living life up3)..Uhh..

Ain't no drama, Ain't no problems we drinking, & we blazing marijuana, Ain't no drama, ain't no problems ***** we poing up & smoking that good marijuana,..Ain't no drama, Ain't no problems (we just drinking & blazing marijuana
Ain't no drama, Ain't  no problems my *****(we just living it up2)..We just having fun,..(Yeah live it up3)..Live life *****, Yeah..Uhh Live life up..
Young Ston

(Ain't no drama, Ain't no problems..2)
We living life Yeah..
(Ain't no drama, Ain't no problems..
We living it up my *****..Yeah.
(Live it up*2), Uhh

You are somewhere but you're hidden there;
You are with me in my every step.
I cannot see you yet I feel;
I cannot sense you yet I hear.

You are the shade no-one can catch;
You are the force they cannot make.
You are behind their pale shadows;
The one they're too tired to know.

You are in every flavour t'at I taste;
You live in every drop t'at I drink.
You breathe in every move I make;
You stay with me and ne'er fall apart.

You are the leaf of my autumn shade;
The emeralds of my summer gem.
The orchids of my cold jade stones;
The tulips of my skin and bones.

You are for whom I feel feeble;
You are for whom I have felt hurt.
You are for whom I endure pains;
You are for whom I hate.

But in your presence t'ere's no hate;
For with you there, then love is just love;
Love and hate are like dust and water;
They are separate, and not to be together;

And in your presence t'ere's no fear;
For tears turn into sweet poems t'at I hear;
And t'ose bleak midnight dreams shalt end;
Whenst in your arms, my very best friend.

And you are told once more and again;
By my untouched love and laughters;
From my untold hands and right words;
From the eyes of insane poetry.

And you are there, all over again;
You make things right whenst they do not;
You are in the cold tales I make;
You saw my first love bloom and grow.

You are in my words and prayers;
In the dreams t'at live forever.
You are the strength t'at makes me write;
You are in me all through the day and night.

You are my blood and my sacrifice;
You are my truth, honesty, and lies;
You are my moon, stars, and my hectic skies;
Your soul is mine and shalt ne'er die.

You are the hate and filth t'at I say;
The happiness t'at comes in my way;
You are on my mind night and day;
You are my poem in April and May.

You are my eggplant and cherry tree;
My green lime and sweet strawberry.
My purple lavender and rose;
My morning dew and midnight gloss.

You are the green moors I walk on;
The curved path I always stride on.
That my heart beats when I am beside you;
With a love genuine and passion so true.

You are the sun by my clouded grass;
The light t'at soften hearts' anger;
The love behind one's gritted teeth;
The truth behind deformed false mirth.

You are my ginkgo tree and peach;
The shine among the filth and foul.
My savour sea and fragrant beach;
Cure for the darkness of my soul.

You are my summer and fall tales;
My exact said and written words.
The blood and flesh of my red cells;
The light and promise of my worlds.

You are in my skin and my mind;
You need just love to make me blind.
You are in my ears and my hair;
I feel your presence everywhere.

You are the miracles that I see;
The poetry God carries with me.
The dramas I sing of and write;
The true love that makes things sound right.

You are the one lie that sounds true;
The ******* ****** heart desires.
The essence of my breath and *******;
The frank lust of mine in the West.

You are the thirst my heart falls for;
You are the rain that soaks it wet.
You are the fertile grass it grows;
The autumnal tears that it sheds.

You are the kite that soars up high;
And I shalt be your protective shield.
And whenst you fall with your knee wounded,
My poem's the very drop that makes it heal.

And it speaks of you with sanity;
And misses you with high verity.
And with such warmth t'at is still mine;
It longs to keep you in the heart and mind.

It's thus the immortal in you;
T'at makes it sees with clarity.
T'at it loves you eternally;
T'at it seeks you again and again.

T'at it wants you all over again;
T'at it wants you for no clean reason.
T'at it wants you now and once more;
T'at it wants you like never before.

T'at it loves you like it loves itself;
T'at it loves you with no falsehood.
T'at it loves you like it loves life;
T'at it loves you and shall die for you.

Ah, Immortal, whatfore art thou doing t'is dark afternoon?
My heart is alone in abrupt silence;
And it wants to disturb thee again;
It wants to run after and play with you.

Ah, Immortal, but doth thou tread some-times, on our fav'rite green path?
The one smelling like musk and red berries;
The one thou took to the most;
On which thou called me whenst thou got lost.

Ah, Immortal, and I ran fast like a blind nymphet;
For I was afraid of finding thee not;
Ah, I was in a ruffle skirt and with my poetry book;
Thou said I's pretty after one brief look.

Ah, Immortal, and we crafted one dusk ode together;
And t'at dusk grew more beautiful altogether;
With a soul as handsome as thine by my side;
Brightened by the streets' thrilling fluorescent light.

Ah, Immortal, and so I've written another ode today;
T'at maketh me remember everything without delay;
All joy t'at we had t'at night, on t'at lil' path;
A portrait of once live, but now vanished worlds.

Ah, Immortal, and such an ode maketh me smile again;
It feels like thou art here, my lover and best friend;
And the only lover I shalt ever run for;
The only man for whom my heart beats fast.

Ah, Immortal, and nothing is sweeter t'an t'is green ode;
A piece of innocent poem t'at thou shalt like;
Just like the ones thou always read;
By my side, with thy head laid by my orange lap.

Ah, Immortal, and nothing is more honest than my own poems;
For it thinks absurd not, of what is absurd;
Like t'is immortal passion it feels for thee;
Ah, for thy soul t'at too is immortal.

Ah, Immortal, but now that I've written this poem;
I shalt retreat to a peaceful rest;
I've laid about what's within my chest;
I'm ready for a sleep's endless virtual doom.

Ah, Immortal, and you wilt say in my oblivion;
T'at I have reached my destination;
The very place where there's no thee;
The desolate ice with thee gone.

Ah, Immortal, and you wilt sit in my unconscience;
Keep me asleep in my confusion;
T'at I escape, and escape not from my guilt;
T'is endless guilt of loving thee.

Ah, Immortal, to whom I still love, and love again;
Whom t'is very heart still adores;
For whom my prayers still breathe;
And for whom my tears still flow.

Ah, Immortal, and you wilt dream in my limbo;
Of a dream t'at leaves me conscious;
T'at there's no more love between I and thou;
A love t'at once made our hearts luminous.

Ah, Immortal, and you wilt rock me back and forth;
'Till I but wake again to this world;
And the horrid sands of Yorkshire;
Where I smellest none but dire loneliness.

Ah, Immortal, but dream of me—make me unaware;
And let t'is love for thee step forward;
Sending me back my triumph;
Shoving me up with virility.

Ah, Immortal, let such a bashful moon distract me;
But turn me not about my long sleep;
And with its horns slaughter my love;
That I shalt wake up loved and unloved.

Ah, Immortal, let the grim grimace slander me;
Let t'is love for thee hinder me;
But ****** not my love for thee;
And the longing for thee to be by my side.

Ah, Immortal, and stay with me but in my words;
T'at I am able to tackle the worlds;
To **** its failed virtues and vice;
Its cruel pride and fatal conventions;

Ah, Immortal, thou canst feed me through my bare poems;
And attend more of my illusions;
Take to my imaginations;
Breathe through the words and circles I draw.

Ah, Immortal, thou canst witness my weird footsteps;
Sleep on my imaginary lap,
And leave thy heart to me by one side,
T'at I canst but rub and play with it again.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst leave to me your heartbeat;
And I wilt adorn it with warm heat;
That like you are, it shalt stay immortal;
Like a love poem I'll craft in fall.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst leave me thy love to me;
T'at I shalt kiss and cheer it every day;
For it has more than what I have to say;
For it speaks to me with proud sanctity.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst leave thy hours to me;
T'at I canst write you a good poem;
A poem t'at breathes through thy chest and hands;
T'at thou canst feel my presence again.

Ah, Immortal, and thou outta' leave thy blood to me;
T'at I canst shield, I canst protect it;
T'at I shalt act like its owner,
With a thousand smiles and promises.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst leave thy flesh to me;
T'at I canst heal and empower it;
T'at I canst cast spells on its wounds;
T'at it shan't dwell rott'n forever.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst leave thy doom to me;
T'at I can retrieve your old laugh;
Although I'm young and I am not her;
I'll love you again and again, more than ever.

Ah, Immortal, and thou canst be mortal to me;
But I shalt still call you my immortal;
Like I once did when we were young;
With the blossoms of love in our hearts.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see my promise is true;
I'll shed my blood and flesh for you;
From such shalt flow fresh spring water;
T'at shalt heal thy cracked wounds and lungs.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see my love's not a lie;
For if thou rot, then I too shalt die;
For my gripped breath too shalt be broken;
For my vain heart too shalt die hurt.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see thou art my heartbeat;
Thou art part of me and my wit;
For t'ere's no poem but one about you;
For t'ere's no dream but of our first love.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see thou art my thousand skies;
For t'ere's no love but by your side;
And no words written but for thee;
Thou art the voice of my clarity.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see thou art my life;
Thou art inside me as thou wished;
Thou art a breath t'at withers not;
Thou art a thought t'at leaves me not.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see I shalt not wander;
My love for thee is clear and again;
And one intact, and whole, and untorn;
And one civil, and pure, and unburnt;
Thou art my light, my cold fire and warm ice.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see t'at my love is chaste;
For whenst betrayed, it betrays not;
For it cuts not our story short;
For it stays with thee still, in blood and flesh;
For it thinks of you yet, in its wake and rest.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see my love is genuine;
For it shoulders guilt on its own;
A guilt t'at comes from loving thee;
For loving you is what makes it live.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see my love lives forever;
For thy remembrance gives it breath;
And thy memory frays its hate;
You are the love t'at's ne'er too late.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see thou'rt my perfection;
Thou attend my poetic arts and visions;
Thou art the precision it makes;
The decision it firms hard life on.

Ah, Immortal, and it screams for you by its walls;
And calls your name again and again;
T'at it keeps you in a heartbeat;
T'at it shalt seek you in its every sense.

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see my love is not hate;
For it knows not what hate is itself;
Like it knows not hatred on its own;
For it knows only bland virtues.

Ah, Immortal, so thou wilt see my passion is true;
T'at this etched love is not a disease;
T'at my love shalt hatch again and again;
Give birth to frank newborn poems and thoughts.

Ah, Immortal, and so being alone tortures me;
It renders me dead and my sanity;
Like an empty chair in its solitude;
I sing to myself, and no Eolian lute;

Ah, Immortal, and thou wilt see by my virile sense;
T'at I longeth for thee again and again;
T'at thou'rt the thought I verily ponder;
T'at thou'rt the only love I embrace.

Ah, Immortal, and I'll embrace thee again and again;
No matter how long, nor how many times;
My insane guilt is in loving thee not;
And knowing not how to tell of thy love.

Ah, Immortal, so I shalt proceed but to love thee;
And keep thee alive in my heart and mind;
And keep thee breathing in my story;
A story t'at, I hope, comes back alive one day.

Ah, Immortal, and thou see my nonsense is true;
Though full of holes and discolours;
Telling words is to me obligatory;
For it keeps my love in order.

Ah, Immortal, and t'ese diffused hues are but thine;
Just like my whole journal of tales;
T'at I shalt recall with virtues;
Because 'tis t'ere—t'at promise of mine.

Ah, Immortal, so thou'rt my artistic vision;
My endemic paints and phrases;
My arts' reposes and relapses;
My chanted spells all over the place.

Ah, Immortal, I craft thy poems with precision;
T'at all is unique in their nature and order;
T'at it preserves love and enigmas;
And so it preserves for you, just what you love.

Ah, Immortal, and I tell my tales with perfection;
T'at thou become my whole saturations;
Thou owneth the major gold'n utopias;
And preserve still, t'ese hovering dystopias!

Ah, Immortal, and I've seen in thee such myopic senses,
T'at what is iconic seems atomic,
T'at what is static seems dynamic,
Ah, but all seem such—in thee!

Ah, Immortal, I've too seen in thee such pictures;
Pictorial and ethereal in such a sense;
But malevolently, and fervently true;
Ah, Immortal, thou art my powerful hero!

Ah, Immortal, thou art the magic of my art;
The very clay of earth I step on;
The very suit of life I wear on;
The immortal mind among those mortal!

Ah, Immortal, thou art the soil of my being;
The very breath that I leave awake;
The primary cause I think of;
My multitude of secret reasons!

Ah, Immortal, and I want but' make thee—make thee mine;
We canst drink together and feast;
On t'is love and artistic gleams;
Of  joyed literary and poetic pleasures!

Ah, Immortal, and our young souls shall ne'er decay;
We hath more than t'is world shall say;
We own even more in our poetry;
We own every part of immortality!

Aye, Immortal, and thou wilt see my virtues are true;
I lied not to thee and about our love;
For our love is what art canst portray;
Whilst art itself is my pal and friend!

Aye, Immortal, and thou wilt witness my plain truth;
For t'ere's no mirrored truth than thine;
And even the truth of wan reality;
The reality of joy, tears, and gloom.

Aye, Immortal, and thus thou wilt admit 'tis mine;
Thy very heart and eternal conscience;
Thy cordial mind and vast concerns;
Aye, such are all—all mine, my darling dear!

Aye, Immortal, and thus thou wilt confess such's mine;
Thy very mind and ordinary senses;
And too thy literary and recreational thoughts;
Ah, and thy visions too are mine, my gorgeous dear!

Aye, Immortal, so such is a tale of my love;
T'at brews and boils just because of thee;
T'at loves and hates within thy spheres;
T'at cries and mourns whenst thou art gone!

Aye, Immortal, and thou hath seen what true love's like;
Just like the one I hath for thee;
And I want thee more like I want autumn;
I adore thee more like I do winter!

Aye, Immortal, how canst I find true love then;
Whenst all is blurry and clear not;
With thee gone and my poetry cut short;
I shalt but dream not of marriage!

Aye, Immortal, for such wedded bliss is with thine;
The king of my heart, *******, and mind;
The fairytale I read again and again;
The one old song I keep'n singing thru!

Aye, Immortal, and I longeth for thee just like t'at;
My love hides behind every labyrinth;
Where'n t'ere are green and red and gray clouds;
Where'n poetry is recited out loud!

Ah, Immortal, and thou'th seen t'ere's no-one but thou;
Thou'rt the simplistic art I seek;
The one I'm with whenst strong and weak;
The dream I hath, every day of the week!

Ah, Immortal, and so t'is naughty ode is genuine;
For 'tis mere' thy heart it longeth to win;
T'at it ever boasts proudly of;
T'at it ever wants to get, and again!

Ah, Immortal, and so t'ere's no heart but t'at' thine;
To be entwined with t'at of mine;
To be accounted down the line;
The one I speak of, and I hide behind!

Ah, Immortal, and thus t'ese phrases are but true;
For t'ere's no hero nor villain like you;
Who knows much 'bout truth and untruth;
Who sang perfectly 'bout our own youth.

Ah, Immortal, and thus t'is pleasure is all thine;
Physical and mental and of all designs;
For thou owneth my whole love labyrinth;
And all the tasty scents in its maze.

Ah, Immortal, and thus all t'is poetry is thine;
Just like my severed soul and breath;
For without thee, all t'ese dreams are but of death;
A dream of grief, t'at I shan't find rest;

And Immortal, thus t'is longing is thine;
For thou only canst amend such dreams;
And brings to it candlelight rainbows;
Just like the promise of my true love.

Ah, Immortal, and thou shalt see my plain love is true;
For it fails just anyone but you;
And thus I want thee here with me;
I want thee still, like ever before.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2015
Aye Aye
(Poetry is the Adhesive of Our Lives)

6:33 am

for Joe*

once again,
in a strange bed,
in a strange city,
left a cold snowed city climate
owner of a carryover question
of yours,
what was a
winter prior posing,
is now a plane plain ride over
have coming with me
by a sun provoking,
the answer,
now strange composing
in a visually warm city where
beautiful tanned bodies
are mined in beach sand

my answer,
it too,
it too
being mined,
subconsciously working, coming,
f o r m I n g
in my always busy,
daily nighttime shift of
repositioning from a
dark night ended reposing,
into a
sunny day answer deposing

t'is a tricky one,
when one poet asks another
straight out,
after the the fashion of the day,

of my poetry,
whattaya think,
whattaya know...

my very own
this communal place,
an open bed,
where we lie down with strangers,
where we lay down our words,
wake up lovers,
or worse,
wake up encouraged,
(can one make hallelujah a verb?)
or refuted,
disputed by
the either/or
ignorant silence of the masses,
of what's truly good,
or sunk
under reedy rushes of swamping
at the ignorant adulation of the
endless trite, puerile

not one
for shooting from the
on a subject so
that my paused,
slow mo response,
to you,
of course,
as a red badge of no courage,
a refusal to answer
in this demanding age of
virtual, instantaneous any and every
stray dog thought

multiple shades of a Miami sunrise,
burnt oranges and Van Gogh blues,
frosted strawberry internal pink toppings,
whitish cream cappuccino streaks,
makes one wonder about the
creative design team that brought us the
universe and this all over
all natural, organic visual breakfast
that comes to remind me that
your answer,

for all of us,
in our lives
there is always poetry infused,
there for the seeing,
for some,
adhering to our
private places

for you, Joe,
there is always poetry,

in this work,
is the continuous process,
and this sir,
aye, aye, sir,
this one writ,
hopefully a satisfactory answer,
one of resolution,
of adhesion,
silicon bonded

for such is the nature of
this particular Joe,
an inquiring soul,
a nurtured one,
another poetry-partial-birth
child of mine,
born on-line

requiring special handling when
creating, crafting,
******* lines of my presumptuous presumptive
in all matters that
our emotional heart
is the make-up-the-rules-as-you-go

fraught, and
simplistic excessive
frugality of word/feelings,
dangerous and inappropriate...

I loke (love + like)^
your poetry fine
the slow revolution of the screws
of growth so readily apparent...

a but,
my demands upon you,
so great,
the expectations of expectations,
greater for you than I dare share,
only since your quest
is my bequest
so shockingly that you dare
directly request

asked and answer attempted,
yet the risks are I lighthouse beacon
angle too high,
becoming too troublesome,
an Excedrin headache

You don't see,
You don't comprehend,
the way I do,
how far you have come,
your train,
upon which
I am a windowed, winnowed,
a pseudo parent
in Loco (crazed) HP Parentis

so it breaks my heaVy heart,
that I want burdensome you better,
so much better...

Oh Toolmaker!
from your
as of yet
swelling unrealized
r e a l
blood sweat and

I want to be forced
by you
to shed my own
gasp, intake my own
bloodied breath,
sweat when reading yours...
hopelessly selfish,
wholly unsatisfied...

I want
your refreshed wit  born in

tales of your Connecticut icy hot
should lay me low by new poems as good as

tease me, seek me
let me beg,
make me yours,
like Sara Teasdale's
"I Am Not

I will you!
will you be,
recreate anew
William Carlos Williams

make me gnash my teeth
when you limerick like my first hero
Ogden Nash

moor my heart like
Marianne Moore

be a new American Master
of this awesome trade,
accepting of this modest tirade,
make new tools still invisible
that will become
more powerful than
any man's hand
can mechanical design...

most of all force me to
reside inside your adoms
locked in my soul's firmament,
until you have fashioned me
an obedient tool,
forcing me,
to weep my own
r e a l
blood sweat and
that your words
backhoe excavate
from their hidden places

be mine own
GI Joe

this answers your question,
what I think
of your poetry voyage
to levels of heaven
you are yet

looking forward to an
aspiring spring,
a robust salute of
Aye, Aye,

for I  have fixed the spot in the sky
with the adhesive will keep your star aloft
tween you
and the rest of us

but now be bounded to lift
us to
unbounded highs
on the wings of the highest

of all of us who
admire your journey so...
will not e v e r be satisfied,
you exceed,
you succeed,
we are such
so sated, so satisfied...
that we see the music,
dance to the words,
in places where the silence
of listening
is the greyest gift
one can give...
^Loke - courtesy of Joel Frye

Of course, I  just happened to hear Christine Ebersole sing this tonight...

It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe
He's got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow
He's got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know, little Joe's passin' by

Sometimes the cabin's gloomy and the table's bare
But then he'll kiss me and it's Christmas everywhere
Trouble's fly away and life is easy go
Does he love me good, that's all I need to know

Seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe

Sometimes the cabin's gloomy and the table's bare
But then he'll kiss me and it's Christmas everywhere
Trouble's fly away and life is easy go
Does he love me good, that's all I need to know

Seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe

Little Joe, my little Joe, little Joe
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh, from the top, Yeah we high, you already know what I been up to if you been ******* wit the movement, just smoking ****, & spitting facts..(like always2).., Yeah mane, always, **** Im either solo dolo or wit the family ***** thats gang..(gang2)..**,Uhh..
**** the fake ****, **** all of them fake ***** ******, forget all of the **** **** my ***** for real man..OFTR..Uhh

(All that fake **** ain't gonna last *****3)..(OFTR is here to stay forever3).., real talk man OFTR (***** we came all the way from last now we in first place..aye2)..
(OFTR is here to stay forever
(All that fake **** ain't gonna last *****3)
OFTR we came all the way from last place,now we all in (first place
All that kissing *** **** ain't gone last *****..
All that fake **** ain't gone last *****..

(All that fake **** ain't gone last *****3)..Uhh, (all that fake **** ain't gonna last *****3).., but OFTR, man we gonna be doing whatever we want mane, the industry can't hold us back *****..we gonna be doing whatever we want mane, forever Yeah..forever..Aye, Cuhz..
All that fake **** ain't gone last *****3
..Aye,..This is For The Real, Only For The Real..
(Yeah that's it

Uhh, Imma Soulja, a OFTR Soulja Fo sho bru, I'm going to war against America..I'm going to war against  all of these fakes too *****..., Imma make em all burn with Satan,.. Aye man, all that fake **** ain't gonna last *****, no it ain't gonna last my *****, get ready because OFTR (we coming for that *** *****,Yeah2)..taken face *** *****,..Aye man..
(All that fake **** ain't gone last  *****, All that fake **** ain't gonna last
all that fake **** ain't gone last *****, all that fake **** ain't gonna last,..(it ain't gonna last Naw4)..

Because OFTR, we stopping all of that fucc ****, right now, Cuhz Yeah we coming, all of my real ******, we rising, if your being fake my ***** that **** bout to stop now, for real dawg yall ***** *** rappers just need to stop it,just quit while y'all ahead...because all that fake **** ain't gonna last..
(no it won't last
2)..while I'm still breathing, Imma put that fake **** to the past *****, Aye all of you buster sucker fuccers besta not come around me, or there will be alot of problems for you, real talk mane..I'm bout what I'm rapping about in every song that I have written, its not for Mr.Nasty Time , its time for vengeance no Batman ****, I'm strapped up, like the Black Panthers,..
I'm fighting back with artillery, Imma getbmy peace, Cuhz..thats all i want ***** America still treating us like we slaves still, but its about to stop today..Emancipation,Aye..

(All that fake **** ain't gone last2)..,no it won't man..OFTR, (we coming for that ***,Yeah2)
No ****.., Aye (all that fake **** ain't gone last, all that fake **** ain't gonna last2) man, Aye..(OFTR coming for that ***4)..
All that **** **** won't last..
No it won't mane..
Ston Poet Dec 2015
(Smoking on that drill2)..., Yeah (***** that ****2)..(Smoking on that drill3)..Yeah..(***** that ****2)..I stay smoking on (that ****2)..Yeah..I stay smoking on (that drill2)..Aye *****..(that ****2)..(Aye Im smoking on that drill3)..Yeah ***** (that ****3)..Uhh..

I ain't popping no pills , I ain't snorting nothing man, I ain't injecting myself, Im just rolling no mollies, I stay smoking on that drill, Yeah I stay smoking on (that ****
3)..*****.. I'm getting straight to the business my *****, what's the deal, Uhh,Yeah, what's the deal with all of these buster ***** *** made fakes that's in the rap game mane, yall giving them **** ****** praises , that ain't Gods, they Satan peasants, Uhh..
I only give praises to the Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ , you should too, homie, I'm just giving out good advice, don't Idolize  me my *****, I'm not a God, even thou I'm fly, even tho I ryhme so nice, dude you can be fly too, you gotta have confidence within you, look up to yourself my *****, you gotta encourage yourself, when nobody else isn't..

Uhh, Aye I stay smoking on that drill, Yeah I stay smoking on (that ****3)..So what man, Yeah mane,I'm smoking on that drill..(it helps me2) a better me, it medicates all my pain , it helps me meditate all of my depression away..So why the freak they got it illegalized for mane..Aye
The government is so evil homie, they the Occult , they so Satanic mane..The government been tryna destroy my reputation.. I know they after me,Yeah mane..They after me homie, wanna take my life away, Yeah they wanna put me 6 feet under with a closed casket service, mane, because all I rymhe about is the truth homie, Aye I ain't running ..noo..I won't stop tho, no I won't dawg, if death do comes then, Imma fight death all the way back where it camed from, They can throw me how much money they want to, but I won't take it,noo My soul is worth more than gold, All I need is Jesus, he saved you & me from ever being defeated, so he's the only Idol to me man..Aye..

(I stay smoking on that drill Yeah2)..(I stay smoking on that ****,Yeah2)..(smoking on that drill2)..***** Yeah (that ****3)..(Uhh2)..(Yeah2) ***** this ain't no gangster music & I ain't no gangster Imma King Imma real ***** & , Imma Rebel too mane,..Ayo, I bet I could rap some **** that every hood ***** will blast & feel tho homie..Aye..I ain't no **** either, but I'm thugging against America..**** em Uhh..
I'm so g, my *****, I'm me Yeah ***** , I'm who I always wanted to be my ***** **** what a doubter & a hater gone think about this one...because

(***** I rise3)..(***** I strive3)..Yeah *****.. (I rise2)..(***** I strive2)..(***** I ride2)..for OFTR only & my ***** (thats Fo life3)..Yeah..(***** I rise3)..(***** I strive3)..***** I rise..(***** I fly2)..(***** I rise2)..(***** I strive2)..***** I rise ***** I fly Aye..
(Smoking on that drill
2)..Yeah (***** that ****2)..Yeah *****..I stay smoking on that ****, Yeah I stay smoking on that ****..***** I'm (smoking on that drill3)..(***** that ****2)..
Aye *****..

/(I strive *2)..(I rise
2)..(I fly2)../3
Smoking on that drill,..
(Yeah ***** that ****..that ****..Uhh*3)
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2016
Pearl Harbour was a righteous act of war... an army attacking an army lazying about like its current affairs program: how to, burn off fat of our "starving" citizens! it, was, a, righteous, act, of, war! what the Americans replied with? equal to the Holocaust... an army so incompetent in warfare it had to attack citizens... because it was so gluttonous when having to consider the man who lost it all and would have nothing to lose when fighting... Kamikaze motto: and from my decapitated head, a blazing serpent of transformed entrails! entwining! entwining! after all: isn't the white man a blank canvas, and in his blank canvas fetish: always choosing what to incorporate and what to plagiarise... white man is but the shadow of the olive skinned ones... or the blemish of coco... well... isn't that what the white girls prescribed with their many voodoo words of feminism, but hardly any care to engaged in household chores? ahoy! hey! ahoy! *****! hit the pulpit! and don't come back! i'm hitting the transgender movement... hard.

the first rule you learn at the Forest Gump club?
                                                     RUN A MILE!
what's the second rule you
learn at the Forest Gump club?
                                                       RUN A MILE!
what's the third rule you
learn at the Forest Gump club?
now, i do feel god awful for these
                 but they never felt
sorry for me:
which is why i have the better
joke... and they recite poetry
that simply sounds like: choke choke choke
               and i have a magpie's cackle.
only foxes build up on that...
ginger wolf over...
               ginger wolf! over!
         i could have been paid
my life's service as a marine...
       serving Vietnam singing the song
about Trident submarines:
do you ever feel you're a yellow submarine,
    a yellow submarine,
                a yellow submarine with a nuke
            signed: why not, Jude?
                           they did the French kiss
with the original nuke being air-borne
and the cold war reinvention: keep it under
     ye'er may'tees! ****! starboard!
i say detonating the nuke is en-masse
                                when bone turned into shadow...
no wonder the motto stood:
            they learned to leisurely take the Swiss acid,
they'll gobble the psychiatric rainbow
to keep them in check like they might
gobble down news and vitamins.
           as long as the blond-quiff-ferret wins;
i'm happy... oh look at that...
                       the Peruvian Putin had a twinkle
in his eye:
                       Comrade Pablo, no, the other
Picasso... the Escobar... oh sure, sure,
he did cubism... cubic ounces of *******
  and twice the red period fascination...
                great, when you consider
the autobiography of god, and humanity
                 as sole Pilate of its macabre reasoning:
           let god write the biography: we're clean!
                clean as **** in a diaper
or ***** in a ******... both mention the cul...
   de... sac
                      did i mention
the tourists... i have a great stage presence:
i get to thespian manic episodes of people who
hide them...
                      but wouldn't setting off a nuke
do that to you, ad your future generations?
                 ****** got gassed...
what American or any other human being
experienced such flash of insubordinate genius?
                            h'alo! vel-kom
to zee only nicht of the worthy Oscar beifall!
        kappa'h ah Hiro
                ­                kappa'h ha Naga
                the greatest travesty is mentioning
Auschwitz... but not the Godzilla twins!
no!               no!                    no!
               you deal with the need for paediatricians
when you prescribe them other "things"...
                   you keep that bagel in the oven long enough
we'll just assure ourselves all the Jews were
born on flights: inter-continental...
                                      they never say:
  Polish Jews... they just say Jews...
                                   it's almost like the host nation
didn't matter...
               as a Pole... living in England?
the host nation, doesn't, matter!
    aye Scot?!         aye!
         aye Cymru?!             aye!
       aye Shamrock Limerick?! aye!
aye Brutus... aye aye aye
                              i'm just asking
to post one hallucinogenic postcard...
                                  to his mother.
or.. let's us say i do cut-up as i go along:
much to the awe of some remote republic
                          engulfed in the federal judiciary
               system... very much monotheistic:
all hail! the one!
                             in quick-hand atheistic:
all hail! not one!
                             well: no one would mean
nothing... and if that be the case...
then... this is... evidently... a very... painful... dream /
                                 protesting the rights of
the aborted (from a man's perspective):
teenage girl, a thrill was but a thrill,
don't condemn me to the priestly orthodoxy!
but i will!
                     Joseph Andromeda took
the circumstance of sacredness of Abraham's *****...
                  while Muhammad rationalised
a pubescent's girl with an older man
like that pornographic elder teen with
a man and a really ****** movie script: in out,
as fast as you can!
Ston Poet Dec 2015
/I gotta (Thank God2)..(everyday2)..Aye..,(Imma Thank God2)(Thank God2)..(everday2)...Thank you so much Heavenly Father for always being with me , keeping me strong & surviving..(Thank you so much2)../2
/(I prosper
Thank You so much...God/3
Aye..Imma thank God (everyday
2)..I gotta (Thank God3)..Yeah, Thank you so much Heavenly Father for always being in front of me, guiding me from wrong & keep me away from harm..,You keep me aware..You keep me strong..That's why I had to write this song to..(thank God3)..(Thank you so much Father2)..Yeah..because of you..

(I prosper
6)...I prosper through ever trial & every tribulation..(I prosper3) through all of my stresses, (I prosper3) through all of my sadness, (I prosper3) through all of the depression,.. (I prosper3) through all of the drama.. (I prosper6)...I prosper when they said I wouldn't,..(I prosper3) when they said I couldn't.. (I prosper6)..when nobody ever even believe in me mane Yeah I still, prosper Yeah man..(I prosper3)..because I always believed in myself,.. (I prosper3) with me having hope Yeah.. (I prosper3) because my faith wouldn't let me fail again mane..Yeah..(I prosper6)..

Thank you so much God for giving me so much worth man, we all are worthy of doing something that's life changing...Aye, I always knew I had wealth even when I didn't have  a job mane, no income was coming in at all many arguments wit my mama, like babyboy..get on yo grind now.. Uhh writing is my life, writing is my grind dawg..I always knew one day, like right now, it would get me paid by the graces of God..It happen too  man,Yeah..(thank God
2) because of God..
(I prosper6)
So Uhh..I (gotta thank God,
2)..(Thank God2)
I gotta give all the praise to Jesus Christ..Yeah..(Thank you so much Father
2)..Thank you (so much2)..for always keeping me strong, protected, healthy, & alive..because of you I prosper, I strive..I rise..Aye..

(I prosper
6)..,Aye..I prosper so I can educated yall & bless yall spirits with wisdom & knowledge dawg..I'm only giving out blessings through my songs , forget brainwashing, the youth, I want all of my people to fly up to Heaven  dude..(& prosper3)..(Yeah prosper3)..Dawg, Yeah we can all prosper if  we fight together then..we can. start gaining back our full control,..Instead of living life the wrong way dawg.., let's live life (right2)..Stop letting the Devil attacks make you weak & distract you..just (listen to God2)..make sure you stay on his path dawg, don't let these demons continue to take over your life, with lies , confuse you or get to you mind mane..Just cast em away..The Lord will defeat them..he already defeated Satan..mane..The government is liars they been plotting a big human extermination, they blinding us wit  material lusts so they can do what they did on 9/11 but even much more terror..Yeah Its Time to wake up, rise up & fight back today ..Ayo..Shoutouts to Malcolm X, & Martin..because of them my music is prospering..Aye

(I prosper6)...I prosper through ever trial & every tribulation..(I prosper3) through all of my stresses, (I prosper3) through all of my sadness, (I prosper3) through all of the depression,.. (I prosper3) through all of the drama.. (I prosper6)...I prosper when they said I wouldn't,..(I prosper3) when they said I couldn't.. (I prosper6)..when nobody ever even believe in me mane Yeah I still, prosper Yeah man..(I prosper3)..because I always believed in myself,.. (I prosper3) with me having hope Yeah.. (I prosper3) because my faith wouldn't let me fail again mane..Yeah..(I prosper6)..

(I gotta thank God.. Thank God..Imma thank God..Thank God,Yeah2)..mane..(thank you so much Father yeah2)..for always being there for me protecting me, keeping me strong & alive..Thank you so much Father..because of you.. (I prosper12)..
(Thank you so much God
2)..Thank you so..Thank you so much..Thank you so..Thank you so much..Heavenly Father.. Yeah, Aye..I gotta (Thank God2)..Imma (thank God2)..(everyday2)..Yeah..I gotta (thank God2)..(everyday2)..Imma (Thank God2)..everyday..

(Imma thank God, Thank God3)... Mane..Yeah..(I gotta thank God..Thank God3)..Thank you so much Father Yeah..Yeah I thank you so much Father, for protecting me, keeping me strong & alive..Yeah..Aye your so awesome.. Because of you (I prosper6)...Ohh..
(I prosper
Rockie Nov 2014
That one syllable of agreement
Look at it, isn't it pretty?
If I died, Mummy, would you cry?
If you slept, would you dream?
All in favor of war, say
Ston Poet Dec 2015
I wanna taste ya, I wanna take you away girl..(away from all the **** ****2)...all the **** ****..that you gotta (deal wit2) girl Yeah..(I wanna taste2)..I wanna (take you away girl2).(away from all the **** ****2)..all the **** ****..that you gotta (deal wit *2) girl Yeah..Just (deal wit me girl Yeah2)..(just deal wit me2)..(deal wit me2)..(just deal wit me2)..Shawty.. Yeah..

Deal with me girl so what's the deal girl, what is real girl..what is real love girl,..What is true...What's happening..What's up..wit me &  you..that's what's good.. Uhh, Young Ston Babygirl you need a soulja baby I'll be the  whole troop for you if you want me to..girl, I'm willing to do whatever I need to do for you, Yeah baby so..(you believe Dat
2)..Imma be there whenever you need me, best believe Dat Imma treat ya, how you supposed to be treated..(Yeah
You best believe girl2) believe best believe me. Yeah believe Dat..Uhh believe best believe girl, you best believe best believe me....(best believe Dat, Yeah you best believe girl2)..believe dat..
I won't tell you no lies baby..I will never cheat on ya..(you best believe Dat2)...believe me..Aye..Baby  Yeah..

(I wanna taste you, I wanna take you away girl
2)..away..(from all the **** ****,yeah2)...that you gotta deal wit..Uhh..,just (deal wit girl *2)...Yeah,.. You (best believe girl2)..I wanna taste you,..I wanna take you away girl..(away from all the **** ****2)..,that you gotta (deal wit2) me girl..(just deal wit me Yeah2)..Deal wit me girl...

I'll protect you like you my Louis Lane boo, baby Yeah believe dat, believe in me, Dat your heart won't be in pieces no more baby & if it is already baby I'll be a mechanic & fix it..forget them other worthless man, that you have been wit, I'll put them in their place, if you need me to, Babygirl Aye..Imma keep it real, Imma keep it gangsta wit you..You gone need me, best believe Dat, yeah best believe girl, baby Imma put it down on you daily,..every chance I get..Imma give you love baby..Yeah true love girl..Imma have you screaming, Imma have you moaning, like "Young Ston you the man, like "**** Daddy you the best ..I ever had".. Uhh..Yeah I know dat already baby..girl just take this **** yeah, take it all in like some good kush babygirl, don't exhale it, just let the good smoke marinate  in yo mind & yo lungs for 30 seconds, then cough it all out..

Aye Shawty being wit like being in another dimension baby being wit me is a new reality, Aye..Its another universal feeling being wit me girl , you (best believe Dat..
2)..I ain't like another man, they so regular that's so unoriginal, & I ain't even tryna spitt no player **** to you, I'm rhyming from my heart girl, Yeah this song was written  deep down  from my soul girl..I really love you girl..This song is only dedicated to (you2), know who you are , You my (boo,2)..You so sweet, you my favorite candy, girl..Oo..Oo.., (best believe Dat2) my only woman too..Oo..Oo.
It's just (you
2)..the only one dat I think about, its just (you2)..the one when I fall asleep, I dream about (you2..)..Aye & when I wake up  Im still thinking about (you2)..(just you2)..

I lust after you..& only (you2) all I really care for girl.. (Yeah you2)..(just you,Yeah2)..
I  adore..(you
2)..girl Yeah..Yeah..just (you2)
Best believe it's just..(you
2)..(just you2) on my mind so much Shawty..,I'm so crazy in love wit you..****, I gotta put a ring on you soon, when I find ya best believe dat..(you best believe girl2) best believe.. (Yeah2)..Best believe me, best believe (Dat2)..

I wanna taste you..Yeah..I wanna take you (away girl2)..(away from all the fucc ****2)..Yeah..from...(all the **** ****2)..that you gotta (deal wit2) wit me wit me Yeah...just (deal wit me,girl2)..(deal wit me2)..,you best believe girl..,(deal wit me girl2)..(deal wit me2)..,you best believe girl..,(deal wit me3)..girl, Yeah you best believe girl, you best believe, (deal wit me..3)
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Young Ston *****, The young ****** Disciple, (keep ya eyes peeled, dawg2)..Keep yo eyes peeled. Uhh..Keep yo eyes open (at all times2)..Keep ya eyes peeled dawg, Aye..Keep yo eyes open (at all times2)..Yo

I'm trying get outta this struggle I been in for so long dawg, I gotta put that work in tho, I gotta work hard dawg, I gotta get up off my *** & I gotta go out & get it for show , & (Imma  go hard
3)..(these demons won't stop me2)..Uhh, (gotta keep yo eyes peeled dawg2)...yo, these ****** & ******* (will cross you2)..So you gotta keep ya eyes open (at all times2) (gotta keep yo eyes peeled dawg2)..Yeah (keep yo eyes peeled dawg2)..these ***** ******.. (They plotting2)..these ***** *******..(stay stalking2) keep yo eyes open (at all times2)..gotta (keep yo eyes peeled dawg3)..(Yeah2)..Keep yo eyes open (at all times2)
(keep yo eyes peeled2)..Yo

My eyes peeled at all times man,yo Cuhz, its alot of evil out here that wanna take control of me but I won't let em, I got the remote control homie,no Adam ******* but I push my own buttons mane, I gotta keep praying up to God constantly daily mane, (God got me
2)..God got the whole family, OFTR mane, ***** we all eating ***** we straight, (Aye2)..I gotta keep my eyes peeled mane, I gotta keep my eyes open at all times no sleep..

The government dun made me a target now mane.., so I gotta keep my eyes open, & ears clean dude..Uhh, gotta keep my eyes peeled homie these ***** ****** fear me, & they hate on me so much, they so scared of me dawg, Imma weapon of mass destruction mane, I'm more dangerous than the wilderness, I'm more dangerous than a nuclear bomb mane, Yeah Imma terrorist, A extremist, A fanatic, I'm so radical, Yeah man I'm starting a revolution up soon so beware, America ..
Aye my goon ******  don't be scared just join  wit me & let's have some fun ******* **** up, dude,..

(Aye I gotta keep my eyes peeled
2)...gotta keep my eyes open at all times now man.., Yeah, gotta keep my eyes peeled all day everyday, gotta keep my eyes peeled mane these ******* just want (my cake2)..they just wanna (take2)..untill I'm broke again, Shawty,.. Uhh, put a rubber on young ***** don't  be stupid, think wiser & smarter, I don't care how good the ***** looks mane, If you don't play yo cards right then there will be problems,Aye..real talk dawg

& Watch who you hang around Cuhz, these ****** is undercover cops Yeah..They snitching, Yeah them **** Informants be out here looking for trouble, so you better watch who you buy drugs from, &  watch who you talking on the phone wit too partner, Cuhz the FBI, is bugging all of us  Yeah, but **** em we still thugging..we still rebels no matter what..OFTR Yeah..Uhh

These racist cops keep killing my brothers , these busters , they don't give a **** about taking food outta a childs mouth..*******..
So you better keep yo eyes peeled dawg, Yeah (watch out..2)

My young ***** stay on the long narrow route, Yeah it's gonna be alot of times when you feel depressed sad & impatient, just keep waiting, but while you waiting hustle smater not harder & keep scheming dawg,..Yeah..
Aye gotta (keep yo eyes peeled dawg
2)..yeah its alot of  evil (out here2)..that will cross ya,..Uhh, so (keep yo eyes peeled dawg2)..keep yo eyes open (at all times2)..Cuhz, these demons out here will cross ya..yep..they will cross you..(Ohh2)...Uhh

Gotta (keep yo eyes peeled dawg2)!/its alot of haters out here , **** they will even try infiltrating in yo watch out ..Uhh , (you better watch out2)..who rolling the blunt up too, they might lace that **** dawg, these ******* so jealous, they mad for nothing , man **** they might even try to first 48 yo ***, I'm just spitting game man, You gotta keep watch out, you gotta (keep yo eyes peeled2) *****, Cuhz..Imma say a prayer for all of the (real ******2)....Psalm 23: verse 4..Uhh

Even though we walk through the darkest valley, we will fear no evil, for The Heavenly Father is with us all, Jesus Christ is our protector & our saviour, his rod & staff comfort us..Amen.

OFTR keep yo eyes open..
Keep yo eyes peeled up in these streets mane..Aye
I gotta keep my eyes peeled homie,
I know these busters our here (wanna **** me*3)..
Ston Poet Jan 2016
You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything.. You could be, can be anything..Uhh,Yeah..(You could be..You-can-be-anything2)..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just put yo mind to it dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just (put yo mind to it..2)..Yeah..Yeah,you-can-bee..anything.. Yeah you could be..Yeah you can be anything.. put yo mind too it dude..( can bee2)..anything...(Yeah you could be2)..(Yeah you can be anything2)..just put yo mind too it dude...Yeah put yo mind to it dawg..Cuhz, (Yeah, you can be2)..anything, just (put yo mind to it2) yeah dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..Yeah..(you can be anything, Yeah2)..just..(put yo mind to it dawg,Uhh,Yeah,Aye2)..Cuhz,..(Yeah you can be2)..anything..Uhh

So let them busters & clowns joan they don't know what's best for you,Noo, they just jeaslous they just wanna be you, Yeah they don't know..(nothing2) *****,There's no right or wrongs, its just opinions..Uhh, so **** em,Yeah **** em lil one stay strong.. My lil one stand tall, my lil one work hard at what you want, because my lil one you can ball..Yeah, when life gets tough & stressful, don't give up at all, just pray to God, even when life is feeling good, you still gotta pray & Thank him, be grateful of your opportunities that come & always keep yo eyes open & peeled because these haters be watching & they gotta alot of demons in their spirit, controlling they mind..
So they will try some ignorant dumb ****, just cause they hate They own life, & take yours so be mindful..real talk..Uhh

Rest in peace Lil Snupe,..R.I.P Chinx & Doe B too..Yeah life is rougher for a real one, especially when the world population is filled wit rat & snake *** ******, ****, Imma just stay strapped up like a lesbian, or Armageddon is tomorrow,Uhh..**** the evils of this world, Noo I won't bow down too em, Imma OFTR Soulja, so that means I'm ready for whatever man, Imma always speak my mind dawg, you can hate it but most respect it because it's blessing, real talk..Yeah..
Ayo, Imma always stay true to myself man, no I ain't nothing like these Devil worshiping faggets,Naw man..Uhh, yall fans of the wrong agenda, ,they selfish, they all some backstabbers.. like Judas..
Yeah, you could be anything ,that you wanna be, but don't try to be like them,man, these ***** made, so called entertainers distracting us from Satans plan of controlling this planet man, they thinking its all fun & games now homie untill they get terminated on judgement day when Jesus comes for all of the real ones, I'll bet they'll be regretting while they burning up in the pit of non stop falling...
so just aim to be yoself man, Yeah,Yeah because Yeah man..

You could be..(Yeah you could be
2)..anything.. You could be, can be anything..Uhh,Yeah..(You could be..You-can-be-anything2)..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just put yo mind to it dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just (put yo mind to it..2)..Yeah..Yeah,you-can-bee..anything.. Yeah you could be..Yeah you can be anything.. put yo mind too it dude..( can bee2)..anything...(Yeah you could be2)..(Yeah you can be anything2)..just put yo mind too it dude...Yeah put yo mind to it dawg..Cuhz, (Yeah, you can be2)..anything, just (put yo mind to it2) yeah dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..Yeah..(you can be anything, Yeah2)..just..(put yo mind to it dawg,Uhh,Yeah,Aye2)..Cuhz,..(Yeah you can be2)..anything..Uhh

My ***** do what you wanna do dawg,Yeah do whatever pleases your heart, ***** you can go far, just put yo mind to it dawg, stay focusing my *****, don't  stop, don't ever let no ***** *** hater block yo shine run they *** over if they get in the way...Like Ray Lewis would do, Yeah **.., ***** my offense, is my defense,too..Uhh,you gotta reach high like you picking up sativa plants from the ground,..Uhh
Yeah you gotta (reach high
2)..don't keep no fishy ****** or untrustworthy **'s around ya...stay by yoself if you have to & always stay down dawg, no matter how much the evil offers you..forget them earn yo own income,Yeah dawg climb your own mountain, & call up to God only ..Uhh

Yo dawg, digg this, I heard money brings alot of trouble & drama but that's only if you allow it too man, so don't think that way dawg stay indulging in the positive things living brings to you..Yo, do yo own thing my *****, Aye, don't worry about tomorrow, but think forward, yeah plan yo future out, don't be so simple minded dawg, be yoself at all times, don't follow others, Yeah be a leader my *****..Cuhz, you can be anything, Yeah you can be anything that you want dawg,..believe in the words of this song, my ***** this is more than rap or a poem, this is scriptures, Yeah you gotta always have faith & hope, believe in yo self if nobody else won't..Uhh

***** you gotta..(dream4)..,my ***** you gotta..(believe3)...*****,Aye always keep (thinking3)..about who you wanna be..(Yeah2)..forget the haters put em underneath ya, man they just ***** they don't got nothing else better to do than make yo life miserable but you are way stronger than they are..I said ***** reach for the stars..reach high..(Yeah2)..because you can be anything , Yeah dawg, Yeah.. You can be anything..(Yeah4)...(you can be anything2)...that you want..
Dream..Believe...(Dream & believe
3)..,put yo mind to it  dawg..Yeah
/you gotta..(Dream & believe2)../2
Cuhz, you can be anything that you put yo mind to mane..(Yeah2)..Aye

So let them suckers say what they wanna say about ya, **** em all & go get yo paper,prove them lames wrong my *****, stay in yo zone *****..Uhh, you don't need no friends, you don't need a **, all you need is God & yoself dawg,you gotta stay strong, you gotta believe Yeah you gotta dream, Yeah you gotta believe, Yeah you gotta..(dream
Because you can be anything,..Yeah, Cuhz, you can be anything Yeah you can be anything.. (You gotta dream3)..,Yeah put yo mind to it mane..Aye..
(reach for the stars
2)..Yeah..(reach for the stars*2)..Yeah reach for the stars..dream big dawg
Yeah..Young Ston Poet..OFTR..Aye
jeffrey robin May 2015

( who else ? )

/ ) \
/ \

Softly now

                                         Only purest power

( gentleness  )            

•  •

   aye ( I )  aye

/ \
/ \



Beautiful bodies

( everyone )

Swayin in the sacred rhythm       of the one true song

Eyes are on fire

Hearts have come alive

aye  ( I )  aye

//         //

( who else ? )

Beautiful bodies

Writing themselves on the line

Can't hardly tell the difference

Between yours and mine
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,..Young Ston,..Uhh.
/(Ohh I3)..(want you2)..(just you2)..(Ohh I3)..I want you , just you/2
Just you..(Ohh I *3)..,(want you
2)..(Just you2)..(Ohh,Yeah2)..(Just you2)..(I want you3)..
(Ohh I2)..Ohh Yeah..(I want you2)..Ohh,Yeah..(Just you2)..Ohh..(I want you5)..(just you3)..girl, Yeah..(I want you girl3)..(I want you2)..& just you girl, (I want you2)..Yeah & (only you girl..Yeah2)..

You so beautiful, you so fresh, you so cute girl, Uhh..that's why I only want you girl, yeah.. Only you girl, Yeah just you girl...Aye you give me a different special feeling that I never ever felt before I met you girl..a feeling in my spirit, mind & heart Yeah..(Like Ohh I
3)..(want you3)..(Ohh Yeah2)..I'm really feeling you girl..girl you got me in my feelings baby, **** I might even shed a tear while I'm hitting God2)..(for you..2)(Ohh Yeah2)..Uhh,Aye

I wanna feel yo insides, baby yeah I wanna fill you inside up with my love..Yeah you a good girl you tighter than a waist trainer on a big girl, you don't even need one, even tho you hella thick girl..yeah you super thick girl like Amber Rose.. like (got ****
2)..Yeah..your body (so right3)..its banging like Baghdad,.. Like (Ohh Yeah3)..(I want you3)..Uhh, Yeah..these other **'s stay bugging & running after me but..(Ohh I2)..(just want you2)..(Ohh Yeah3)..(Ohh I 3)..I want..(I want you, just you3) Yeah..Uhh

So give me dat *** Babygirl Yeah,  don't make me ask baby..don't  make me beg & if you do make me then Imma just go harder while I'm in you & make it hurt even worser , Yeah you gonna be so soar out,Ohh Yeah...I'll help you exercise I'll be yo trainer..,(Ohh Yeah3)
Don't play wit me baby.., I said take this ****,babygirl you the only person I'll let in my lane..but I'm the only one thats  doing the  park that ***** up on my ****..I'll be your provider..

Imma beat that *** up Yeah..of course, Aye Imma put Dat ***** in a hearse, Yeah that's what Imma do..(Ohh Yeah
3)..,yo ***** so good to me babygirl, so I had to dedicate this verse only to yo ***** yeah its so tight..Its so mean..its so sweet, Its so clean,like..(Ohh Yeah3)..Uhh..(I  want you3)..(Ohh Yeah3)..
Aye, Imma get you so high boo..(so high
3) Ohh yeah..Ohh I, want you, Aye baby everytime, when I look (at you2)..I'm so grateful & thankful to have you, you a blessing to me Yeah girl.., So Imma bless you..(Fo life3)..(no lie3)
Ohh,(Yeah girl you so amazing

I wanna taste ya, I wanna take ya away girl, Away from (all the **** ****2)..that you (deal wit2) me Shawty, you ain't gonna remember any other man, that you ever had..**** em, forget baby real ****, leave them in the past..Uhh,
Noo I ain't desperate for you boo, but yeah, I do want you..(I want you2) & only you..Yeah I..(want you2)..Yeah..Uhh
I wanna eat yo *** up, just like a ice cream cone Babygirl,.. (Come on2)..Babygirl.. Imma throw some whip cream down on ya, & Imma go to work on that ****, forget them lips Babygirl,..Imma make you (tingle3)..Uhh,.Imma make you (sprinkle3) best believe me girl, Yeah I'm so g girl, Imma King girl,yeah, you can be my queen girl,my queen (yeah2) gangsta boo..
Ayo,what up, What's good Gangsta Boo, Ayo,I need me a trill *** down chick like that dude, she get up on a track wit me & spit Dat real **** that **** a ***** **** , Yeah (that gangsta ****3)..mane..Yeah I need (a gangsta chick3)..Ohh Yeah..

(Ohh I 3)..want you, I want you,..(Ohh I2)..(want you2)..(Ohh I2)..want you,..(I want you3)..
(Ohh I
5)..want you..(I want you3)..(Ohh I6)..want you, just you..(Ohh Yeah3)..Aye

You can twist my **** up, baby..girl come kick back relax &  chill with a ***** thats so unbelievable girl, Imma keep g & Imma keep it real with ya..Yeah, ain't nothing made up about me baby **** pleather, Im comparable to real leather, so expensive, but I'm giving you a special bargain, baby Yeah..Noo, I ain't on that **** ****, & I ain't no captain save a ** shawty, but you so delicate, you the definition of class Yeah.. You (a real woman
2)..,that's why..(I want you3)(I want you yeah2)..(just you baby2).. Yeah (only you girl..2)..just you..Uhh
I'll come to your rescue, when ever you need me to girl,baby, I'll give you your every want & need (Yeah2)..I'll protect you from these **** boys..I'll be (yo hero Yeah2)..girl you can be my biggest fan, I'll give you a special VIP pass, baby you can be my best friend..Uhh..Yeah baby let's get married & have kids , I promise to be there for you, I'll hold you down, no more crying girl, at all.., baby we can ride (to the end2)..Uhh..Ohh Yeah..

(Ohh I
2)..want you, you so fine, you so fly, you just you, Baby I love it when after we make love then cuddle together so bearable, you so unique, Yeah I wanna share my life & happiness with you & only you baby...Yeah
(Ohh I2)..want you..(I want you3)..(Ohh I3)..
(I want you *3)..(Ohh I
6)..Young Ston

(Yeah *****..*2)..Yeah..Uhh..
Ston Poet..
I want you.....
Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh..(Yeah2)..I'm feeling this one man,..Uhh..(Yeah man6)..burn up & listen Yeah man..Uhh

/This for (my ****** Disciples2)/2..
Yeah this (for my2) (My ****** Disciple ******3)..
/Yeah This is for (my ****** Disciples *****2)/2
(Yeah This is for my ****** Disciples2).. Yeah. for my ****** Disciples..Yeah..(my ****** Disciples2)..yeah..This is for all of (my ****** Disciple ******3)..yeah..This is (for my ****** Disciples2)..yeah This is (for all of my ****** Disciple ******2)..Yeah (my ****** Disciple ******2)...Uhh
(We mobbing2)..Yeah *****,..(we mobbing4)..Uhh, This is for my ****** Disciple ******,Yeah..(we mobbing4)..Uhh, This is for my ****** Disciple ******, Yeah..(we mobbing3)..Yeah we mobbing.. Yeah ***** (we mobbing3)..(***** we mobbing2)..Yeah
(we mobbing..2)

Yeah ***** we mobbing..we robbing Uncle Sam, for all of his loot homie, forget being a Uncle Tom *** ***** mane,..(we mobbing
3)..,Yeah ***** we Thugging, Uhh, we standing tall man, yeah ***** (we mobbing..3)
We doing whatever we want ***** (Yeah
2)..for real man,..Uhh..I'm one of the realest rappers that's still here my *****, it seems like all of my real ones getting killed, disappearing, or leaving the game, I guess they time what's up like Kobes, no disrespect to none of the ogs, I gotta give thanks because they all paved the way for a younging like me to rise above all of the fakes..

OFTR we rising up mane, like grass that hasn't been cut for weeks, Aye,..(I'm wit all of my ****** Disciples2) ****** Disciple ******, & we disturbing the peace, & killing stages every city we in ..Aye Al Capone, We just being gangsters yeah,..Like a real gangsta I move in silence my *****, **** having friends,.. I don't talk to nobody, I got too much dope to sell  man..Noo I can't trust too many of these ******* & ****** these days, they all look like snakes dawg.. & They been shedding tryna blend in, but I see right through all of that fake fucc ****..Yeah

I know that these **** boys been plotting to rob me, Ayo they better not rob me, if they know whats best foe em mane..then Yeah they better not try it, Noo, they don't like me, no they don't gotta like me but yall ******* will respect me tho,..& that's Fo sure, Fo sho,..Noo them demons won't stop me, they can't hurt me..,I'm protected by the Grace of Jesus, Thanks,.. Aye..
Why y'all hating,all of you ignorant ******* can learn something from me homie..just (pay attention

Don't trust nobody2
Nobody at all mane, because these ***** *** ****** will sacrifice yo *** for the money just like P.Diddy did to Biggie, just like Suge Knight did to Pac mane..Uhh..
I had to take my shades off so I could see clearly , mentally, Uhh, Lyrically, I'm killing thee Occultic wicked ways that has been introduced into hip hop mane, literally, I dugged up some graves & learned from the best,..Aye I'm the best physically..My mentality is helping my ****** out,not just getting to the money forget being selfish when we can all become rich & legends.. Uhh

Aye,Yeah, roll up that dank my ***** & get paid , man money  ain't everything my *****, Ayo I remember I didn't even pay bills, mane I usta to just sit around my mama house imaginating, & rhyme all day, people said I wasn't doing nothing but being lazy *****, people said I wasn't ever gonna amount to nothing *****, but they didn't know Yeah, they didn't know that I had alot dope, ***** that George Jung, Yeah I had that dope,, & I was getting high off of my own supply, choking, that **** was so different & potent, so I always knew that deep down inside  that somebody mind would fall in line wit OFTR AGENDA, Yeah..Uhh

I'm wit my ****** Disciples *****,..(Yeah *****, we mobbing
2)..(we mobbing*2)..mobbing, This is for all of my ****** Disciple ******, Yeah, This is for my ****** Disciples *****, Aye, OFTR Yeah we mobbing like the 50s *****, Uhh..(I'm so ready *2)..for whatever..
This is for my ****** Disciples..Yeah
The ****** Disciples my *****.
Let's mob man..Uhh
poetrylover17 Dec 2014
One day we will recover
And time will erase time
One day u will discover
One day you'll shine
You'll learn to trust the world again
you'll learn to let go
Dance freely in the rain
hope for A non-boring tomorrow.

Let the past go finger by finger,
You'll make it hurt, but alive.
The memories wont hurt when u remember.
You'll learn to live rather than survive.

Its upto u to make the change,
Because people will come n people will go.
Nothin will ever remain the same
Dwelling in the past will hurt u more.

In the end nothing will matter,
Except for the memories u share.
Because people u Love may leave,
but wen u need them they will Somehow be there.

You'll learn to be urslf again
Smile a lil more.
life is free, do as u please.
Adventure is waitin at ur door.

you'll realize u dont need the wands or magic
For The sparkle , the fairy dust is already there.
Life in ur hands is a journey,a voyage,
Let go of the past n sail without a care.

You're the captain of the ship,
the vast sea is all yours.
Take a chance n taste different fishes,
fear not,the past,the future will never be lost.

You'll see when u open your heart n let all the memories flow,
You'll realize,your THE captain jack ayesha-o.
U can make life as crazy as u can,
these memories will One day make u glow.
You'll Stop searching for the same safe land.
One day you'll realize all u needed was a new telescope.

Where ever u may set sail to.
no matter what changes or happens
remember,ur crew will b right beside u.
Their voices forever ringing
"aye aye captain"
Dedicated to my sister, Aisha.
Alex Oct 2019
Here is a little short story
Of a mans accusatory
tendency toward one other
In a manner rather pother

We will call the first one "Jay"
And call second one "Aye"
Jay was starting to become certain
Aye hid secrets behind closed curtians

Jay says Aye had slept with his girl
Aye told Jay please don't make me earl
This was not truth Jay was confused
Just a fantasy drugs had induced

For a few long months they were head to head
Aye wakes to a text in the middle of the night
Saying I wish you were dead
Reads and gets mad, now he is ready to fight

Aye was upset and jumped in his car
Started towards Jay's house but he didn't get far
Fell asleep at the wheel and he overcorrected
Hits a tree, flipped nine times before being ejected

No seatbelt had been worn
it was the perfect storm
Going eighty in a forty
Should have turned him in to mincemeat

Ruptured discs
broken ribs
Collapsed lungs
But still lived

Jay had felt no remorse
Still suspicious of course
Aye knew the crash was his own fault
He should've put anger to a halt

Now Aye tries only to be kind
And keep Jay's problem his in mind
Hoping one day it'll be again informal
But it has continued to be abnormal

That was a year ago and sad to say
This story is true by the way
Jay still makes false claims about Aye til this day
Here's the worst part I'm Aye, my Uncle is Jay

Matloob Bokhari Oct 2014
Matloob Bokhari

Come, aye Come!
O the beauty of heaven!
Night in richly coloured dress is welcoming, come!
O the glory of stars!
Night stars like diamonds are welcoming, come!
O the ornament of moon!
In your absence, bright moon is welcoming,
O the queen of sky!
Scented air in night freshness is welcoming, come!
O the north polar star!
Moth orbiting round light has utterly consumed
Without form or body, is a part of beauty, come!
O the queen of light!
Carol of birds is playing melody sweet in tune.
My heart beating; cold callous gust started blowing.

Deep in darkness, I am all-alone, weak, weary and dreary
Night has rolled hours away; moist has dampened my heart.
Come, aye come!!
Come,Aye come!

Barbara Wühr Yes that's the influence -  Matloob-  "priest of the moon"... Your love poem is in the heart of those who can see and feel...
Jordan Hudson Sep 2018
Look over there, who made that sound
Flames shooting, revving up to that rhythm
Check that out, who's gonna win this ground
Think you could use that algorithm
Power, sound, looks and all
Makes a car what it's worth here
Take over lots at the mall
Race each other, like a road buccaneer
Keep up with the V6 that could
Go to the end of that neighborhood
Rice uncooked can never go far
You'll blow your engine in your fake tuner car
Lose your license before next meet
Enjoy riding in the baby's car seat
You drive like an old man or soccer mom lost in her van
Or a school bus driver on icy roads or a dino driving cave man
Could you go a little faster, I have a short attention span
Seriously, you have got to be kidding me
The gas pedal is the one on the right
I'm not trying to sit here and drink a cup of tea
I'm trying to get going and get back home tonight
How could one be this freaking slow
Is this some kind of really annoying joke
I can't take this anymore, just get me home
Let's move, faster than this
Let's go, accelerate already
You aren't dismissed
There is a speed limit, just keep it faster but steady
My old granny can drive faster this, stick to the
plan, get ready
How about you drive like a businessman
That is late to work driving to New York
Office job with a bossy manager fatter than pork
Who sits at her desk with a beef patty stuck on her fork
Give it up and stuff her mouth with a old nasty cork (aye, aye, aye, aye)
Keeps on eating every single day, she would be the one to bring down Santa's sleigh midway to West Coast bay to deliver some kids toys with so much delay that he cries as he looks up in the sky while Santa isn't there yet with his supply but if you magnify the sky you can still see him all the way in Shanghai all because of this fatty bringing down a sleigh, make way for this large celestial body as it crash lands upon the new airports runway
Look over there, who made that sound
Flames shooting, revving up to that rhythm
Check that out, who's gonna win this ground
Think you could use that algorithm
Power, sound, looks and all
Makes a car what it's worth here
Take over lots at the mall
Race each other, like a road buccaneer
Keep up with the V6 that could
Go to end of that neighborhood
Rice uncooked can never go far
You'll blow your engine in your fake tuner car
Lose your license before next meet
Enjoy riding in your babies seat
Flames shooting, revving up to that rhythm
Check that out, who's gonna win this ground
Think you could use that algorithm
Power, sound, looks and all
Makes a car what it's worth here
Take over lots at the mall
Race each other, like a road buccaneer
Keep up with the V6 that could
Go to end of that neighborhood
Rice uncooked can never go far
You'll blow your engine in your fake tuner car
Lose your license before next meet
Enjoy riding in the babies car seat
About car meets and Christmas, just a big joke poem
Ston Poet Dec 2015
/Uhh, Lil Mama.. (Stop playing around wit Dat2)/2
Lil mama stop playing around wit Dat *****,..girl(give it to me2) girl..just give it..(to me2)..Yeah you got a man, but he won't ******* like I will, Noo, he can't treat you like I can,yo, Yeah, so stop playing around Lil Mama,..(stop playing wit that *****3).., Aye, Lil Mama stop playing around with (that *****3)..

/Uhh, stop playing wit that *****, stop playing around wit Dat *****,..(stop playing wit Dat3)..*****/2..
Uhh, Yeah you gotta man, but he won't  ******* I will,..Uhh

Yeah you gotta man, but he can't ******* (like I can2).. Aye,..Uhh,..he don't treat you right so Babygirl why you with his lame ***..(girl,..let me get that *****,Yeah3), Aye, Yeah you gotta man,..forget his ***, leave him at the curb like garbage.., he won't treat you like I can, Noo he won't ******* like I will, (Noo, he can't..2)..beat it up like me..(Noo, he can't..2) I can baby

Uhh, (stop playing wit that *****3)...(give it to me, *3) me..Aye
/(stop playing wit that *****
3)..lil mama/2
Girl let me have it, Yeah
Baby let me get it

Yeah you gotta man, but he can't ******* (like I can
2).. Aye,..Uhh,..he don't treat you right so Babygirl why you with his lame ***..(girl,..let me get that *****,Yeah3), Aye, Yeah you gotta man,..forget his ***, leave him at the curb like garbage.., he won't treat you like I can, Noo he won't ******* like I will, (Noo, he can't..2)..beat it up like me..(Noo, he can't..2)..but  I can baby

Uhh, Lil mama stop being so depressed, stop being so sad, why you so mad, you wouldn't be like that if your chilling wit me..real ****,for real baby, Yeah, need to stop..(stop playing wit that *****
2)..(let me kiss it2)..,Yeah , Baby you can lay across my chest, while I smoke on a doobie, Shawty you don't even gotta inhale it, second hand smoke yeah, Shawty, let me enter in ya..Yeah
Uhh,..just being around me is an natural high baby,..(I'm not gone play around
2)..wit yo feelings, Imma play wit that *****, Babygirl, let me play wit (Dat *****2)..ain't no fussing daily, wit me, Noo baby, we just making love (all day2) (so2)..(stop playing wit that *****2)..give it to me..,(stop playing wit dat *****3)..give it up baby,to me..stop playing around baby,..

Imma (beat it up
2) like eggs in the morning, Imma (eat it up,2).. like a cookie,Shawty you don't gotta have a nasty attitude all the time, ****, stop playing wit that *****,stop holding back from me, I just wanna make you smile, Uhh, I wanna make you moan baby, so stop messing around, come on baby, what's wrong (baby2)'s that **** ***** you be wit, you act like you love him, but you don't need him, you need (a real g3)..a (***** like me2)..for real baby,..So (why you playing2)..(stop ******* around now baby2)..girl, stop ******* around wit me..Ohh, ahh, Ohhwoah..Uhh..

Imma give you my all Fo sho, we gone ball Babygirl,  Imma give you everything that you want & that you need, for real..(baybe2)..what yo heart truly desires is a real *****, like Young Ston, baby, (come on2)..bring that ***** to my home..Ohh, ahh, Ohhwoah..Uhh..
Babygirl, (stop playing wit Dat *****3)..Uhh, need to (stop it2)..stop playing, wit Dat *****, come on & (give it too a real g2)..Uhh..

/(stop playing
2)..wit that *****/2
Ohhwoah, BabyGirl.. (Give it to me
3)..forget that ***** you been wit, **** him,, leave his ***..(give it too me*2) me
An evening all aglow with summer light
And autumn colour—fairest of the year.

The wheat-fields, crowned with shocks of tawny gold,
All interspersed with rough sowthistle roots,
And interlaced with white convolvulus,
Lay, flecked with purple shadows, in the sun.
The shouts of little children, gleaning there
The scattered ears and wild blue-bottle flowers—
Mixed with the corn-crake's crying, and the song
Of lone wood birds whose mother-cares were o'er,
And with the whispering rustle of red leaves—
Scarce stirred the stillness. And the gossamer sheen
Was spread on upland meadows, silver bright
In low red sunshine and soft kissing wind—
Showing where angels in the night had trailed
Their garments on the turf. Tall arrow-heads,
With flag and rush and fringing grasses, dropped
Their seeds and blossoms in the sleepy pool.
The water-lily lay on her green leaf,
White, fair, and stately; while an amorous branch
Of silver willow, drooping in the stream,
Sent soft, low-babbling ripples towards her:
And oh, the woods!—erst haunted with the song
Of nightingales and tender coo of doves—
They stood all flushed and kindling 'neath the touch
Of death—kind death!—fair, fond, reluctant death!—
A dappled mass of glory!
With russet wood-fruit thick upon the ground,
'Mid crumpled ferns and delicate blue harebells.
The orchard-apples rolled in seedy grass—
Apples of gold, and violet-velvet plums;
And all the tangled hedgerows bore a crop
Of scarlet hips, blue sloes, and blackberries,
And orange clusters of the mountain ash.
The crimson fungus and soft mosses clung
To old decaying trunks; the summer bine
Drooped, shivering, in the glossy ivy's grasp.
By day the blue air bore upon its wings
Wide-wandering seeds, pale drifts of thistle-down;
By night the fog crept low upon the earth,
All white and cool, and calmed its feverishness,
And veiled it over with a veil of tears.

The curlew and the plover were come back
To still, bleak shores; the little summer birds
Were gone—to Persian gardens, and the groves
Of Greece and Italy, and the palmy lands.

A Norman tower, with moss and lichen clothed,
Wherein old bells, on old worm-eaten frames
And rusty wheels, had swung for centuries,
Chiming the same soft chime—the lullaby
Of cradled rooks and blinking bats and owls;
Setting the same sweet tune, from year to year,
For generations of true hearts to sing.
A wide churchyard, with grassy slopes and nooks,
And shady corners and meandering paths;
With glimpses of dim windows and grey walls
Just caught at here and there amongst the green
Of flowering shrubs and sweet lime-avenues.
An old house standing near—a parsonage-house—
With broad thatched roof and overhanging eaves,
O'errun with banksia roses,—a low house,
With ivied windows and a latticed porch,
Shut in a tiny Paradise, all sweet
With hum of bees and scent of mignonette.

We lay our lazy length upon the grass
In that same Paradise, my friend and I.
And, as we lay, we talked of college days—
Wild, racing, hunting, steeple-chasing days;
Of river reaches, fishing-grounds, and weirs,
Bats, gloves, debates, and in-humanities:
And then of boon-companions of those days,
How lost and scattered, married, changed, and dead;
Until he flung his arm across his face,
And feigned to slumber.
He was changed, my friend;
Not like the man—the leader of his set—
The favourite of the college—that I knew.
And more than time had changed him. He had been
“A little wild,” the Lady Alice said;
“A little gay, as all young men will be
At first, before they settle down to life—
While they have money, health, and no restraint,
Nor any work to do,” Ah, yes! But this
Was mystery unexplained—that he was sad
And still and thoughtful, like an aged man;
And scarcely thirty. With a winsome flash,
The old bright heart would shine out here and there;
But aye to be o'ershadowed and hushed down,

As he had hushed it now.
His dog lay near,
With long, sharp muzzle resting on his paws,
And wistful eyes, half shut,—but watching him;
A deerhound of illustrious race, all grey
And grizzled, with soft, wrinkled, velvet ears;
A gaunt, gigantic, wolfish-looking brute,
And worth his weight in gold.
“There, there,” said he,
And raised him on his elbow, “you have looked
Enough at me; now look at some one else.”

“You could not see him, surely, with your arm
Across your face?”
“No, but I felt his eyes;
They are such sharp, wise eyes—persistent eyes—
Perpetually reproachful. Look at them;
Had ever dog such eyes?”
“Oh yes,” I thought;
But, wondering, turned my talk upon his breed.
And was he of the famed Glengarry stock?
And in what season was he entered? Where,
Pray, did he pick him up?
He moved himself
At that last question, with a little writhe
Of sudden pain or restlessness; and sighed.
And then he slowly rose, pushed back the hair
From his broad brows; and, whistling softly, said,
“Come here, old dog, and we will tell him. Come.”

“On such a day, and such a time, as this,
Old Tom and I were stalking on the hills,
Near seven years ago. Bad luck was ours;
For we had searched up corrie, glen, and burn,
From earliest daybreak—wading to the waist
Peat-rift and purple heather—all in vain!
We struck a track nigh every hour, to lose
A noble quarry by ignoble chance—
The crowing of a grouse-****, or the flight
Of startled mallards from a reedy pool,
Or subtle, hair's breadth veering of the wind.
And now 'twas waning sunset—rosy soft

On far grey peaks, and the green valley spread
Beneath us. We had climbed a ridge, and lay
Debating in low whispers of our plans
For night and morning. Golden eagles sailed
Above our heads; the wild ducks swam about

Amid the reeds and rushes of the pools;
A lonely heron stood on one long leg
In shallow water, watching for a meal;
And there, to windward, couching in the grass
That fringed the blue edge of a sleeping loch—
Waiting for dusk to feed and drink—there lay
A herd of deer.
“And as we looked and planned,
A mountain storm of sweeping mist and rain
Came down upon us. It passed by, and left
The burnies swollen that we had to cross;
And left us barely light enough to see
The broad, black, branching antlers, clustering still
Amid the long grass in the valley.

Said Tom, ‘there is a shealing down below,
To leeward. We might bivouac there to-night,
And come again at dawn.’
“And so we crept
Adown the glen, and stumbled in the dark
Against the doorway of the keeper's home,
And over two big deerhounds—ancestors
Of this our old companion. There was light
And warmth, a welcome and a heather bed,
At Colin's cottage; with a meal of eggs
And fresh trout, broiled by dainty little hands,
And sweetest milk and oatcake. There were songs
And Gaelic legends, and long talk of deer—
Mixt with a sweet, low laughter, and the whir
Of spinning-wheel.
“The dogs lay at her feet—
The feet of Colin's daughter—with their soft
Dark velvet ears pricked up for every sound
And movement that she made. Right royal brutes,
Whereon I gazed with envy.
“ ‘What,’ I asked,
‘Would Colin take for these?’
“ ‘Eh, sir,’ said he,
And shook his head, ‘I cannot sell the dogs.
They're priceless, they, and—Jeanie's favourites.
But there's a litter in the shed—five pups,
As like as peas to this one. You may choose
Amongst them, sir—take any that you like.
Get us the lantern, Jeanie. You shall show
The gentleman.’
“Ah, she was fair, that girl!

Not like the other lassies—cottage folk;
For there was subtle trace of gentle blood
Through all her beauty and in all her ways.
(The mother's race was ‘poor and proud,’ they said).
Ay, she was fair, my darling! with her shy,
Brown, innocent face and delicate-shapen limbs.
She had the tenderest mouth you ever saw,
And grey, dark eyes, and broad, straight-pencill'd brows;
Dark hair, sun-dappled with a sheeny gold;
Dark chestnut braids that knotted up the light,
As soft as satin. You could scarcely hear
Her step, or hear the rustling of her gown,
Or the soft hovering motion of her hands
At household work. She seemed to bring a spell
Of tender calm and silence where she came.
You felt her presence—and not by its stir,
But by its restfulness. She was a sight
To be remembered—standing in the straw;
A sleepy pup soft-cradled in her arms
Like any Christian baby; standing still,
The while I handled his ungainly limbs.
And Colin blustered of the sport—of hounds,
Roe, ptarmigan, and trout, and ducal deer—
Ne'er lifting up that sweet, unconscious face,
To see why I was silent. Oh, I would
You could have seen her then. She was so fair,
And oh, so young!—scarce seventeen at most—
So ignorant and so young!
“Tell them, my friend—
Your flock—the restless-hearted—they who scorn
The ordered fashion fitted to our race,
And scoff at laws they may not understand—
Tell them that they are fools. They cannot mate
With other than their kind, but woe will come
In some shape—mostly shame, but always grief
And disappointment. Ah, my love! my love!
But she was different from the common sort;
A peasant, ignorant, simple, undefiled;
The child of rugged peasant-parents, taught
In all their thoughts and ways; yet with that touch
Of tender grace about her, softening all
The rougher evidence of her lowly state—
That undefined, unconscious dignity—
That delicate instinct for the reading right
The riddles of less simple minds than hers—
That sharper, finer, subtler sense of life—
That something which does not possess a name,

Which made her beauty beautiful to me—
The long-lost legacy of forgotten knights.

“I chose amongst the five fat creeping things
This rare old dog. And Jeanie promised kind
And gentle nurture for its infant days;
And promised she would keep it till I came
Another year. And so we went to rest.
And in the morning, ere the sun was up,
We left our rifles, and went out to run
The browsing red-deer with old Colin's hounds.
Through glen and bog, through brawling mountain streams,
Grey, lichened boulders, furze, and juniper,
And purple wilderness of moor, we toiled,
Ere yet the distant snow-peak was alight.
We chased a hart to water; saw him stand
At bay, with sweeping antlers, in the burn.
His large, wild, wistful eyes despairingly
Turned to the deeper eddies; and we saw
The choking struggle and the bitter end,
And cut his gallant throat upon the grass,
And left him. Then we followed a fresh track—
A dozen tracks—and hunted till the noon;
Shot cormorants and wild cats in the cliffs,
And snipe and blackcock on the ferny hills;
And set our floating night-lines at the loch;—
And then came back to Jeanie.
“Well, you know
What follows such commencement:—how I found
The woods and corries round about her home
Fruitful of roe and red-deer; how I found
The grouse lay thickest on adjacent moors;
Discovered ptarmigan on rocky peaks,
And rare small game on birch-besprinkled hills,
O'ershadowing that rude shealing; how the pools
Were full of wild-fowl, and the loch of trout;
How vermin harboured in the underwood,
And rocks, and reedy marshes; how I found
The sport aye best in this charmed neighbourhood.
And then I e'en must wander to the door,
To leave a bird for Colin, or to ask
A lodging for some stormy night, or see
How fared my infant deerhound.
“And I saw
The creeping dawn unfolding; saw the doubt,
And faith, and longing swaying her sweet heart;
And every flow just distancing the ebb.

I saw her try to bar the golden gates
Whence love demanded egress,—calm her eyes,
And still the tender, sensitive, tell-tale lips,
And steal away to corners; saw her face
Grow graver and more wistful, day by day;
And felt the gradual strengthening of my hold.
I did not stay to think of it—to ask
What I was doing!
“In the early time,
She used to slip away to household work
When I was there, and would not talk to me;
But when I came not, she would climb the glen
In secret, and look out, with shaded brow,
Across the valley. Ay, I caught her once—
Like some young helpless doe, amongst the fern—
I caught her, and I kissed her mouth and eyes;
And with those kisses signed and sealed our fate
For evermore. Then came our happy days—
The bright, brief, shining days without a cloud!
In ferny hollows and deep, rustling woods,
That shut us in and shut out all the world—
The far, forgotten world—we met, and kissed,
And parted, silent, in the balmy dusk.
We haunted still roe-coverts, hand in hand,
And murmured, under our breath, of love and faith,
And swore great oaths for one of us to keep.
We sat for hours, with sealèd lips, and heard
The crossbill chattering in the larches—heard
The sweet wind whispering as it passed us by—
And heard our own hearts' music in the hush.
Ah, blessed days! ah, happy, innocent days!—
I would I had them back.
“Then came the Duke,
And Lady Alice, with her worldly grace
And artificial beauty—with the gleam
Of jewels, and the dainty shine of silk,
And perfumed softness of white lace and lawn;
With all the glamour of her courtly ways,
Her talk of art and fashion, and the world
We both belonged to. Ah, she hardened me!
I lost the sweetness of the heathery moors
And hills and quiet woodlands, in that scent
Of London clubs and royal drawing-rooms;
I lost the tender chivalry of my love,
The keen sense of its sacredness, the clear
Perception of mine honour, by degrees,
Brought face to face with customs of my kind.

I was no more a “man;” nor she, my love,
A delicate lily of womanhood—ah, no!
I was the heir of an illustrious house,
And she a simple, homespun cottage-girl.

“And now I stole at rarer intervals
To those dim trysting woods; and when I came
I brought my cunning worldly wisdom—talked
Of empty forms and marriages in heaven—
To stain that simple soul, God pardon me!
And she would shiver in the stillness, scared
And shocked, with her pathetic eyes—aye proof
Against the fatal, false philosophy.
But my will was the strongest, and my love
The weakest; and she knew it.
“Well, well, well,
I need not talk of that. There came the day
Of our last parting in the ferny glen—
A bitter parting, parting from my life,
Its light and peace for ever! And I turned
To ***** and billiards, politics and wine;
Was wooed by Lady Alice, and half won;
And passed a feverous winter in the world.
Ah, do not frown! You do not understand.
You never knew that hopeless thirst for peace—
That gnawing hunger, gnawing at your life;
The passion, born too late! I tell you, friend,
The ruth, and love, and longing for my child,
It broke my heart at last.
“In the hot days
Of August, I went back; I went alone.
And on old garrulous Margery—relict she
Of some departed seneschal—I rained
My eager questions. ‘Had the poaching been
As ruinous and as audacious as of old?
Were the dogs well? and had she felt the heat?
And—I supposed the keeper, Colin, still
Was somewhere on the place?’
“ ‘Nay, sir,’; said she,
‘But he has left the neighbourhood. He ne'er
Has held his head up since he lost his child,
Poor soul, a month ago.’
“I heard—I heard!
His child—he had but one—my little one,
Whom I had meant to marry in a week!

“ ‘Ah, sir, she turned out badly after all,
The girl we thought a pattern for all girls.
We know not how it happened, for she named
No names. And, sir, it preyed upon her mind,
And weakened it; and she forgot us all,
And seemed as one aye walking in her sleep
She noticed no one—no one but the dog,
A young deerhound that followed her about;
Though him she hugged and kissed in a strange way
When none was by. And Colin, he was hard
Upon the girl; and when she sat so still,
And pale and passive, while he raved and stormed,
Looking beyond him, as it were, he grew
The harder and more harsh. He did not know
That she was not herself. Men are so blind!
But when he saw her floating in the loch,
The moonlight on her face, and her long hair
All tangled in the rushes; saw the hound
Whining and crying, tugging at her plaid—
Ah, sir, it was a death-stroke!’
“This was all.
This was the end of her sweet life—the end
Of all worth having of mine own! At night
I crept across the moors to find her grave,
And kiss the wet earth covering it—and found
The deerhound lying there asleep. Ay me!
It was the bitterest darkness,—nevermore
To break out into dawn and day again!

“And Lady Alice shakes her dainty head,
Lifts her arch eyebrows, smiles, and whispers, “Once
He was a little wild!’ ”
With that he laughed;
Then suddenly flung his face upon the grass,
Crying, “Leave me for a little—let me be!”
And in the dusky stillness hugged his woe,
And wept away his pas
jeffrey robin Sep 2015
Aye aye aye

/     \


we know .. .... One path thru
                 the hills

the hills are filled with fire

The war is here
The war is here



So come

All YE mothers

Sons and daughters

Gather together



aye aye aye

OH ............!


all the girls  and the young boys too

down by the stream

What will YE do?

Which path will ye take ?

Of pride or of virtue  



Oh oh oh


The tribes

Rise once again

You decide

Based on what you think
Your life depends

— The End —