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Sandile JUNIOUR Jun 2015
i feel so missunderstood im
no bad guy i wasnt a villan wearing a mask
i was never a person of lasting lies time flys by day after day feeling so missunderstood
nobody cares about my

my mission wasnt to target and destroy but was to nature and love with pation and grace i wanted to teach you a lesson but it turned out to be the end of our story

i feel so missunderstood because i love you but am taken as a liar a wommerniser im just a boy in need of your love and happyness
i wanna grow with you but you see me as a fool

tried to teach u a harsh lesson it turned out to be that the cadles whr blown out and the smake from the cadles are just our memories fadding up into thin air but the two cadles still stand fermly

i feel so missunderstood
# sj
# keep cool calm and collected
Gabriel burnS Sep 2017
Friendly pokes
***** jokes
Someone has misheard:

-Are you some kinda perv?
-I struck some kinda nerve?

Awkward looks
into boots.

Who will be the first
to change the topic,
pitch of talking?
Can this be reversed?

It was just an impulse.
Yes, it is that simple
when it's not rehearsed.
Who's that good with words?

Smile and let's move on.
Let us not be dull.
Moods will come and go
so on the go we learn.
BSeuss Jul 2017
Bro1: ..... you look like you got hit by a TRAIN!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!
Bro2: I pulled a gun on God.
Bro: ...what? where's the gun?
1: I don't frigging know.
2: you look like you got mauled!! How are you alive?!?!
1: turns out God is just a fighter. Not a killer. I love you.
2: ......what the hell happened to you?
1: I just told you.
2: what did you drink......
1: let's just say I will be hung over for. eternity. I love you.'re scaring me.
1: and you're scaring me too.
What if God is real. But we don't know the truth about it.