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  Apr 2016 Sam Vaghi
Lora Lee
I am an
digging d
into the contours
of the heart
trying to discern
what spots
need tender healing,
how to treat and
soothe its
fissured parts
I am a soul-mind
temperature and hue
measuring the depths
of textures
as we get down
to the root
We work hard,
my team and I
mapping earthen layers
we use the implements
                     of wisdom
to try and heal
this pain acute
and as we gently
cut through the strata
of history, of scars
I know that this
         explorer's work
is worth it
for we will reach up
to the stars
So we continue on
in patience,
into the
blazing core
      like truth-warriors
like healers
      unlocking secret
ancient treasures
that will rise up
to the
Sam Vaghi Apr 2016
the pendulum swings up
But always returns
to the lowest point-
the bitter path
and we must carry on,

one foot in front of the other,
plodding forward,
and in agony,
stepping in the shattered shards
of our broken soul.

Longing for hope and joy to shine
but each burst of light
Is shorter,
And the darker days longer.

And knowing that
Poisons the light.
Sam Vaghi Apr 2016
Life is too bitter, cold and full
of poisonous thorns
to survive
without help,
without something
to light the dark paths.

Without spells
to ward off the black abyss,
  to keep
the dragons of despair

But Magic
Is something
We must choose
To create,

we must
and fight
to ignite.

And when
we do
to light
the sparks,
we need other fires
to keep
ours bright.

We need
to keep
other magicians
close by,
to protect us
and to lend us their spells
when ours are lost
And hidden.
  Mar 2016 Sam Vaghi
I see it in the asphalt bumps and sidewalk cracks.
Earth, she don't want to be flat.

Smooth her out with concrete blocks
She'll move and turn without a thought.

Spent most of her life clothed with tempestuous life.
This recent pavement trend leads to unwanted strife.

We build our cornered, straightened, flat, leveled space
upon a vibrant, living, rounded, moving place.

No, Earth, she don't want to be flat.

Full bodied, free flowing, seductress, she
scoffs at such mind conceited, power hungry, insincerity;

exposing our cracks in her restless slumber.
Sam Vaghi Mar 2016
She stands at the edge,
The cold breeze, unfelt,
Breathing behind her,
Calling her back.

The bright, lonely moon,
Braving the dark night,
Lights upon the waves
As they shatter on the shore,
One after the other.

She longs for the dark depths
Out beyond the white horses
Racing to their doom,
Longs for the icy embrace
That will numb away
Her many
heavy pains,
She longs to lose
Her falling tears in the salty swell
As it takes away
her ragged breaths
In a final kiss.

She steps
        away from life.
Sam Vaghi Mar 2016
I want to pull
The blankets
Over my head
And block out
The world for good

I want to go
To sleep
And never
Wake again

I have had
And have
No strength
Left inside

Im empty
And lost
In poisoned darkness

And ıt makes me angry
And mean
And I cant help ıt.

I want ıt all to stop
To stay away
My bubble

  Dec 2015 Sam Vaghi
Six Flowers
The dog and me, we'll find the sea
And run beside the waves
I'll slip on stones, he'll hunt for bones
Beside the sea, the dog and me.

Beside a fire, burning higher
Than any human pain could be
We'll slowly sleep, as embers leap,
And sorrows won't exist for me.

I'll find a dog as lost as me
And offer him my bones.
And if he loves me, tired and small,
We'll share a life, our love, our all.

The dog and me, we'll find the sea
That washes broken love away.
I'll wake for him; he'll wait for me.
We'll always be; the dog and me.
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