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Nahte Mar 2020
Every night i lie awake in bed
With thoughts flowing through my head
Every night at the stars i gaze
At how they shine and sparkle so beautifully
Little by little the stars start to lose their shimmer
And my brain is filled with the thought of me always being the almost but never the always
Nahte Mar 2020
Ako'y napamahal sa isang munting butiun
Di man masyadong halata pero sa aki'y walang siyang kahambing
Isang bituing sa mata ko'y palaging numiningning
At sa kabila ng dami ng bituin siya parin ang mamahalin
Nahte Mar 2020
You and I were never meant to dive in together,
But we were both destined to drown with each other
Even if we didn't know the other from the beginning
We can get to know one another until, hopefully, a happy ending
Nahte Mar 2020
In the city of the yellow crane tower
And where the markets were busy every hour
One girl witnessed it all
The start of a great downfall

As she walks through the once busy university
She was filled with the feeling of emergency
All she can hear is the sound of silence
And the sounds of the passing sirens

People she knew started getting ill
And her emotions started to go downhill
They were quickly filled with disbelief
And not one second can they sigh with relief

Soon other people started getting scared
To cough or to sneeze, nobody dared
People started blaming her country
Blamed them for being too *****

Her whole country is in despair
People losing belief can be seen anywhere
But she did not crumble or lose hope
She did not waste her time to mope

She believed that everything will be fine
That in due time everything will start to shine
And that everyone will realize that shine is the start
The start of a new beginning for a country that was torn apart
Nahte Mar 2020
Ako ay tumaya sa pag ikot ng ruleta
Tumaya dahil umaasang sakin ito'y tatama
Sa sobrang dami ng aking tinaya tila'y nawalan ng pagasa
Pano ba naman ni isang beses ako'y hindi pinagpala

— The End —