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 Feb 2017 Rob
everlasting cherry
at the navel
part me
with your tongue

lickstrip the human
until primal claws
my soul undone

a shuddering peak
of milky peach
carnal prowess
rippling beats thru me

marking territory
in teeth and cream

latching onto
every inch
of salted slick
tentacle binding
your swell
into my

I drink
your being

shaking thighs exorcise
leaking all I'm not
in glisten streaks

we pry
the edges
and escape
our bones

worlds parting
at ripe lips

surrender me
in drip glitch haven
where your every
eye roll, ****
and murmur

sends me further
than I ever

I could go
 Feb 2017 Rob
Ola Radka
I kissed the dew
On your lips.

I touched
The softness
Of your cheeks
With my fingertips.

I knew then,
I know now
Your lips
Holy Land.
 Feb 2017 Rob
I tripped down an endless rabbit hole
Some might say I was swallowed
I fell down, down and tumbled around
Until I forgot the land of tomorrow.

I met Alice and she was darling
We sipped tea and spoke of rhymes
Trying to decode the words of the Hatter
Searching for where the rabbit lost his time.

We danced on the shore of day and night
Followed paths until they were swept away
And when we were tired and had enough
We snuck into court and extended our stay.

Alice and I, oh how we fell
Off the earth and into an abyss
Absorbed by each other, forgetting our troubles
Spending each remaining day in complete bliss.
 Feb 2017 Rob
 Feb 2017 Rob
I scuffed along a dreary trail;
Lit by the orb of night.
A muted glow, grew 'neath the haze
Of fog disrupted light.

A pathway hemmed by fir and ash.
Its' silence taunts the nerves.
Your outline there, amid the trees,
My mind thought it observed.

I stalled, 'neath creaking wooden limbs,
Froze still and calm, I gazed.
It was your frame, your gait, your hair
There, ambling in the haze.

I felt you turn your face t'ward mine;
Racing heart, now in repose.
I drew in deep, your silent tale
Of why this path you chose.

I held your story in my chest
'till fog and dark did cease.
'till wary eyed, I woke and smiled
To know you're now at peace.
 Nov 2016 Rob
Stephanie Lynn
sometimes i wonder
if you look at me the same way
you look at other women

sometimes i wonder
if you talk about me in the same
voice of arousal

sometimes i wonder
if you think of me in that way at all
i don't think you do
(C) Maxwell 2016
 Nov 2016 Rob
K Balachandran
Looking at your face
is wondering for long,
out of control, too.
and I love you for
enjoying my
moments out of
touch with reality.
You take me
to a space where
you exist unquestioned
by rules of nature.

On the dew drop
a glimpse of the universe

I read you like a book
as the plot thickens
you are a narrative
with many voices entwined,
out of the story's embrace I come
to look at your glittering eyes
and be real, out side the make believe.
I have still many pages left to read,
and in no hurry am I,to turn the pages
every page has revelations of truth I search.

Adorable your fragrance, is,
it infiltrates in to the subconscious
gives me a ticket to time travel
transforming  your fragrant notes
to a  musical composition
a mantra key to eternity's door.
 Nov 2016 Rob
The Sun Always Rises

and the dark always
gives way to the light.
Remember that,
in turbulent and troubling times.
Like these times
right here and right now that we are immersed in.

We are wading through this sludge with trepidation and angst and with the fever
of revolution.

Do we fight? Retreat to our separate corners?
I say fight.
Be bold.
Be ****** and resolute and be belligerent in thought and word.

Do move forward, kindly, and with the spirit of all that have ever been repressed- with the spirit that breaks the chains of uniformity and oppression.

Fight for freedom.
Fight for love.
Fight for a hopeful future.
Thoughts on current affairs...Let freedom ring-MLK junior
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