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  Feb 2018 Tikari
Waitress (waiter)

You don’t need good grades to be a waitress
But you do need a heart of gold
Correct grammar is certainly not necessary
But you must love the young to the old

You’ll require a smile that’s genuine
Even if your heart is blue
And a passion to make the whole world feel special
with a soul that’s honest and true

They are days you won’t feel like smiling
and times you’ll just want to cry
But the people pleasing side of your nature
Leads to stories that you glorify

You’ll tell stories that make people happy
And stories that make children smile
You’ll tell so many jokes and so many tales
But their reaction makes your efforts worthwhile

Sometimes your days will be funny
And others days maybe quite rough
But knowing you made someone’s day special
outweighs the days that are tough

So next time your served by a waitress
And you think she didn’t listen in school
Remember she has skills that you would find hard
If you don’t see this then you’re clearly the fool!
Very quickly written poem just to clear out some issues surrounding my job. Some days I forget to feel proud that I’m a waitress and instead I feel ashamed
Tikari Feb 2018
Perfect silhouettes,
against plum-kissed skies.

A choreographed dance
Swooping and singing,
We see as we watch,
From down below.

They’re like the children of the sky.
Free-spirited, and lost in play.
Lost in the flow of the wind.

They skim the water’s edge,
Weaving through the movement,
Harmonizing the beating of their wings

They are the Birds in the Sky.
New writing!

Tikari Jun 2017
A furry little kitten,
white, dotted with black.
No dominance,
it’s co-dominance!
Neither allele could make it through.
Running far ahead,
collapsing on the way.
Beauty shows in her phenotype.
Unfortunate signs in her genotype.
Kitty is diseased,
for heredity be cruel,
for her father killed by illness too.
a beauteous hybrid,
Her mother, angelic, snowy white.
Her father, dark and eerie.
What’s the probability?
Kitty be unique,
neither her mother or father,
finding a tad of both.
One Dominant or two Recessive alleles?
Stuck in the middle,
Lies my Kitty.
A seventh-grade writing assignment I tweaked a bit.
  Apr 2017 Tikari
Vivi Greene
I guess
the greatest secret for every human
is the not knowing
of what’s going on
in the head of the ones
surrounding you.
now just realize
that they are aching to know
the same of you.
this paradox
sounds easy to get solved,
but so hard to become reality.
Tikari Apr 2017
I feel it coursing through my blood
The untamed electricity.
Zipping through my veins.
Drops containing shattered dreams,
Missed opportunities.
Others with love,
Warmth, beautiful feelings.

Energy prickled its way up my arms,
Bursting throughout my weak frame.
I needed it now.
A time of despair and loneliness.
It felt good-
Giving a spring to feet.
Having not been used in ages.

I’m restless, now in a frenzy,
Unable to control the happiness I haven't felt in so long.
Somehow it comes.
A smile,
Its spreads across a face of stiff muscles.
And forever sustained frowns.

My energy is like shreds of a new life.
Torn, ready to take off for a new soul, young or old.
I become energetic, like a bolt lightning.
I crack my bones,
Twist my neck.
I am the Zombie.
Rising from the dead.
One of my favorites.
Enjoy :)
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