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  Jun 2017 Bhumi
I* talk of the fairy from Nagpur.

Lovely she is very much playful,
Of a perfect smile she is holder,
Voracious I am & she's food,
Extremely delicious!!!

Best beautiful girl I've ever known,
Holder of beauty she is a beholder,
Ultra she's as beautiful as the moon,
My dream girl she is my real killer,
I have kindled this dream for her,
Kodak moments are all her smiles,
A**nd her beauty I can never forget.
A poem about my beautiful friend Bhumika Fulwani from Nagpur.

No veiled emotions.

I just truly admire her angelic beauty.

My HP Poem #1606
©Atul Kaushal
Bhumi Mar 2017
I hope you'll be so matured when you get this letter. Sweetheart, I love you so much. And I know it will be difficult for you to survive without me. But you've to accept the fact that I am no more in your life. Your mother left us in middle and now I am leaving you. But listen sweetie, this is the time when you need me. When you want me to advice you.
Do what your heart says, when you're on your way to your dream. Never turn back. Hopefully somewhere in the heaven I'll be happy seeing you happy.

Papa will miss you my princess.

Yours loving,
Bhumi Feb 2017
Dear Valentine,
If you're giving me roses this year,
Please make sure to remove the thorns.
So that it won't hurt me again.
Bhumi Feb 2017
He put restrictions,
He's strict to his terms,
He act like he doesn't care,
He doesn't express anything,

But Somewhere in the heart,

Utmost care behind those restrictions,
Fear of Future behind those strict terms,
Love behind those expressions.
He's a man himself, I call him Dad.
Bhumi Jan 2017
Without any Expectations, she loved me
Without any expectations, she cared of me
Without any expectations, she managed my life.
She made my life beautiful.
She has gone now,
She was suffering from Cancer,
She didn't tell me,
How could I be so stupid? So unloving?
I never asked her about how she was doing.
I missed her.
Bhumi Jan 2017
"NO, I don't want to go anywhere." She yelled at him.

"Princess, it's our anniversary." He explained.

"Do you want to go out with an ugly ******* your special occasion? I got a pimple. And I am looking ridiculous." She answered.

He reached at her door and she opened it.
He grasped her in his arms, "Moon has marks. But this never fade it's light. My occasion won't be complete without you. It's our day and I want to make it special. I bought a dress for you. Go get ready, Princess. I will wait for you outside."

And a tear of happiness roll down.
"I love you, idiot." She says.

whispering "I love you more" he answered.
Bhumi Nov 2016
After all the studies,
After all the responsibilities,
After all the love for my Parents,
After all the Good Night wishes,
Here I am.

Lying beside my Pooh; the teddy.

Talking to him about how my day gone,
Telling him about the messed up things,
Telling him about the love I miss from my dad,
Telling him about the care I miss from him,
Telling him how I used to rush when he come,
About how he tolerate my talkings,
About how much I love him.

Sob and Sob

I never know when I slept these days and woke up with my alarm clock.
My Dad is busy these days. Just alone without him. Sharing something from the heart.
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