Depressional Professional
(17/Male)    I am still kind of new into poetry ( started a year ago) most of my writing will consist of my feelings and my depression ...
hyped senses, living to learn, learning to live
Rachel Ace
(24/Female/Valencia/Spain)    My biography is like poetry.
Pale Witch
(Wonderland)    Lucky you; you get to read my diary
(18/Female)    Life goes on.
Kaley Kerchaert
(michigan)    kaley kerchaert <3 Music! Play Guitar an Piano.. I believe in true love.. I believe in God.. And in second chances :) <3 Writting with ...
(India)    A moment, but mostly nonexistential could have beens Twitter: @inkedpapers_
yasaman johari
i chose the name of my sister,,,
(a world with dust bunnies)    a color - purple - has taken its possession over me. though it takes me a while to focus and see that it's not a ...
tumelo mogomotsi
my final days as a teen tiger knee tigeerrrr kneeee finish him twoo thousand and threeee all poems - copyright © all rights reserved
Ryan Hoysan
(Bethlehem, Pa)    An interesting quote from the web series Red vs. Blue: "There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to ...
(georgia, usa)    Instagram: cynthia.gelinas “I’ve thrown away more words for you than I have ever written about anyone else.” - Niles Heron
Janelle Tanguin
(Daraga, Albay)    cryptic daydreamer lost in stereo. Blogs: - - - (as Alice or "A")
Emily Grace
I am alluded by all of the arts, they mock me behind gloved hands. Oh, but poetry, he is the only one who listens, when ...
(India)    I am dust that spins in gust of winds
Ma Cherie
(Somewhere in Vermont....)    This is my life these are my words these are my stories. © Cherie R. Vermont farm girl can cook - a gypsy chef, writer, ...
Jean Lin
(California / Arizona)    I write my life down in poetry. IG @Casey2992
N H Nabass
Preserving estranged thoughts. Seattle | عمان | Нальчик
Rebecca Rocker
(Swindon)    Coffee drinker. Story hunter. History enthusiast. Theatre maker. Professional napper.
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