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LostInFire Oct 24
She looks at me enchanting with her eyes,
Oblivious to how she stirs my heart.
The passion she creates is her surprise
As is the sorrow felt when she departs.

She laughs and I long to be by her side,
Each story makes me blush with puppy love,
Is she aware of how I feel inside?
She occupies each thought I’m thinking of.

To hear her voice transports to fantasy,
Where love could never be as real as this.
Without her love I can’t live happily,
When she’s away I dream about her kiss.

What I mean to her there’s no need to speak,
While I feel that together we’re unique.
  Oct 11 LostInFire
in the world of make-
believe, you're the illusion
and i'm the dreamer.
i need to stop writing about you.
LostInFire Aug 13
Today is just a normal day,
Yet so special...
The persons you met in your whole year
The persons who care about you the most
Its there day to show
Just a little care about you.

LostInFire Aug 2
How can i trust
On God now!!???

Tell me. Anyone
Out there !!

Because the person
I had trusted was  
God for me...
LostInFire Aug 1
I don know her
But yah
I call her
My love.
LostInFire Jul 30
Say sorry.
When you did a

Not after hurting
Two different things........
LostInFire Jul 29
Before breaking someone’
You also have one :)
Just remember.......
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