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I will wait for that day
That day my pen will no longer write my wrongs
I will be set free from the bonds of my mind that day
The rage and sorrow inside will finally dissolve
And for that day I pray
I await the time when I will no longer have to use poetry as an emotional output
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
Red and Blue lights flashed against a bruised face
***** hands try to hide against torn clothing
A guilty mind, thought process, and soul equals the sudden outcome of rage towards himself.
Though the justice system might try to help the scared mind, but how?
I use to think after a person's mind was gone it was gone forever, but I guess that's only in rare cases.
  Feb 2015 Breahna Sandlin
I love too deeply.
Willing to hold onto the last thread of hope, no matter how small.
Even if you push me way,
Tell me you hate me,
Ignore me.
There's always going to be that fraction of a chance
that one day maybe you'll come back to me.
And we can go back to how we used to be.
Back to that place where I was happy.
So here I'll wait,
Counting the days until I'm whole agin.
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
Dear* Teddybear,

        You are my closest friend that a person like me could have.
Your smile inspires me to stop the tears from falling and smile with you.
You can hold all my darkest secrets, even the lightest ones too, because we both know you'll never tell a soul.
You keep me sane in an unsecure state of mind when I feel low enough to want to leave you.
I hold you close hoping that you'll be holding me closer until our journey together ends

                                                            Hop­efully Your Closest Friend

— The End —