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bradley C Mar 2018
Run away with me ..
because i can't forget about my bad problems all alone.            
Could you run away with me and maybe turn off your phone?
All i have is these poets at the crossroads.
Run away with me just to clear the mind.
And also you just can't force me to think that you're fine ..
And if I believe then you probably sold me some lies.
Run away with me and fall into the leaves
because apparently every one else seems to be free.
It could be less of them and more you and me.
Run away with me i know that you're dealing by the way you cry when you're deep into your feelings.
Run away with me and you're wearing all black
You ran away with me and i promised we won't return back.
bradley C Mar 2018
save me,
The feels i can't explain.
Slowly drowning in your words
soaked by my thoughts of insanity.
save me
I feel uncomfortable by the things that can't be saved like me.
And for a change
nothing changed but the dollar bill in my pocket for this thing that i inhale for peace.
save me
From the scars and the marks that blackened up my body that won't be perfect anymore.
I exhale the smoke that i breathe in just to get snatched from life
because i just rather be oblivious from the world.
save me from
the ****** conversation we had with our words the other day.
I know that you watch how I've been treated like im in the way.
save me from the burden that's up on my back.
you couldn't save me because you was too afraid that the others would attack!
bradley C Mar 2018
Your dark body that falls over this man.

He snatches your soul so quickly as if you we're drowning in quicksand.

Many women he seen before
you think for a minute you be the one that he would adore.

Just because you loved the opposite ***.
That doesn't mean he won't be on to the next.

He's the one that could waste your time then that leads to awful thoughts that circles your mind.
That dark body feels the pain he caused easy *** to unravel your brain.
bradley C Mar 2018
The bodies the shape the size
her curves her hair her unique eyes
we're not the same as other women
we attended different reputations as were walking by.

Women are equal rather to our looks from the curves of our smiles down to the rhythm of our styles

We should see beauty in ourselves
we should never take away from ourselves we are women skin color could be blue as the sky we have the power to be different in my eyes.
bradley C Mar 2018
Life is like riding in a car without the breaks.
Everyday i wake up without knowing the numbers of breaths i take.
I move along as the day passes by
then arrives the moon
and to the sun we say goodbye
i don't want to take these drugs that i pray upon anymore
but still i do.
We sin for a penny but im sure you already knew.
Before you sleep at night i wonder do you pay your dues
to bends your knees and put both hands to lock
and still life is like pendulum clock.
bradley C Mar 2018
You were my friend one point in life,
how i wanted to cry from the negativity that you hurt from in the broad daylight.
you were my friend when we smile until our cheeks turned orange and pink.
Now we're in a place where we crawl away from one another as we learned this journey together
and i remember the days how i never let them erase your ability to be nothing but great.
you were my friend one point in life
where we zoned out with our hands gripped together
I'll never forget you told me summer was your favorite weather
when the sun shines and the nights was like fresh clean clothes out of the dryer.
I'll never forget how your shadow use to run behind me but now their gone and when you use to come around you always remind me.
Like the cold winter that your having and now you caught up in all your bad habits.
We use to be friends at one point in life but now your like a darker blue and all them tears drop that shed on my shirts i remembered they was from you .
bradley C Mar 2018
So, im living with poison
and all that im left with is the pills and potions.
It's a simple and still night
as im swept in by the movement of the ocean.

Trying to unravel my thoughts of the world
this isn't no sudden
when your just oblivious as this brave girl.
So, im living with poison
deep as the knife cuts wrap around your wrist.
life is not gentle the night and day automatically splits.
You're  living with poison?
babe..don't give in
im here to tell you through the good and bad that we all sin.
Also, everyone lived with poison it's now to become a new trend
babe..don't give up!
i told to myself by the time of ten.

— The End —