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Nov 2014
a hint of desperation
in my bullet eyes
shooting left to right to the back of my head

my heart's a demolition derby
and my ribs are sore
from its exaggerated beating
and there's a faint
splintering in its cage
But if no one's around to hear it,
Are my bones really shattering?

my pulse is on vibrate
this blood that rushes through my veins is *****;
it's metallic, it's acidic.

My lungs are an alchemist's nightmare.

My breath has left me with
the finality of the last nail being hammered down
on this coffin that's formed around my mind.

I collapse, a deteriorated, detrimental mess.
I am broken and mangled, a victim of paranoia and self-consciousness
I brought this upon myself,
and I yield to the hurt that surrounds my soul.
Written by
Harsh  Maryland
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