1d Pamela

           ­         and everything in between.

                    and secrets that don't come clean.

                    and smiles beaming keen.

                    Deep thoughts,
                    and the dark places we've been.

                    carel­ess hugs
                    and ready shoulders to lean.

                    Reckless stabs,
                    impulsive jabs
                    and caustic words we don't mean.

                    count­ing blessings
                    and hope we can glean.

        ­            and everything in between.

This sliding out of my toughened skin
and donning a more subtle, supple one
that fits so much better
my personality and soul
I thought I had lost the smoothness
the eloquent softness and creamy texture
which I have always felt, always known
but in finding your love, your acceptance
your very being and desire
to captivate and entrance and enthrall
this woman who has always loved
always adored and cared for you--
you've reawakened the suppleness
and fed me an elixir I used to drink
only in my youth
and reminded me that always youth
and beauty and depth of soul
are within one's power and belief;
are merely a state of mind--
and oh, this new found relief
of knowing I am still
and will forever be
the loving, giving, compassionate soul
who has always been just ME.
©Pamela Rae 04.27.1017

I knew it the moment I saw you today
your love, your devotion for me
came flooding through
from your heart to mine--
you see, I saw the gift
shining there in your eyes
saw the locks you'd shorn
just for me
and then I knew beyond any doubt
that this love you hold
would be a glorious exaltation
that all could see--
for your beautiful gift
will shine so clear and true
and always, always, my love--
I will forever love and adore you!!!
(Thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 04.24.2017

My wedding gift from my true love was to cut his hair short for the first time in many years. A small, but magnificent gesture
to express his unending love
for his beloved soon to be bride.
(I am so incredibly Blessed!)

Oh please.
Just know that I care,
that I am aware
that I feel
and I hurt
and I cringe
for all the times
you've had to restart
to try to begin--
I know it's hard,
I know it's not fair--
but my hope, my heart
will always care.
Oh please.
Don't think I'm not here
caring and loving
and feeling
because I truly do--
you see, I ache
and I cry and I feel bereft
just as much as you--
but sometimes my words,
my expression
just won't come out
the way I need and want it to--
but oh, my dear ones
I feel your pain, your heartache
your angst and desire
to just quench and drown out
this unending fire--
but only you and me and perhaps
others too
can put an end to the suffering
which encompasses our hearts,
our souls, our beings you see--
so please, just please
keep caring, keep believing
in me?
And I will do my best
to believe in YOU too...
©Pamela Rae 04.24.2017

 Apr 19 Pamela
Existential Romeo 

Rest thy feet from thy shoes muddy and heavy from grief.
Allow me to taketh thy coat soaked in sorrow
that I may give thy shoulders and back some relief.

Shed thy weary dress.
Weathered and worn, soiled with pain and stress.
That thou may be reborn.
Thou deserveth nothing less.

For thou hast suffered much
mining for a heart of gold.
So come now...Lie down.
Let me be the one to warm thee after the cold.

Pamela Rae Apr 19

I come here for solace and relief
hoping to somehow end the grief
that plagues so many in my life these days--
my world has been a foggy haze
but of late it seems fate has smiled on me
and the love of my life, you see--
he's made it through his surgery on his lung
and though his healing has barely begun
we're both of the mind that he will win
when the chemo rounds (#2) will begin
so please keep the prayers, and positive thoughts
coming that you always send
and my gratitude to each of you
will never end...
Love and (((hugs)))
©Pamela Rae 04.18.2017

Sorry, not one of my better poems, but just wanted you all to know that we're slowly recovering from this latest surgery and beginning to see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Yes, he still will have to do chemo starting in May, but we're determined that he will come out of this in great shape and finally have this damn Cancer on the run once and for all!!!
Thank you so very much for ALL of the support, the good vibes and prayers you've sent our way. Blessings and much love to each and every one of you!
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