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Nov 2014
Hello perfection

My antibiotic and my infection
My poison and my medication
My difference and my correlation

Hello perfection

My sting and my sensation
My peace and my temptation
My dread and my anticipation


How will it be done today?

Will you smile a promising smile
followed by a casual “hey”?
Will your eyes sing “give me your body”
while you turn and walk away?
Will I follow where you lead just so you
can lose me along the way?
Not today?

Then how today?

Will your hand subtlety reach for me
and make my heart cry “come to me”?
Just for you to drop it effortlessly
while my spirit dies simultaneously
Pretend you want me…

But not really?

You destroy me.

You don't agree?

You know exactly what you do
You do it because you have to

Because you need that internal power
Every day laying bricks to build your tower

Your ego must be fed
At the expense of my head

At the expense of my unconditional love for you
My un-explainable need for you
My psychological desire for you
My undeniable adoration for you
Everything I have done for you


I have given you everything

It’s not enough...
You are too ignorantly tough
I fight to chase down your bluff
And now my air is gone; I huff and puff

Don’t you see I’m dying inside?
All the while you’re lying inside

*******- you are worthless of my constant admiration
You play with my emotions like you’re a crooked politician
But I refuse to let you triumph this obscene and sly election
How could I have ever once called you my perfection...

A kiss?

You want a kiss…


Hello perfection.
By Lindsay Johnson
Written by
Lindsay  25/F
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