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Aug 2014
Blurred faces and
     Fuzzy smiles
    You say you love me all the while you look at her while tipping back
     Vicious facts I look over from the crest of a broken heart
Getting ****** up is a hopeless art
           Still we paint a pretty picture of neon lights and first class flights on busy nights
                You're too vivid to inhabit my sight
           I look the other way as I inhale through gritted teeth
                   You love her more and love me least
            But at least there's love between our sheets
      In this room I start to lose my mind only to find sanity was a mountain I climbed and dove from
     Into a pool of rose *** I never rose from
I stayed til I felt myself go numb
     Then crawled out and never looked back
             I came to you
          Saw change in you
        But in the end my neck was snapped from every hug you gave
     A slave to a place in your heart too small to breathe
      So as I inhale the stench of infidelity

             I realize
I want you but you don't need me
I ******* Hate You ******.
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