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Apr 2014
There's a dark corner that lay in each of our souls.
Taking hostage of secrets, never to be told.
So be careful ***, you're running on a tight rope.
You never know what could happen...don't get too close.

A breath of fresh air, different from the norm.
you're like the calm before the storm.
& the deeper I look into your eyes, the more I want to endure…
what exactly this storm has in store.

Sun is seeping through yesterday’s sorrow,
No longer caught up in the thought of tomorrow.
Colors of the world bleed from dull to iridescent.
Nature’s soundtrack takes turns reminding us of its presence.

Together we walk the path, into the eye of the storm.
Surrounded by chaos, once we reach the center life takes on a new form.
There is beauty most commonly missed, in the simplest of things.
The more open your mind, the more your day will bring.

Let loose before the chaos seeps in.
Fall into the clouds with me…let the fun begin.
Laughter to color rainbows, help feed the tress.
Watch as the grass resuscitates, reminding us the breath.

Sunsets never so bright, & skies never so blue.
Smiles to reflect the sunlight, lighting up the world around you.
Music sending vibes, tangible to my heart.
And for some reason my mind is telling me…this is only the start.
November 5, 2012
amanda martinez
Written by
amanda martinez  boulder
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