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Oct 15
Hmmmm... something's in bloom
aromatic minty scents
whiff towards me
from the open, uninhabited woodland lot
on the corner of Perry Street

An intricate twisted, matted, tanglewood
of native weeds, flowers, tall grass, pine,
cram this patch of wild terrain

No houses block the balmy view
all sorts of odors, sights and sounds
mingle naturally with shafts
of sunshine and dense shadow

These jungle havens offer shade
and refuge sorely needed in the
sizzling Florida temps and
harsh global warning

Sadly, I watch as beautiful, stately
trees and shrubbery that have thrived
for decades are hacked down,
lots cleared for
building and selling more
and more houses

Now, as I pass an unscathed
forest dwelling
my heart bolts like a giddy gazelle
romping, cavorting blissfully
through the last...lost... sacred wilderness
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Written by
Sonya Ki Tomlinson  Palm Bay, Florida
(Palm Bay, Florida)   
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