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Sep 16 · 57
quiet spaces
In quiet spaces when talk has ceased,
lips are still
and eyes are turned inward
waves crashing against the
shores of the mind
In quiet spaces the world disappears
Sep 16 · 49
tiny little kisses
tiny little kisses fall from heaven
I stick my arm outside
the black and pink floral umbrella
tiny little raindrop kisses
drizzle sweetly
Holding the umbrella aside
I let tiny little raindrop kisses
nuzzle my face
Love from above starts to pour
Trillions of little kisses blanket
every blade of grass,
neighborhood cars, roads,
and the rich black earth
My heart a lotus flower
sings and dances
cups running over
Sep 16 · 62
Sunrise in the garden
For at least 6 years
David and I toiled over
the illustrious, majestic
"Bird of Paradise"
Fertilizing, nurturing, nursing
yet despite all this
we only saw dark green plumes
fronds fanning out
like a proud peacock
Then early this morning
at sunrise I heard David exclaim,
"Hurry bring the camera!"
there in all its exquisite glory
its wings in full sunrise explosions
of orange gold and purple

was our own very first "Bird of Paradise"
I feel your spacious embrace
twinkling arms scoop me up
stars glow in our breath
from the deepest love
new worlds are born
Sep 12 · 21
Shining path
The Shining path
flickers in and out
like a candle flame
when I cast my eyes on the world
there is shadow
when I cast my eyes on You
there is effulgence
Sep 4 · 54
River Shangri-La
A Living Shoreline!
red violet trumpet blossoms
and spiraling vines curl happily
alone the craggy, rocky banks of the Indian River
oyster reefs, black and white mangroves,
truly a wonderful coastal restoration effort
at Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Riverside Park

A little piece of paradise
with a spectacular view of Melbourne skyline
fills us with smiles, oohs and ahhs

David and I hold hands while ambling
out on the long wooden fisherman wharf
jutting out into the Indian River
A few folk at the end of the pier
dangle their baits into
indigo ribbon waves

Perfect day with a lithe breeze,
umbrella clouds, and damask silk blue heavens

A youthful couple in a green and gray hammock
sway playfully to the not too loud rap music

This gorgeous day ends too soon
we pack up our picnic baskets
saunter towards our car
two regal pelicans gracefully bid us adieu
Sep 3 · 102
Sunrise Pearls
We walk East towards the ocean
Abalone pearls spill from the heavens
Krishna's conch can be heard
welcoming the new day
Golden Lakshmi lashes flutter open
And the sky erupts into dazzling smiles
Frogs croak in concert
deep guttural base drones
punctuate the morning silence
there's no one on the street
except a lone biker
pedaling towards me
we smile exchanging
a bit of radiance

with each healing breath
I remind myself
to count my blessings

Swami holds my hand
gently reassuring me
His hair ripples in
the tropical breeze
and the hem of His
paradise orange robes
rustle softly

"Sai Ram," I whisper, "I love you."

Road to infinity
opens up before us
the sweet trill of a cat bird
garlands the eternal moment.
Aug 18 · 66
Sai Ananda
Sai Ram
I lean on the strength
of Your name
1000 times
a million times
Swami grant me
Your golden hued darshan
Aug 18 · 113
Sip of Love
Love chirps
between the branches
mirthful sounds gurgle up
From my heart
A refreshing sublime fountain
springs from unseen depths
bathing the weary spirit
And for our little
fine feathered
to sip from
Aug 18 · 53
Last night at sunset
millions of pink cherub kisses
dotted the tie-dyed skies

David and I rushed out
towards the blushing glow
And the sweetest embrace
So Vast
You are...Divine One
Inexplicably, intimately
Your breath
has married mine
Flash of Your
gold earrings
Chime of Your
Divine lips as rose red as
This throbbing heart
Aug 3 · 67
A drop of heaven
A drop of heaven is in
the ladybug
dainty red damsel
with polka dot umbrella
and black lace fan

a drop of heaven is in
that gorgeous orange creature
fluttering past me

A drop of paradise is in blue jay
his wings the color of
the Bluebonnet sky

A drop of paradise is
in Woody woodpecker
Decked out in his red silk hat
and speckled cape
sawing away...

A drop of heaven is in everything

A spark of heaven is certainly
in you and me
Swami my head forever rests
on your lotus feet
having touched them once
my lashes and forehead
are singed with
unspeakable splendor

A candle burns brightly
on the windowsill of my mind
ever watching for
Your glorious return
Aug 3 · 84
Sai Purple Majesty
David and I gave
each other bike hugs
we both are like
little kids when we cycle

Pedaling along our
newly asphalted roads
we drink in the
Florida sunsets
and admire the neatly
manicured front yards
of kind neighbors

Mike's tiny dog
"Lil Bit"
yelps protectively
as we rocket past his yard

a lot of folks have joined
the happy carefree world
of bicycling since the
corona crisis

I chose a tricycle
for my preferred ride
"Sai Purple Majesty"
jets down Beacon Street
Behind David's Red Cruiser

Laughing with glee
we ride off into the
glowing candy apple sunset
Aug 3 · 51
Poems by the Ashram-3
Red bottle brush blossoms
swirl in the steamy Florida heat
despite the sizzling temps
the ashram is always a
welcome refuge

Softly, I enter the
sacred premises
doing namaste to all
the hallowed murtis

Soon songs decorate the
tranquil atmosphere
Smiling inwardly waves of
euphoric bliss well up from
a Divine spring

The sweetness is Non-Stop
truly my heart is a honeycomb
dripping with holy Love

I break off pieces of this
nectarine prasadam
an offering for you
Jul 23 · 59
Poems by the Sea-5
Sea was wild this morning
tempestuous waves
toss their sage and silver manes,
galloping in all directions
nostrils flaring seafoam
They say there's a storm
brewing in the Caribbean....

My hubsy and I mosey
along the crystal shoreline
I marvel at the many footprints,
even a few paw and bird prints
I speculate there might even
be some fossilized footprints
beneath it all.

One pointedly I search...
for the only footprints
that really matter....
Your Silver Padukas
The only footprints that
can carry me across the
ocean of change
to a higher shore

Gazing out on the tumultuous ocean
salty air chafes my lips and face
my husband beams
his radiant Buddha smile
we hold hands
chanting Ommmmmm

Wind gently whispers
Your name in my ears
I hear the soft rustle
of sanyasi robes
heady scent of sweet jasmine
...and Your.Lotus feet
enters my heart...
Jul 23 · 62
I love to watch egrets fly
white wings glide past me
in concert
as I pause my morning stroll
my spirit not the least bit shy
joins the beautiful congregation
soaring through the twinkling blue
Jul 23 · 114
Ecstatic Muse

Like sleeping beauty
She slumbered
on some remote island leaf
tucked away inside my heart

Sri Saraswati Devi
strums my heartstrings
awakening the
Ecstatic Muse

Leaving the world of fog
and phantom behind
She soars close to my ears
Singing her Sunrise Love song
Jul 23 · 56
Emerald Chalice
Veridian waves wash over me
calm, healing currents
streaming over hot
black asphalt of my mind
racing in all directions

Emerald turf, tides rise up
surging, gushing from
open, uninhabited woodland lots
and neighborhood lawns

I smile totally in awe -
the thousand shades
of medicinal green elixirs
Nature concocts for us:
soothing jade, invigorating pine,
dazzling emerald, gentle fern,
happy go lucky shamrock, pensive moss
blessed, peaceful olive branches
repair, restore, revive
our flagging spirits

O Devi we take refuge in Your
alcoves of Green Goodness
and "lie down in Green pastures"  
on your Divine lap
Jul 23 · 63
Poems by the Ashram-2
Oooh a bouquet for me?
Thank you....
The Earth lovingly presented
an effusion of beauty
saffron blooms garland
the path on our way to the temple

Davidji and I tiptoed into the
quiet, serene sanctuary
majestic Murtis surround us
with dazzling eyes
as we prayed and
sang fervently

From the jeweled throat
of Durga Ma
To the Blessed ******
cradling baby Jesus
the parade of Deities
charmed our minds and
lifted our spirits

O Resplendent One
I wear an endless mala
drunk on your Sweet Names
Amrit fountains
flow incessantly
Jul 4 · 112
Poems By the Ashram-1
I poked my head outside
the temple door
scent of fading loquat blossoms
and damp wood reminds me
of nights in the forest

Green glades of the ashram
redolent with serenity and succor
infuse peace into our spirits
during  these stressful times

My hubby David
offers fresh plucked gardenias at
the goddess' altar  

Beautiful Shakti
pearls spilling, cascading
from the royal diadem
onto Her Divine brow
eyes glowing stars
pervade the candlelit atmosphere

David and I hold hands
as we leave the sanctuary
and orbit the blessed lake
sparkling with heavenly fish
We smile at each other
happy and content on the sacred shores
of Yoga Shakti Ma
The marigold Monarch butterfly
oblivious to the moans, suffering
and pain of our worldly realm
sips nectar from divine floral cups
oozing with celestial sweetness
alights blissfully upon
the holy hand of God
Jun 16 · 81
Amethyst Fire
What a celestial evening
The Violet flame could be seen
exalting the Western horizon
Angel anthems permeate the air
ethereal chariots stream
across apricot yellow skies

David and I ride our bikes
towards the sunset our faces
flushed a radiant purple
These are precious moments
One cannot help but sing
The sheer glory of it all!
Jun 15 · 31
Golden Age Avatar
In the wide-open frontier
That I Am
a hint of vastness
embraces me
From a balcony in the heavens
Sai Avatar surveys
His luminous creation
Winged worlds
Spiraling galaxies
Timeless superluminal
light years
orbit His celestial finger

I gaze wonderstruck......
Swami's fathomless eyes
eclipse the dark night
a thousand suns rise in
every atom of my being

And the Earth turns....

"There is no force on earth that can delay for an instant the mission for which this Avatar has come. You are all sacred souls, and you will have your parts to play in the unfolding drama of the new Golden Age, which is coming."

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sanathana Sarathi, October 1996, back cover
May 19 · 128
Twinkle toes
There he is!
Twinkle toes
Shining in the garden
dancing over the Surinam cherries
and Starfruit,
Clipping fragrant gardenia blossoms
And voluptuous red roses

My Bright Star of David
I love you!
May 19 · 120
A Pot of Nectar
O Baba!
Your healing breezes
rustle through the palm fronds
In our front yard
I breathe them in
and my wings flutter
gossamer feathers
under your soft caress
a song stirs
and the sun rises
in my *****
I dance through a
field of stars
shimmering on the ground
Your name
eternally on my lips
May 19 · 112
Pink Spoonbills
Pink spoonbills surprise our eyes
gliding through the blue yonder
Rarely, we see them
so they are a welcome sight

Pink plumes dipped in
colors of love
With a fancy flourish
they soar
penning love letters
across the airy, alpine scrolls
Air thins
and so do I
as i wait for
His starry breath
to carry me aloft

my eyes swirling
milky way pools
have lost their boundaries
Ocean rushes
through my veins
while dolphins and sea lions
leap and laugh

Sun has left bits of
its splendor
I shoot across the
night sky in a flash

There is no you or I
lines blur
with soft pink hues
of the heart
and we melt into
each others arms
May 3 · 119
Prakriti Awakens
Divine Mother Sita
spreads Her flowery blanket
for all to rest upon

Longwing zebra butterflies
golden lightning bolts
strike the eyes and senses
like Asian gongs

Neon Dragonflies mating
in the warm Florida breezes
bring a chuckle to our countenance

Heavenly garlands
fall across fertile fields
an exquisite reminder
of Spring's eternal promise

Calico clouds purr
curled up
on the Goddess's lap
as she gently strokes
and kisses our
furrowed brows
May 3 · 112
Krishna's Lariat
I have such a rebellious streak
it's like a wild red cayenne horse
fiery mane, flippant tail
kicking up its heels
galloping off to who knows where
red canyon dust blasting in the wind

O Blue One
rein in the senses
and the wayward mind
Apr 29 · 73
Poems by-the-Sea 4
I saw my Lord walking
along the shoreline
euphoric green waves
frolicked at His feet
racing towards
they longed to touch
His splendor

Royal pelicans
flew above Him
like angels in divine formation
His wind tossed curls
Glittered with bits of
and even the Sun
descended and knelt
at His holy feet

Who can gauge His Glory
We are all sacred echoes
inside a seashell
pressed to his celestial lips
Apr 29 · 77
Poems by-the-Sea 3
Plumeria in my hair

I followed footsteps of the Sun

to the Sea

I hear Krishna's conch




He is calling me
Apr 28 · 180
Soul Petals
My beloved roams in my heart

O Sai we sprinkle pieces of
our hearts like petals
for You to tread upon

You leave a trail of Lotus blooms
Apr 28 · 57
Sun Sphinx
Sun pours a bucket of gold
over the striking pink
fluorescent fuschia
weary travelers along
the dusty road

a song stirs in my heart

I turn towards His
blazing face
renewed, restored
Apr 28 · 144
Breath of Fire
Breath of air
feel of sunlight
on my mummified limbs  
You wipe the tears
of a thousand eons,
countless lifetimes
and remove the veil
from our mournful eyes
Apr 28 · 42
Elysium Streams
Earth renews Herself
again and again
Ocean spits out
what doesn't belong to it
See The Shining face of God
reflected in the clear
blue pellucid waters
Mar 23 · 162
blue tea leaves
The sky appears
as an enormous
blue and white porcelain
China tea ***
the celestial hand of
Lord Buddha
pours happiness
into my heart
koi fish prance in
coral pink circles
prayer wheels hum


Life goes on.....
Mar 23 · 179
Mango Monarchs
Ballerina butterflies
flutter joyously
orbiting each other
in ruffled orange tutus

Tinkly, melodious
piano notes of
Swan Lake drift
from the ice cream van
parading down
our avenue

Pirouetting in the
steamy Florida air
they embrace briefly
giving a tiny imperceptible
kick of their
black slippered feet
before wafting in
myriad directions
wings far-flung....

Sheer happiness
lives in their dance
I watch with delight
resting on my
ebony walking cane
as they soon disappear
into a neighbor's
small mango grove
Mar 20 · 99
Eyes of the Moon
So close to You
No breath between us

A shadow arcs
dark and empty
Illumined fiercely
By Your brilliance

A heart broken
and shattered
reflects Your face
In every jagged

I can never leave You
You can never leave me

our fates are sealed
on the Scrolls
of Forever
Mar 20 · 84
Poems by the Sea - 2
I spread my floral rose
and green leaf sheet
on the emerald shore

Divine mother it's been
quite a while since
I visited You
Here I Am
Your little mermaid

The beach is practically empty
one lone fisherman
hoists his fishing pole
into the sea
flocks of seagulls
skirt close to his head
a sandpiper dips
his beak like a pole
Into the burgeoning
white billows

Good morning seagulls, pelicans
denizens of the sea
this morning I'm an ocean creature too!
Mar 8 · 90
Today is my Eternity
The old dream fades
dew in the morning mist
my body and mind
fleeting stardust
dances with the
elements again

A lonesome echo
lingers for moment
In the spacious unfettered
canyons of my soul

I love you
I love you

And the radiant Being
within awakens
Mar 8 · 94
Poems by the Sea - 1
Wonderful morning
to dance with the Sea

My skin smells like the silver sea
There's phosphorescence in my eyes
Waves leap into my arms
swirl and turn me about
all the while whispering
happy talk in my ears

Garlands of seaweed decorate
the festive marine blue
and green shores

Glittering fragments
of sunlight dazzle
the senses

And I imagine
dolphins and mermaids
are having a ball too
Mar 1 · 90
Gypsy Soul
My Beloved

I've loved You for Eternity
In the Temple of Thebes,
Courts of Cairo
standing on the red horizon
Your golden arms
embraced me
as You rose from Your
starry bed

Aten... Aten

My Soul still remembers
that darling blue boy
with peacock plumes
and heavenly doe eyes
playing hide and seek
over the rustic shamrock
green hills of Brindavin

Krishna... Krishna

My Beloved

Though You've donned
a thousand trillion forms
like a bright star falling
onto the earth
I'd know Your face, those eyes

O My Dearest

there is no place
in heaven or on earth
that I'd rather be
than with You
Feb 28 · 131
Bird of Paradise
Fluttering fingers
of the palm fronds
in our front yard


the vast turquoise bird
flying overhead

O to be able to soar
with you
Sweet bird

Far into the Infinite
My bird was wounded
with half a wing she flew
and rested on feathery clouds

The Sun was her friend
He bathed her in 5 Golden Pools
breathed light into cold dark space
and made wings from stars

She alights upon my fingers now
extended like blossoming twigs

Can you hear her boundless song?
Feb 16 · 123
Poem Bush
How creative is the day
every morning Dawn
her face flushed in
shades of poinsettia pink
spreads golden wings
over the Earth
gently fanning flames of life

I plant my poem bush in
Her bright noonday rays
water flows from my
jeweled heart chalice
emotions, ideas, inspiration
flood lush fertile soil
soaking into a network of roots
reaching into beloved humanity,
this bustling world,
starry space and beyond
Feb 15 · 170
Silver elf
A tall elf stole like a Silver Shadow
past my window around 4 a.m.
in the freshly minted morning

My hubby, darling garden spirit
cherishes the dear little
plants and flowers in our yard
With care and love
he gives them their morning coffee,
fertilizing, watering the baby sprouts,
cooing sweetly over
his floral cherubims

They know his elfin footsteps
and smile happily as he putters
about in the
Wee, wee hours
Feb 9 · 216
Azure blush
My beloved roams
in my heart

I feel His silken footsteps
and tender gaze

He waits in quiet coves
listening to my
ardent prayer

I sprinkle pieces of my heart
like petals
for Him to tread upon

He leaves behind a
trail of Lotus blooms
Feb 9 · 188
Winged feet
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