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Nov 2021 · 96
Sakura Sunset
Behind my cherry blossom parasol
I wait for you

a sunstar shimmering
across the Red bridge to Heaven

the wind sighs pitifully
and purple wisteria weeps

My elusive enigmatic love
Summer turns to Autumn golds
and still my spirit pines

a sunstar shimmering
across the Red bridge to heaven
Nov 2021 · 109
We watch the blossoms
cascade over a high cliff
like sweet snowfall
a whirlwind of
cherry pink kisses
enamors crystal blue
A lover in the sanguine mist
offers his heart
without hesitation
together we cross the
Red bridge to Heaven
Nov 2021 · 70
I lit a candle for  Diwali
everywhere there are fireworks
and the name of Ram resounds
through the Heavens
O Slayer of demons
the night is dark and obscure
only Your Name
Your Presence can save us
Nov 2021 · 49
I have given up the dark poison
of sensuous passion
that grips the enjoyer
like a ravenous
boa constrictor

Free from the serpent's kiss
and the rattle of desire
I prostrate at your holy feet
Divine One  
in clean white linen
Nov 2021 · 53
We made innocent Love
in The deep forest glades
the peacock plumed Lord
embroidered my lips with His smile
and pierced the darkness
with a thousand suns
I am a shining shadow
a sparkling echo
reflecting, following His every move
Nov 2021 · 69
An arrow of flowers
has entered my heart
I sip the heady maroon wine
of His love
and dance through the streets
chanting His glorious name
O Beloved
I am drunk on the beauty of
Your Presence
catch me as
I swoon into Your
Eternal Embrace
Nov 2021 · 56
I am singed by Your brilliance
my hair is on fire
my fingertips emit electric sparks
The thought of Your embrace
sets off fireworks...
Come closer...still
Divine One
O fragile life
the kiss of His breath
Excites stars, galaxies and planets
He ripples through us
holds us close to
His luminous *****
in His presence is light eternal
all else is utter gloom
My heart is restless
there is a storm raging in my mind
waves crash recklessly
over unforgiving rocks

And the battered Earth trembles
Only His feet can bestow peace

The Lotus feet of Hari are
our only true support
In early hours
I took the shape of wind
lithe and billowy
I blew across empty
city streets
not a soul in sight
the sky called to me
from it's alluring expanse
I floated a whisper of air
borne of breath
into a wondrous firmament
An Eye opened in the distance
as I floated nearer
scores of candles
numerous lights
surrounded this majestic orb
O Divine One
I bow to You
Namaste a thousand times
I bow to You
a thousand times

When the dove of my heart
flies towards You
with a rose and in it's sunlit beak
O my Swami
O my Lord
stretch out your hand
that I may alight on that silken touch
O to be the vermilion blossom
that kisses your Lotus feet
If I must return...
if I must return Lord
with bookbag strapped
to my back

Please afford me good
where the knowledge
of You
blossoms early in the
fountains of my heart

to lose sight of You
for even a moment
for eons.....
is a death I cannot
Nov 2021 · 33
Take me away forever
bind me to Your glory
far from the cycle of
death and rebirth
end this miserable separation
Nov 2021 · 34
I yearned to touch Your
starry raven feet
my eyes thirsty
for Your darshan
when dreams descend
I fly with gossamer body
a silken shadow in search of You
Nov 2021 · 42
Pink lip stained heavens
a thousand angel kisses
adore Father sky at sunset
His azure arms embrace
Mother Earth and all the
luminescent galaxies
I gaze up with zodiac eyes
my lips trembling
Nov 2021 · 22
Honey bee thinks
my rainbow umbrella
is a scrumptious flower
with ginormous petals
it blooms rain or shine
while I am seated on the
black wrought iron bench
next to the purple porter ****

his pinstriped black
and amber body
a little too close!
Nov 2021 · 147
I dance in His luminous footsteps
a girl drunk on His love
This world shakes
it's gem studded mane
offers me all it's gold
My eyes are forever fixed on His feet
I dance in His luminous footsteps
a girl drunk on His love
Nov 2021 · 25
When I sing to Hari
I know he hears my rapture
I offer it to him
an ecstatic wine
a chalice of blossoms
for His lips only
Nov 2021 · 34
My mind is in a whirlwind
I have lost my way
only the sound of Your flute
can guide me now....
come my Pied Piper
lead me home
Nov 2021 · 24
Hari Om
He has placed a
*** of nectar near my lips
and a diamond in my third eye
I hold fast to his sapphire feet
and find myself
floating in the center
of a jeweled lotus
Nov 2021 · 35
How luminous are His eyes
I'm caught in a star storm
in a blizzard of suns
when we gaze together
I cross a bridge of light

into His dazzling presence
Nov 2021 · 29
The luminous one has come
He has left me dazzled, senseless
starstruck wandering
in a pool of light
singing His name
I'm running up the hill
high speed
towards You
I'm not looking back
past rocks, hail stones, pitfalls
so many lives...
joyful and tragic
where are they now?

O Sai! what sweeter goal
You are at the summit

I'm running a swift current
up the mountain
over tombstones
freshly fallen tears
broken hearts
Heaven's sea

O Sai! What sweeter goal
You are at the zenith
Nov 2021 · 27
Rose of Vrindavin
My heart swells
so that it may burst...!
a rose pink pinata
with petals of
Your Love
dance with us
multiply into
a million Babas
unfolding in the arms
of every ardent devotee
every blushing Radha
Nov 2021 · 536
My heart throbs
Your name
Om Namah Shivaya
all the peaks of Kailash
are melting
with the ardor of my love
Divine city
in the stars...
in my heart
where my Lord
of Kailash, Sathya Sai
My Soul is a blazing comet
streaking towards You

Sai Bolenath

When will I know?



That You are mine
Oct 2021 · 417
Navarathri Blossoms
Today we begin the
Mother of the Universe
Uma Maheshwari
Other half of Vishwanatha

With a thousand arms
Devi gathers us to her
warm ample *****
snows of Kailash melting

Kisses like swan white
lotus blossoms rain profusely
soothing our frightful anguish

O Ma!
Your children wail loudly
from their earthly crib
lift us up to the heavens...
to the limitless possibilities...

Whisper softly in our ears
"You are all sacred souls"
"You do not die"
"You live forever"
I snuggle up under a pile of clouds
like a soft fleece blanket
soothing my fevered brow
O to dream awhile..
peaceful heavens,  
elysian fields,
bucolic paradise
a gentle kiss on my cheek
and the blush of roses
spreads across my countenance

I hear the distant conch
golden bugles
awakening bells...

my tears have turned to nectar
Deep into the
evening diamonds
everlasting well
of your eyes I fall
feels like I could
Free Fall forever into You...
You are so vast
catch me Lord in that
Absolute Oneness
no death
no rebirth
Sep 2021 · 577
Saffron Prayer Shawl
I wrap myself in a shawl
of prayers
shut out the pain
and suffering
in dark silence
illumined by Your presence
I am
Sep 2021 · 374
Dear David
David makes me a friendlier person
sometimes..... I am as aloof
as the Himalayan
mountain range
my head in the ethers
spinning in absolute
sparkling space
glassy stars
pellucid galaxies
cascading around me
my loving hubby
brings me down to earth
I feel the lush loam
warmth of humankind
and gather the world around
my fireplace
singing bhajans
chanting sweet Oms
Sep 2021 · 346
Blue Ozone
You're smoking that cigarette
makes me sad
I watch you from the
lobby window of the hotel
framed with crocus plants
breathe in smoke stacks
pillars of poison
puffing into azure ozone
your once pink lungs
crumble like crematory ash
prayers gush from my heart
put out the fire
Aug 2021 · 48
Alas! I have taken another birth
And lost the blissful opportunity
to dwell with You eternally
Divine Charioteer
Take command of my
galloping senses
wayward mind, unruly disposition

Fly fast and sure Heavenward
In the celestial Palace of my Lord
Refined, pure and chastened
The open flower of my heart
will be His pillow
my joyful kisses
His sweet ambrosia
Aug 2021 · 50
My lips, ecstatic blossoms
perpetually glued to
Your resplendent feet
have lost their desire for
the vanishing fare of this plane
I long only for the Grace of
Your dulcet touch
Aug 2021 · 369
Ocean's Roar
Aug 2021 · 347
There's a red tinged
Shiva Moon
adorning the night sky
honeycombs drip in
the sweet sultry air
My Lord is close to me tonight
His starry raven robes
cover me with pure enchantment
I am a tender whisper
in His heavenly caress
Aug 2021 · 421
In native essence of my heart
nectar rises from
depths unknown
unrestrained sweetness
surges like golden lava
an ancient dweller resides
my Lord of honey bees
and the Universe
amrit trickles continuously....
Aug 2021 · 597
Catch my kisses

cherry blossoms cascade
after warm summer rains

You've promised to never
leave my side

catch my kisses

and I'll catch Yours
Aug 2021 · 297
Your robes are splendor of Sun
but the light that emanates
from You is even greater!
I place my lips, vermilion petals
on your golden footprints
taste a glimmer of Your radiance
Aug 2021 · 289
Poems by the Sea-7
People were enjoying a respite
from the pandemic on
welcoming ocean shores
Paradise beach was polka dot with people
a pelican skimmed over the water
And a splashy boat surfed
across the aquamarine
waves frolicked gently
thankfully not too rough
David and I held hands as we
eased into the cool, healing waters
Queen of the Sea held us in her
buoyant, billowing arms
rocking us to and fro...
Jul 2021 · 284
Bilva leaves in the rain
I plucked Bilva leaves
amidst silver showers
rippling gems fell
from the firmament
a curtain of crystal

Like a rain angel with
translucent wings
the color of dew
and rainbows
I chanted
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Jul 2021 · 262
Lotus in Snowdrifts
I was born in the eye of a blizzard
snow storms from Kailasa
covered me in an arctic blanket

As my eyes opened like a wee bird
to the blinding light
with each breath
Om echoed through
my tiny, trembling body

With each heartbeat
I still wondered...

"Who am I?"
How can I ever forget Your
starry embrace
wherever I turn
You are present
You eclipse my darkness
like a golden shadow and
Illumine me with unimaginable love
We are luminous beings
splendor to the brim
spills over from your eyes
my sister
my brother
there is brightness in your footsteps
This light that we all share is eternal
We sat on hilly banks of the river
The sun nestled behind
a flowery spray of clouds
like baby's breath

Your enchanting smile
is contagious
all my worries vanish into
the splendor of that smile

Catching hold of my heart
we sway in utter adoration
far into the sky
stars and milky ways
swirl past us
there is never a time
you or I ever ceased to exist
I don't know the
shape of things to come
the day opens like a
wild exotic flower
exuding the fragrance
of Your presence
my heart has found You
after long, long searches
here and there
To feel You near
is my life's whole purpose
Lifting the full moon sails
blowing across the
skeins of eternity
our hair tossed
with the fragrance of love
our eyes lit by a strange light
You hold me in Your
surreal embrace......

never let me go
Jul 2021 · 34
Mata Gange
I bathed in the Ganges
washed away my sins
slept near Her crystal shores
Like a lioness she pounded
rocks into powder
devoured our illness,
Jul 2021 · 157
Bells on His anklets
Lord if there is
Prema in my heart
You've promised to abide
with me
on snowy twilight peaks
far from the pull of gravity
O Gangadhar
Light is pouring down from
places beyond
my comprehension
galaxies, constellations
worlds within worlds
fall at your Cosmic feet
All knowing One
This wait is unbearable
Jul 2021 · 40
Ferry us to Forever
Here we go again...
waiting on the banks
shores of samsara
our tears flood the
ocean floor
lapping at the merciful feet
of the Lord
His spear pointing
towards the stars
Guide us home
Auspicious One
ferry us to Forever
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