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Sep 2020
call from Mother Earth the other day...
“yea, this is Mother Earth”
wow, what can I do for you?
“well, I’ve been noticing that some of your poems are about me”
that’s true, are you happy about that?
“so far, however, could you ask the people to not use so much water?
there is going to be a little bit less in your area this year”
what’s the problem, I ask?
“well, she said, I decided to not send in the monsoons this year and appears to have been a mistake”
so that was you?
“yes it was, and I’m a bit sorry.  it’s going to cause a bit of a light winter as well I think”
is there anything we can do?
“just use a bit less water for a while”
and she was gone...or I woke up, not entirely sure

Brian Hill - 2020 # 243
Written by
Bhill  67/M/Ivins Utah
(67/M/Ivins Utah)   
       Acora, Pradip Chattopadhyay, Eshwara Prasad, Leo and leila
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