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Leo Dec 2020
Im the type of ******* that robs his parents front of everybody

Just to cop a couple things, kick some stones and throw a solo party

Most solid dude I ever met just ****** overdosed

**** the doctors think they learn from takin notes up in an overcoat

Walk with me

Through the alleys down the ave where people give all that they have just to stare into an empty sky

Walk with me

Through the shadows in the valley where the gods dont keep their children from the evil that is bounding

Where the holy rod of righteousness was stolen, sold for powder

Where the people lose their lives, not in multiples but powers

Walk with me
Leo Dec 2020
The longest winter I have ever known
You left me chewing stones
To try and find something that’s meaningful
Inside of them

The shortest story I have ever told
Once left me breaking bones
To try and make something that’s meaningful
In spite of them

And as my fingers worked these grains of sand
Into the cloudy sky
I saw a picture that was meaningful
And lied to them
Leo Dec 2020
Ikke hvit
Den følelsen
Bare etter det
Leo Dec 2020
Ikke svart
Den fargen
Bare før det
Leo Nov 2020
Steel grey mars the sky of a dead world

A specter stares at a stained glass rendering of a dead story he read about in a dead book on a dead religion in a dead language.

He sits on a dead tree and kneels on its dead kin.

A revenant sings

Smoke pours from the burning remains of dead plants turned incense - dying

He walks toward the pulpit

Carved and engraved by a dead artist from a dead town named after a dead slave owner

He grabs the pulpit

Dead skin of his fingernails gripping twisted filigree molded from dead vines

He speaks of life

Of Sunday morning soirées dancing in the summer heat laughing through the harsh winter laying under covers hiding from their nightmares board games on the floor of the living room of the new house on a rainy Tuesday afternoon the smell of pancakes every Saturday morning driving thriving twisting writing breathing bleeding beating


And he almost forgets

She is dead

And his stories

Are ghost stories
Leo Nov 2020
I walk with grace
Not gracefully
But alive
And therefore with more grace
Than may be deserved

My life
An affront to itself
A poetic type of irony
Which deconstructs the whole
To find each piece
Our lives

Kaleidoscopic melding of melting crown moulding mounding

On the floor

Where I lay flat
On my stomach
Waiting for it to form
Into something more exciting
Or at least less

A child’s pursuit
Of confounding
To turn around
And confound

To be got
To be able to get

What I’m trying to say is one time I ingested psilocybin mushrooms in the forest and climbed to the top of a tree fort. My friend told me to draw what I saw and handed me a pen. I grabbed the pen and it slipped from my hand to the ground. And I knew. I knew in that moment there was nothing to say. I saw two shadowed figures standing on the ground and one of them pointed up to us.

The wheel is turning
Ever and onward
Rushing at speeds
To the acute observer

Obtuse the angles
Of the eye which catches
The periphery
And sees moving
Or shifting

The pavement is veiled in zig-zagging patterns superimposed and waiting to split open revealing the universe

And I lay
Tired and wide-eyed
A stone stabbing the back of my head
Staring at the sky
Wondering how infinite

A vain pursuit
To place words
Where there are already
Stars and space

What I’m trying to say is, months later I was in the same forest with the same friend who had given me the pen which taught me to speak. We were doing ******* off of the case of a digital scale by a fire pit lined with fallen trees. It was fall and it was windy and we all had to gather around to lay out lines so it wouldn’t blow away. My friend points to the tree fort and asks if I remember the time we sat there tripping. I remember the shadowed figures and I remember there is nothing to say.

Silence a slippery thing
Not like darkness
Gauged in tone
Simply there
Or not

Seemingly never not
Always a ringing
Almost chirping
If you listen close
To the walls

The stories of dead trees whose lives spanned unspoken aeons and whose roots tasted plowed and plagued soil - felt the crisp rain before we turned it to acid.

I hear this rain
I stand out in it
Feel it on my skin
Listen closely to its story

A stalemate
To say things are known
In opposition
Which dictates knowing

What I’m trying to say is, I spent a lot of time going back to that place. There were abandoned storage containers we used to smoke **** and drink beer inside of. I spent a lot of time phasing through walls on dextromethorphan, and always getting stuck about a foot behind where the wall is. You see it’s not the wall you have to worry about, it’s the underlying concept of a barrier that manifests itself in a wall that I could never seem to get past.

Until that time
Asleep in the next room
I walked to the bathroom

Whispering walls foreboding dark fortunes. Blue reflections of artificial light contorting face and shadows.

I saw it

It placed one finger on its lips

The other hand outstretched
Reaching in to darkness

What I’m trying to say is,
“What are you reaching for?”
Leo Nov 2020

Whose angelic bodies sing
Eternal in service
To supremacy

Whose chains of light confine
The awful creatures’ existence
On knees

What shallow merit in good
To be condemned to
Servitude perpetual

And yet,
Here we are

This world a frightful Eden
It’s laws unbroken binding
Their exception paradise
For fools


What say you of our garden
For whose earthly delights
We do tread shallow waters
Longing for release

What say you of these new-built cages
Steel and glass spires rending
Views of heavens for multitudes
Of scuffling creatures

The fertile forest lain flat to mound
Smoldering bile skyward

What say you, Heironymus?

And Marcus!

What say you of the rampant plague
Of stoic nature not hard fought
But fostered from the womb

A generation’s tethered dreams
Of vain glory
Seldom pursued

Whose very tools of liberation
Themselves became
Their ties

What say you, Marcus?

And Plato!

What say you of the shadows
We have cast from whose dancing
In the flickering light
We have grown to know

Would you call that virtue
Justice which has stole
Away our vessels

Where would you have
A soul migrate
Which, lost, knows only


A vagrant - a lion?
A king - a sheep?
A beggar - a lion?
A soldier - a sheep?
A doctor - a lion?
A priest - a sheep?

What say you, Plato?
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