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Leo Oct 2021
What light through yonder clos├ęd window breaks

It is the east

And red is the sun

And liquid amber

Sinking to its home

What many flowers bloom here and shimmering catch my eye

To die upon my waking or falling to deeper sleep
Leo Oct 2021
I watched you building borders
Riding north on golden tigers

Feeding famished families
All the brass that you could muster

Running rackets round rodeo
Seeping lifeblood from your victims

Until they scrape their tired bones
To feed you marrow

And yet you've come to loathe
The wild children


Through misanthropic misdemeanors
Rage against the dying

Of the systems you have set forth
To feed into their ire
Leo Sep 2021
Jesus Christ!
I saw you -
Standing naked on that stage
That we had made -
When we stole your clothes
And anglicized your name
Oh, what a shame!
To be born again -
Into the things you hate
Oh, what a shame, to be born again!

As everything you hate
Leo Sep 2021
One day I'll wake up
To a thunderous applause
Then a cackle of laughter
And clacking of claws
And as truths I've not spoken
Are ripped from my jaw
I will see that my whole life
Was nothing at all

But I'm trying to be
Whatever it is you said
While I'm lost in a minefield
Of existential dread
Leo Aug 2021
A piece of myself left behind
To fester on that summer day
Ripped open for the sun to finally see
The rays caressing my bones for the first time
My marrow exiting its cave of flesh
I am exquisite
The rush of what blood I have left to my head
As I watch its like pour out onto a blank page
I paint a picture with it
Try to make it beautiful
In the end it is only my blood
Blood I did not choose to spill
But chose to transfigure
Leo Aug 2021
Deciduous frost crawls up between my toes
My feet sink in the deep mire
I pull my left foot out and the right sinks
Finding something solid
The cold consumes my left leg
Chilled and raw in the open air
Leo Aug 2021
Cloak yourself in the skins of your idols
Dance in the forest under waxing moonlight
Draw your blood over the sacred fire
Weep ecstatic
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