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May 16
Burning beneath the ice,
bubbling effervescence,
torment it bears in violet,
silent as the owl lies the truth,
in the depths of the unknown soul.
Plead it to speak,
it stays quite.
Hope it comes out,
it stays invisible.
You have to befriend it,
for it is a dominance most uncooperative.
Truth is like the seed of poisonous fruit. You have to take all the risk and open the fruit, only then can you get the seed. Truth is many a time bitter and heart-wrenching. It also waits to push matters to the worst of limits before coming out. However, it is a power very furious. It could cause apocalypse or could be the apostrophe in your life begging you to hold on. Truth is very mysterious. Many people spent lifetimes trying to find it, others do so trying to deny it, there are others who try to hide it and some keep it in close confide. What your truth may be, wear it like a badge, for it is like a friend who demands your complete acceptance and understanding.
Written by
   John Destalo and Shrika
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