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Feb 27
Will you be my friend
Asking for a friend
Tell me you want to
So it can be the end
I'm begging for a breath
But you wouldn't believe me
I just want an answer
To resolve this cancer oh
Will you
just be my

Standing beside our room
I keep on seeing you
I feel like I'm high on a dream
A nightmare that's coming true
It's like it was all just a plan
A plan that I'm just drowning in oh
why won't
just won't you
come on just
become my

Plastic wrapped, silver fabricate,
Pretending i'm alright, but fearing
So much I can't take
Losing my oh my mind
h e l p me
I feel that I just might die
Isn't that l o v e l y...

Why won't you
Just will you
Come on i can't breathe
I'm losing
It's harder to see
These games I
Fading mind
Oh lord why why I
if you don't
then i won't
so will you
be my
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
   Owen, Eloisa, Quixotic and Glennys Ross
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