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Glennys Ross Aug 2018
I hate these nights when I miss you
When I can't get you off my mind
I feel weak and pathetic
I mean, who's depressed after a mutual decision?
I guess I am
I figured it would take a few days
But I still miss you
I still want to be yours
Why does distance cause so many problems?
Maybe we could work it out
But probably not
Distance is a miserable mistress
It causes problems and heartbreak
I wish it could work out
But distance is a *****
I just put this together to get out some feelings instead of holding it all in. Sorry about it being so cringy
Glennys Ross Jan 2018
I just want to go away
To leave this place and fly away
But if I did, I would never see you
And that’s a greater torture than I’m going through

I hate the skin I live in
Why can’t I be pretty and thin?
Anorexic like the other girls
With bright blonde hair and pretty curls

Beautiful with doll like eyes
You’d never think one of them cries
But even behind that lovely mask
There’s a pain that within they bask

I know the pain that they feel
And I understand it’s very real
The pain they feel is called self-hate
And I live with it every day

— The End —