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Jan 2020
Often we assume we have understood the fullness of God’s profundity
When in fact, only a smidgen of His glory is what we see
Although the full glory of God is something we cannot fully comprehend,
Through His word, little by little He helps us to understand

The glory of the Lord is revealed through His inexhaustible provision,
This can be seen from how He constantly provided for Israel from its inception
God lovingly provides us with many things to meet our physical needs
But beyond that, He gives His word to meet the spiritual needs of those who seek

The glory of God is revealed through His power and protection,
An example is how He went before the Israelites and gave them direction
His glory is also revealed through His promises and His presence,
If only we would use our senses to see and listen with reverence  

God provides us with senses to catch glimpses of His immeasurable glory,
From sight to hearing He helps us to behold His glory personally
The gift of senses is to be used to recognise God beyond the external appearances,
For only when our spiritual senses are awakened can we sense His presence

Our challenge is to recognise the presence of God and His glory,
To constantly seek and serve the Lord with humility
Let us be encouraged to sing, declare and proclaim the glory of the Lord,
And strive to be faithful believers and servants of God!

Inspiration: Exodus 14:19-20, Exodus 19:16-18, Ezekiel 1:28, Psalm 27:8, 1 Chronicles 16:10-29
Written by
poemsexpressionswordstruth  14/F
   Fawn and ---
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