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Aug 6
I need to find the strength to get over you.
It’s becoming hard to breathe.
My hands are trembling, my legs are quivering
You’ve got me down on both knees
I am searching for you in every forced kiss
Every time I called him baby
I had to close my eyes
Because only in darkness do I see the light anymore
Only when the sun goes down
Does the flickering candlelight
Take the shape of your burning hot lips
Wax dripping down the side like the tip of your finger dragging down my spine
Or the tears crawling down my cheeks
And only when I blow it out does the smoke find the form of every ‘I love you’
Trailing off at the end
Dancing into the air, never quite reaching its destination
The pattern on my ceiling is starting to look more and more like the scratches on my back
I look at the clock and all I see is every second passing by that you have not called
Every minute I spent wondering why I was never enough
Every hour, why you did not think you deserved my love?
Every day, well every day could never amount to the time I spent running out of chances and running into the arms of anyone who was willing to say the words that never dare spilled out of your careless mouth
Broken hands, drenched in blood, reach out to me in my dreams
Broken by promises, drenched in insecurity
There was never a difference to me
Scraps of sentences I never finished are choking me
And regrets are lodged in between my teeth
When will the strength find me?
an old poem i found clearing storage on my laptop
Written by
cozyjune  18/F/Indianapolis
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