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May 30
Oh ocean eyes
Where has the current taken you
Deep in the waters
You drift through the waves  
Relentless it seems
But hold your breath
For greener pastures lay ahead

Oh forest eyes
If I fall for you
From the tallest trees
It’s because I love the sight
Of the evergreens
And the soil from which they grow
I can feel it on my soles
There’s no better feeling in the world
Oh Earthen eyes
The steps you take
To make things better
The winds that change
And take you away
You roam free like never before
You are the one that cures
My soul from this misery

Oh my eyes that fill the void
Deep in space
Secluded from the universe
I think of you, when I’m alone
You remind me
Of how I use to see the world
But I’m here blindsided
By the vices of this world
But I can feel your energy
More than ever before

One day I’ll see your light
Where I can fill this empty heart
Time will come
And time will go
But I wait for the day,
Where I’ll see you
Past the realm of this world
Sergio Esteban
Written by
Sergio Esteban  24/M/CA
     Fawn and BR Dragos
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