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Mar 2019
Pretty Please With Cherries On Top.

I wish to feel, I am King amongst the worms;
I wish to feel, I am the Prince of the peasants.
I wish to feel, I am a King of losers;
I wish to get, a taste of your Heaven.

But who am I, to dream of such riches?
Who am I, to ask for more?
Who am I, to presume to reach for you?
Who am I, but a walking, talking, creature of contradictions?
Now I am simply, your poor *****.

So let me be free, to make a choice,
Let me be free, to turn up the noise,
Let me be free, to scream it out.
Please don’t tell me, to keep my thoughts for you quiet.

Here I am, begging at your feet,
Here I am, under your thumb.
Here I am, if you look down you will see,
I’m simply sat with caring arms, needing to hold someone.
Here I am, tell me something,
Tell me a lie, say something comforting.

Can I bring you, down to Earth?
Can I give you, all my love?
Can I show you, Heaven is still out of my reach?
Can I show you, your Heaven could be ‘Us’.

You have not lived, long enough to die,
So you have not found, your so called Heaven yet.
But I can show you an illusion, of you and I,
Living here on Earth, in our man made pure bliss.

Love me now and this illusion will become real,
Love me now and I can begin to feel.
Love me now and I can be your steel,
Sword of defiance, against this cruel world.

Say yes to me and I’ll not ask again,
Say yes to me, promise me you’re not lying.
Say yes to me and I shall bring you sunshine,
Say yes to me and you shall never again be alone.

Give me a mirror, to reflect your warmth,
Give me a smile, to ease my sadness.
Give me a dream, of being truly loved,
Give me you and I shall have my happiness.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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