Drink o mortal
before the nectar of life
dries up.
Give a man a taste for money
and he'll shut out his conscience
he'll be craving for more and more
lock his values behind closed door
new tricks he'll be keen to learn
to skill himself in the trade to earn
minding only to fill his kitty
using even art as another commodity
he'll kill if that means his rise
that would only be a small compromise
soon a monster in this dogged pursuit
he'll be feasting upon his own kin's meat.
When chaos is all
the words create,
better be silent.
adds upto nothing
if years
grown you old.
we don't know
when death will
write us off.
Steal one stare.

Looking at a woman
is never unfair.
We say we haven't time,
Time says I'm all yours.
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