I beg a good laugh from you
it's long overdue

with a poem that makes me
roll on the floor
gushing ha-ha and hee-hee
and crawl on all four!

with the worst supply over here :(

Enough is said about you
And not enough done
Regarding your health
Toward keeping you safe
Helping you to remain habitable.


Aging with grace
edging out
the rough edges.

How we've changed over the years
is important to reflect upon,
but more important is to contemplate
if during that time
we've been able to change
someone's life for the better.

How human we are depends on its degree
Unrecognized but a key human trait
Marks a person out this attribute
Imbues with an aura of goodness
Low profile they love to maintain
Interests not them the limelight
Touch the heart of whoever meets them
You have it and I too should.

PoetryJournal Apr 17

The website header is a mess
the administrator should address.

i held it back thinking things would improve, but with every click, a different header shows, from HePo to the many others with all kinds of punctuations.
PoetryJournal Apr 15

Counting life by the hour
a flower touches
countless hearts.

life of time, not time of life, matters.
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