how the world is full of people
yet one person
makes our world.

Relationships are mostly
give and take
the outcome often being
give and grieve.

Successful men take a good deal from life.

It's only the noble
that gives life a good deal.

Raise a toast
to the time
you couldn't post.

The host
down to be error free
lifted you up
and away
from poetry.

I tried God.
Poetry heals better.

PoetryJournal Jan 11

Brown dust covers the page closed long
enough said you and you were wrong
yet to be told gathers in a queue
once more craving words of you
never say done says the unexplored
drive along till you find a new road

Follow the map charted by dreams
ask not where lead the course of streams
rarely may reveal a pearl in a shell
end is not the place means dwell
weary but richer with years you feel
enough never comes if there's a will
love to listen and lust to tell
look up to words they would tend you well.

it takes a break to be restored.
PoetryJournal Sep 2017

For a time our paths crossed
and in the depth of that space
reigned love and amity
easing the existence
writing and sharing
endless streams of thoughts
looking to find a release
loving to have said and heard.

au revoir
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