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Sep 2018
Hold the ones who matter close..
Be sure they know, they matter most, because as the tides change, the puzzle pieces rearrange..

And it's so easy to forget what pieces connect to what part orβ€” what even caused the initial spark that gave you the courage to paint the picture in the first **** place.

Why ignite the flame that burns so brightly behind your eyes, if you're not willing to compromise?

It's easy to blame and to remember blunder, but it's much, much harder to forgive the martyr. We live, we coincide, yet we deny the existence of inequality. We strive to live and let live, but forget the importance of strength in the structure between one another.

There is an exhilerance, or sort of ignorant bliss, in tolerance, but there's something entirely ineffable about that which accompanies the tenacity that we understand to be love.

The purposeful intent to forgive, to love beyond the depths of humanity's innate ability to err, is a feat I strive to emit in my fleeting, flicker of a lifetime. Do you not seek the same?

And as I envision the least desirable of decisions, I falter at the thought of never knowing what could have been. I will forever defend the foundation we built, with impressions, expressing the very values we defined in earlier times.

And I refuse to linger, lost inside my thoughts and allow you to berate the meanings we made, but rather, manifest the very best of visions; a place made up entirely of better decisions.
Written by
Lilywhite  28/F
       Steven Cole, Carmen Jane, Moonlight, Crow and Napolis
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