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Aug 2018
The difference between a boy and a girl in moving on.
When it's over for a girl, it's hard at first, but it gets easier later on for her. At first, she'll be devastated. There will be many days she'll text him and show him that she wants to get back together. There will be many nights where she'll lay in bed and send him paragraphs before she sleeps. There will be many occasions where she'll lurk on his social media and see if he's with another girl or around other girls. There will be many times where she'll get mad when she sees him doing things without considering her feelings because in her mind, they're still together. She'll isolate herself and not want to be around other people. She wouldn't be in the mood to do anything eventful. She'll lose motivation in life and feel like it'll never get better because she depended on loving him for so long that she doesn't know what to do without him. But then, after some time, she realizes that maybe things are better off this way, maybe it just wasn't meant to be as she had hoped, and maybe it's time for her to stop waiting for him to come back. Eventually, she remembers how to be on her own. Eventually, she realized how she was fine before him. Eventually, she recognizes that the only person who deserves her love more than ever is herself.
When it's over for a guy, it's easy at first, but it gets harder later. At first, he'll feel relieved. There will be many days where he'll ignore her text messages because he doesn't have to deal with her anymore. There will be many nights where he won't care enough to reply to her messages because he's too busy partying. There will be many occasions where his Snapchat will be full of girls and it wouldn't bother him that it bothers her. There will be many times where he'll argue with her and remind her that they aren't together anymore so she should stop being crazy. He'll enjoy being around his friends. He's be up for meeting new friends and having new experiences. He will so happy that he's finally free to do whatever he wants because being with her was so straining that he had started to love her less and less until he didn't love he hard enough to try anymore. But then, after some time, he realizes that maybe the single life isn't what he wants, maybe it was foolish of him to treat her the way he did, and maybe he should step up and be everything she needed. Eventually, he remembers how much he adored her crazy personality. Eventually, he realized how much he misses her when he stares at the other side of the bed where she used to lay. Eventually, he recognizes how he ****** up on the one person he didn't deserve and was so lucky to have.
words by: teddie nguyen
Written by
lilhadi  22/M/Pakistan
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