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Jul 9
Silently watching the lives
through my phone
Seeing the smiles and connections.
Sad to see, all the things I’ll never have.

A connection that lasts longer
then a few years.
A bond stronger than the tides
and as bright as the stars.

Someone to honestly share the views of the world with
to show them myself and give them every
minor detail.
For them to love what they see.

I watch their lives through my phone.
I see that world through it.
I so badly want to live there
I so badly want to say

Hello, this is my first poem on this website, and I'm super excited. I'm pretty new to writing poetry so any suggestions would be great! Have a magical day!
Stephen C Shilling
Written by
Stephen C Shilling  20/Cisgender Male/Space
(20/Cisgender Male/Space)   
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