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Jul 4
Write it down

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down when you are really down.

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down, when you are really down.

Or push them down, push them down,
Push those feelings deep, deep down.

If you are feeling worthless,
Write something that is priceless.
Be true to your words and say what you mean
And your words will leap from the paper and into the machine.

The machine that needs feeding, with feelings and thoughts;
Then you shall begin to write your own books.
Your bible of your time, your life in your own words;
Write it because you have to, or you want to, or write it for him or her.

Find a guitar man to sing your songs,
Get them to sing your words and sing along.

**** the aesthetics, write something that means something.
Do not care about the consequences,
They cannot take offence if they never see it.

Upload your thoughts into the world-wide-web
And watch them drift off into the atmosphere
And change the atmosphere inside someone else’s head.

Make them think about what you write,
Because you know you are right
And maybe with a little insight,
They will agree or disagree;
But they will see the world through your eyes.

You can’t please all the people all the time,
So don’t attempt to please anyone but yourself.
Because your thoughts are right, to you they are correct;
Tell anyone with negative words to go to ****.
Because this is what you believe;
But knowledge is power, so read and watch T.V.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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