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Apr 2018
From the ashes

All my words are bulletproof;
Shout at me and your words I will use.
Everything I took from you,
Left me feeling battered and bruised.

Things are always meaningless,
Unless you take them to your chest.
Then they become more than less;
Letters become sentences.

Power comes from inside your mind;
Thoughts are gold and these thoughts are mine.
I would change the world if I could find the time,
But wishes explode and the remains rise up into the sky.

Lightning never strikes here twice,
So build a home after a lightning strike.
From the air into the ground;
My whole world comes crashing down.

Pick my life up with a dust pan and brush;
I am broken – I am trust.
I could never give a fudge,
To anyone that I didn’t love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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