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Mar 2018
This world has taught me that having self-confidence           
Makes you more susceptible to failure.                                       

But that failures can sometimes be soothed             
with some thought and a pen and paper.   

This world has taught me that the truth 
is more likely to emerge if you are anonymous.                      

That sometimes being a traitor,                                                         ­   
is synonymous                                                       ­             
with looking out for yourself.                                                        ­        

This world has taught me that the more power
and wealth you may hold,   
the less you care about those below you.

The more your arrogance grows,
the stronger your belief that you cannot be controlled.    

This world has shown me how your heart can feel cold,
infested with hurt
only to realize it's rotting with mold.

That you can be surround by people
or peers, and still feel so detached and unequal.

This world has taught me that when you tell someone a story,            
They will be waiting in anticipation
not paying attention,
but in a hurry                                      
just so they can tell you theirs.         
Ignorant of the fact that I realize it.
Ignorant of the fact that hurts me.                                                          

Th­is world has taught me that the feeling of glory 
is sometimes followed with guilt.
no hero or champion would ever dare to admit
how it swelled their bellies with unfulfilling accomplishment.

Sometimes I wonder how long it took them
to recover,
to have that courage inside their souls re-built.
Written by
lost lauren  22/F
     Jerry, Bibby and Krista DelleFemine
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