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Mar 2018
Now this is a story all about how
My life had been flipped and turned upside down
Let's take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell ya how I tumbled down the stairs

I was chilling with the fam
We were watching Voltron
When something happened
That made me go "WOT?!"

I thought it'd be funny
To pretend to throw
Myself down the stairs
I said "Down I go!"

I went down a couple
And then a few more
I never intended
To go all the way to the floor

I kept falling
Headfirst into each step
It was scary
But I couldn't get a grip

I tried to grab on
To the rail of the stairs
But all was a fail
As I couldn't hold on

I felt the hope slip
Out of my grip
As I fell down the stairs
Laughing to tears

Or was I crying?


It was pretty funny

Even though my friends didn't try to save me.
My last poem was really sad so here is a poem about something that happened to me recently. As scary as it was, it's pretty funny thinking back.
Written by
Sam  16/M/A pineapple under the sea
(16/M/A pineapple under the sea)   
       ---, J, SangAndTranen, Dinodust, empty seas and 2 others
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