If I teach you to fish
Will you do it?

Or will you remind me
That my teaching doesn’t fully yield your expertise?
And when you fail to seize
Success - simply yelp
That docs aren’t enough to help?

Or will you blame process or my people
For your team’s devovlement in sheeple?

I want discourse and not dissent
I want progress and not lament.
I want proactiveness and common ground -
I want you to fish well - when I can’t be found.

I need you to step up - this ain’t just some punt.
I need you to fish - so I can learn to hunt.
I have always loved the idea of an end goal to any role should be to do everything you can to make yourself obsolete - that way you can keep doing and learning new things yourself!  You do need to have people you can trust though to take over the thing you want to move on from  - not always a given.
How do we optimize for...

The most talented engineer in the world
Into third-world existensionalism hurled.
Needing more to provide for immediate family
Than solving greater criseses of humanity -
Should their ultimate potential remain unfurled?

Or an artist -  who through his or her art unites
Races and genders. - who through talent reduces fright?
Who due to geolocation is marginalized
Or more likely -  is exploited and politicized
And in the end disillusion becomes their plight?

How do we optimize for...

Value to most.. being a deciding factor?
Over being a cause of the day to some ex-actor?
What if we were compensated by value to humanity rather than economical pressures?  How many people would make different choices about what they do every day?
She awakens.

Not expecting the rush..
the relief...
the gratitude...
Not expecting this chance to dance another day.

Not expecting the chance...
The courage..
To finally ask which way is up.

And finally hearing the answer.

And knowing exactly where to go.
For any concerned readers this is not a current state of mind (but not total fiction, years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and overcame it so definitely empathy here) but the recent celebrity suicides have made me wonder - what if their failure to succeed or even better earlier recognition they were in trouble could have been the catalyst to either destimatizing depression rather than their success?  Why is depression or anxiety considered to be weak when practically every person I have ever met has dealt with it to some degree?  How do we change this?
“You said xyz.”


Did I really?
Could I have forgotten
Or changed my tune
So much these words
I don’t think I’d say
I might once have strewn?

Or are you banking
On my failure to document
And my learning curve
For convenient blame
When you fail
To rightly play the game?

This time I’ll allow doubt
The benefit..
A misunderstanding perhaps?
Assumptions adrift?
But be aware...
If indeed your claim
And aim to blame
Should pan out to be
A shameful ruse -
If you ever pull this shit again -
And that’s why you should always take notes.

Sadly, perfection is unattainable, my friends.
“Better” will evermore exist.
The balance between these...  and your “good enough”
Is the calculation of your risk.

(This is simply... reality.)

Your “good enough” will be subjective.
Your “good enough” will be your bar.
It’s how you will judge the efforts of others.
It will define who you know YOU are.

Please stay true to your “good enough”...
Please stay true to your ideal.
Please keep the faith even when you are tried...
Please don’t allow others that faith to steal.

Be brave;
Be bold;
and don’t fear the coward’s bite.
Don’t let the failings of others influence your sight.
Don’t take flight
When you know there may be a fight.

(I swear - You are too bright to let that spite dim your light!)

I know it can be scary..but seriously -
When you are right...let yourself be right.
I strive for excellence in what I do but I also know that there is a middle ground in the achievable especially when dates by which something must be done can’t move.  What I can’t abide though is when people try to take advantage of my empathetic nature or try to make me change the bar when it’s clear they screwed up.  Not cool - this is really about reminding myself that I shouldn’t change the rules just because someone else f’ed up and furthermore it’s pretty shitty if they try to manipulate me into lowering my standards to cover their ass.
It’s all relative.


And countless others that feel the same.

Talent can’t beat
Right place
Right time.
Right viewer...
Right rhyme.

And yet....

There is a magic to choice
And finding that voice
That reaches your heart...
That resembles true art.

That makes you survive and come alive.

And thrive!
When I was in high school, the local college radio station was my poetry to the mainstream drivel.  There was this show called “Eric’s Awful Show” that played the funny and avant garde - the Ministry and Primus and Dr Demento and even Weird Al and it made me feel normal to find the humor in the mundane, the power of spin and perspective.   And this connection - no matter how abstract or tenuous - reminded me that it’s okay - even better sometimes -to express even the difficult things with a degree of humor. As long as it is done so with a modicum of respect.  And it also reminded me that true art shouldn’t ever be measured by commercial success - and there are times it will be worth mining for those diamonds in the rough.  That sometimes weird is definitely the best!
Danger dances;
The light show
Through the glass pane slashes
And flashes..
And crashes
To the quintessential percussion -
The hypnotic snare ratatatatatatatat;
The confident progression
And later recession
of the old bass drum.

And I can only muse
What a dark shame it will be
If my power -
And my network connectivity -
should cease.
Ode to the lame hypocrisy of being able to recognize the poetic beauty of a thunderstorm but still want the latest episode of a show on my DVR in the morning.
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