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J 3d
Busy is as busy does
But this as busy as ever was

They believe me now
**** - holy cow!
Investment - wow!
Culture change - how?

So many choices
So many voices
So much noise
To overtone the joys
Yet now we’re set on the right *******  track
There be no ******* looking back

It’s raining
I’m pouring
We’re no longer snoring
Let’s collaborate and get to work
No more campaigning
And straining
Quite frankly it’s draining
Cease complaining
This is no longer a thing to shirk.

Let’s set the world on fire.
Sans ire.
Let’s be on that same ******* page
Let’s win despite any internal rage.

We will see another age.
J Jul 20
Stop screaming at me at midnight
Old lady -  if you want friends
Your demands are out of line
And you’ll be evicted lacking amends.

I shall pet you during normal business hours
And love upon you may you forecast showers
But if tonight you don’t let me ******* sleep
Those nine lives may be one life less deep.
I jest somewhat - I love this 16yo cat but her recent habit of yowling for attention in the middle of the night I decidedly don’t love.  Like having another infant!
J Jul 13
One.. two.. three.. four..
Opportunity at your door!
Two.. four.. six.. eight..
Best open up - it’s getting late!

Slick snake oil shill
Or earnest saint?
A means to ****
Or means to taint?

Who does one trust
If oneself not
If information sought
Not yet’s been brought?

**** it’s hot.

It’s not so dire!
Not all choices be ice verses fire.
Decisions tried can be reversed
And in 2019 - failure’s not a curse.
Learn something
and if need be adjust your course
And when you fall
(Because you will)
Get back on your freaking horse.

You are a force.

The only path to see what you might be
Is simply to try - this sets you free.
J Jul 6
Importance verses urgency
The epic battle -
Who wins?
Let’s just play and see!

The monster presentation
To solidify my station
Somehow magically dwarfed
By the kid at school who barfed.

The career prayers
Stymied by the kid with night terrors
And the screenplay you didn’t write
Holding a child’s hand til light.


Maybe now is not your time
Maybe your purpose is simply to rhyme
Maybe the waiting you invest
Is because that kid you comfort is simply the best.

Maybe your choices
Enable their voices.
As your own parents sacrificed
So your life
Was not defined by strife.
Writing for free
But maybe inspiring few
Is more than most even aspire to
The math is enough
But perhaps they will one day discover
One day their silly mom was under cover
A poet.

And they will be proud.
J Jun 22

Next time I solipsisticly question my impact
Or dramatize or overreact
Remind me that due to tech lives can be lost
And hubris pays the ultimate cost.
In which I watch the first episode of Chernobyl and realize  at least I’m not sending people to their death via radiation poisoning.  Holy ******* ****.  And here I whine about usability.  It puts things in context for sure.
J Jun 9
Granted my wish
I’ll still know there should be more
That what we have’s not enough
That though delivering some stuff
The marketing don’t match what we bore.

Slay the messenger?
I hope not.
Do you want the truth or do you not?
Fairy tales don’t make sales.
We can learn from these fails.

But is it only on me?
Do you see what I see?
Numbers don’t disagree
Feedback’s this weeks’s homily.


Unless you want all this be spent in jest
To fix it now we must invest..
This is not just for me that this be best
I’m just the latest to be stressed.

I’m terrified to take the blame
For such an awful yet true claim
Please understand my only aim
Is to protect YOUR - not mine -name.

Such a shame.

Transparency should not be scary.
J Jun 8
Trouble I am...
And it be me.
For a future better
I sooth-****-see.

What be mine ill
For such guarantee?
The fear of change..
And it be not free.
Change is hard.  So busy but need to write.
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