Two roads diverged in a wood
And I -
though give into spite and fear I could...
Would rather focus on what I should -
The path not easy - but leads to greatest good.

Still I’ll admit a nagging temptation
To respond in clever snarky frustration
When not seeing through the cons
The folks with fear of change respond.

I simply want to find the thing that’s best for most.
Continuously improve... and not just coast.
I’m truly not trying to make it hard for you
But what’s right must not be undermined by the few.

Please give me strength to lead in fair fashion
When dealing with misguided passion;
And figure out how to build consesus
Without letting down my sane defenses.
Let’s figure out together how to do all this right -
Without constantly picking these wasteful fights.

Pretty please?
Or at least the strength to bite my tongue and not respond immediately and emotionally when people are resistant initially to things that will be good for them in the long run. Props to R Frost :)
Distilling simplicity is a daunting ability
When your reality is based on complexity.
Software interface design is the inspiration for this but it is true for many other things as well.  Why can it be so hard to make something that is simple for others to easily grasp and use?  It is an art that is weirdly and sadly often neglected or undervalued - but users or consumers really notice whe design is not simple and elegant and often complain!  Yet I’m often looking for metaphors to get the importance of this concept across and failing miserably :(
Time cannot contain what I wish to accomplish.
Prioritize, they say.
Consider what could be most impactful.
That’s relative, I say.

Potential is not necessarily one dimensional.

Do I enable others to write apps that catch fire?
Do I - myself -  write fables or poems - that inspire?
Am I the spokesperson for - or real author of words?
Do I say what I really think - or dance for the mighty  herds?

Or am I paralyzed?
And do I let this time go by
Choosing apathy via fear
As we burn through each new year?

Muses - I beseech thee I won’t regret -
Or that I won’t give in to this threat -
And won’t ad nauseum blindly let
Myself continually to fret
That this course of mine is so firmly set.
How do decide what you want your legacy to be?  Do you define your purpose or is it defined for you?
Even if your faith in this cause I can’t instill
I’ll just keep on tilting at this windmill.
Sometimes you have to keep on believing in a vision even if others don’t get it yet.  (Of course, other times you might be wrong too!   Hard to know whether you are an idiot or a visionary for sure when you are taking risks :))
I don’t want to watch Jurassic Park.

I do not want to in the dark.
I would not like to with a shark.
I don’t want to with - or without - popcorn.
Though I know I risk your outraged scorn!

Fifty times we’ve watched this same damn thing.
How do you now not find this totes boring?

What I wouldn’t give to bring back Frozen!
At least you limited that to a dozen.

Or Trolls was cute - let’s get out Trolls!
<Did you just say - that’s not how you rolls?!?>

The Lorax, Moana, Shaun the Sheep - or Wall-E?
Shrek or Up or any Toy Story?
Ice Age - Or maybe Horton Hears a Who?
Surfs Up - or even Despicable Me 2?

I totally get it, kid - I’m not inhuman.
I even dig it when that dinosaur eats Newman.
But think of all choices that are not this one!
Something new or different could be more fun!

So what do you say...let’s collaborate
And come up with something we both won’t hate.
Compromise is a great lesson for you to learn...

What’s that you say?
Grrr you’re right...I DID say it’s YOUR turn.
A couple days late for Seuss day... but still had to share.  Also I’m a total hypocrite e as I remember watching Wayne’s World almost every day in college one year! :)
I did not like pro wrestling -
No sir - I found it rough.
All the blood and weirdy fakeness!
And dudes almost in the buff!?!

I did not dig pro wrestling -
I found it most uncouth!
I found it much beneath me -
If you must know the truth.

Then I finally watched pro wrestling...
To prove to a cute boy I wasn't a fool.
And goddamnit I must now humbly confess -
At least - Shawn Michaels.... is pretty cool!
My husband grew up watching wrestling and I being one of three girls was never exposed to it and definitely had a predjudice against it. But honestly if nothing else  it turns out it can be pretty funny and we even had Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music as our entrance music to our wedding reception..and it was awesome (Shawn Michaels’ music is still my favorite though but wildly inappropriate for that venue :))
Sometimes it takes an epic fail
To ultimately progress the tale.
Or even to make progress at all, which is sad :( but it is also the catharsis through which our protagonist evolves and learns, right?
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