Don’t frown.
Or channel the lame sad clown.

To be taken seriously
You must be deliriously
(Or - Hopped up - a mystic?)

Spin master
(challenge anything at all - I double dare you!)

Fear calling any spade
A spade
When while you don’t
Those in need lack aide.

Who are you really?
It is super cute
To employ the rhetoric
But not execute.

Don’t be the clown -
The clown is too easy.
Be the change agent
And make them truly see.
Sniffles and snuffles go away
And fever - though I know you didn’t plan it -
Quite fishy may a sick day look
After a 10 day vacation, damn it!
Long vacations or breaks almost always end with me sick, no exceptions this time!  Still worth it though :)
I’d rather be witty
And real and clever
Than simple and pretty
And 17-ish forever.

I’d rather be wiser
And challenge the fools
Than an advertiser
Luring the cheapest of drools.

I’d rather solve complex issues
Of technology and life
Than have some tool hand me tissues
Pondering insignificant strife.

Given the choice
I’d rather live
With the world hearing my voice
Than the grave alternative.
If I compose a clever yet cheesy poem
Or the quintessential white hat attack -
If they each serve their intended function
Am I an artist?  Or just a hack?
What is art? :)
When you can be
More curious
Than furious
Magic’s guaranteed!
Or at least progress :)
This is the end, my friend....
Or should I say - frenemy...
As your passive aggressive bullshit
Has evolved from concerning to bourgeoisie.

You are testing the limits of my empathy
By suggesting my ignorance or apathy.

Please cease and desist
And just let me assist.

Please don’t undermine my assertions
And trust I’ve put adequate work in
And weighed every important aspect
Before I dare to reject
What you consider already perfect.

It’s not.

I do my homework; do you?
The picture is bigger than me and you.
Your expertise I would value long
If your perspective on this was not so wrong.
What I wouldn’t do to see you come around
And see logic and reason and back down.

Please don’t defend the status quo
Though the true path forward is uncharted
The destination could be better
So just shush - and let’s get started!
When your plans fail that sucks - but if you don’t try something different (even if that is hard or means admitting you were wrong)  you won’t ever fix it!
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