Jan 2018
Sometimes I think he’s too good for me
He’s too kind
And there are all these words
That come out of my mouth like
Because I’ve been alone so long and
Don’t know how to just let him be nice to me.
I am controlling,
But he’d insist I’m fiercely independent.
I am difficult,
But he’d tell me to never change.
The day after we had met,
He had said just that,
Yet I am constantly wanting to do the opposite.
I’ve spent so many years blaming myself for my own abandonment
That this all seems like a strange but beautiful dream.
Even so, somehow,
with just two words in the quiet of the morning,
He makes me feel like everything

“Hey, beautiful.”
Meg B
Written by
Meg B  28/F/Washington, D.C.
(28/F/Washington, D.C.)   
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