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Jun 2017
𝔜𝔎ð”ē'ð”Ŋð”Ē 𝔞 ð”Ŋð”Ēð”Ą 𝔞𝔭𝔭ð”Đð”Ē
𝔉𝔞ð”Đð”Đð”Ēð”Ŧ ð”ąð”Ž ð”ąð”Ĩð”Ē ð”Īð”Ŋ𝔎ð”ēð”Ŧð”Ą
𝔇ð”Ē𝔞ð”Ŋ ð”ķ𝔎ð”ē'ð”Ŋð”Ē ð”ąð”ēð”Ŋð”Ŧð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ī 𝔟ð”Ŋ𝔎ð”īð”Ŧ
𝔄ð”Ŧð”Ą ℑ ð”īð”Ēð”­ð”ą, ð”Ģ𝔎ð”Ŋ ℑ ð”ąð”Ĩ𝔎ð”ēð”Īð”Ĩð”ą
𝔜𝔎ð”ē ð”īð”Ēð”Ŋð”Ē 𝔰ð”īð”Ēð”Ēð”ą ð”Ķð”Ŧ ð”ķ𝔎ð”ēð”Ŋ 𝔠𝔎ð”Ŋð”Ē
𝔅ð”ēð”ą ð”ķ𝔎ð”ē 𝔞ð”Ŋð”Ē 𝔎ð”Ĩ 𝔰𝔎 ð”Ŋð”Žð”ąð”ąð”Ēð”Ŧ
The History: His hair as he aged became a rusty auburn. In his youth, I'd call it a golden strawberry. That was what I fell for. When the bullies came, I put myself on the front lines. Almost like fighting for America: bitter when it sinks in that the recruiter gets paid to lie.
Written by
jĮŦrð  23/F/United States
(23/F/United States)   
       Caitlin Ellis, Dahlia, Max, --- and Corvus
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