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Feb 2017
Who knows if you think differently
Or if you think the same
Who knows if you feel similar
Or if it's just a game

Who knows if this occured to you
As something special ever
Who knows if I would have liked you
Even if I said "never"

Who knows, but I never say never
Because I live in the present
Just like you
Who knows maybe if I stayed forever
There could be more than friendship
Between me and you

Who knows if you even ever wondered
How the day looked like without me
Who knows if you have ever thought
That that's so important to me

I'll probably never know
Or once after some years
I might meet you again
And fight against my tears

That day we could be changed
Or changing or be same
If this time we arranged
We'd both be nervous anyway

If that's the only thing
That is left to us then
We still would have the same
The lovely atmosphere
And once we might stay here
Together once without to fear
Written by
Viktoria  Germany
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