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Oct 2016
Unke Dar Pe Pahunchne To Paayein
Yeh Na Poocho Ke Hum Kya Kareinge
Sar Jhukana Agar Jurm Hoga
Ham Nigahon Se Sajda Kareinge

Once I reach the door
Spare me from asking what I will do
If blasphemous it is to prostrate my body
My gaze shall bow at the door

Baat Bhi Teri Rakhni Hai Saqi
Zarf Ko Bhi Na Ruswa Kareinge
Jaam De Ya Na De Aaj Hum Toh
Maikade Mein Sawera Kareinge

I am to keep your words too, O' Cup Bearer
And I cannot offend the cup
Whether or not you serve me tonight
I will meet my dawn at your door

Iss Taraf Apna Daman Jalega
Uss Taraf Unki Mehfil Chalegi
Hum Andhere Ko Ghar Mein Bulaakar
Unke Ghar Mein Ujaala Kareinge

Here, my life will be on fire
And there celebrations will begin at yours
I willingly invite the darkness to my abode
So that brightness may exist at yours

Baat Tarq-e talluq Bhi 'Anwar'
Itna Ehsaa- e-Rasm-e-Wafa Hai
Aakhiri Saans Tak Bhi Hum Unse
Berukhi Ka Na Shikwa Kareinge*

Even after renouncing our relationship O’ Anwar
I am to maintain the ritual of faithfulness
Even unto the last breath
Never will I complain of aloofness

— Translated by Jamil Hussain, Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Written by
(39/M/LONDON, UK)   
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