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Oct 2016
Its seems like this love will never work
Feels like we're all happy
But deep down we're always hurt
I can't help you get away from your insecurities
You can't free me from my mind
But we Keep trying to move forward
Leaving all this **** behind

I'm trying to find me
You're looking for you
And we are trying to mend each other
And love each other too
And I know it's hard
When your past is so painful
And we react from our scars
But I would never blame you

Because I know how it feels
To be hurt by someone who never loved me.
But I try my best to move along and put it all above me
And I cried for some time but trust me it's all a phase
Please believe me when I tell you there will be better days

I'll take good care of your heart
If you take care of mine
And all the things you feel right now
Will get better over time .
Something I wrote a while back. Thanks for reading!
Written by
Tiauna  Arizona
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