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Sep 2016
I wouldn't wish me on your worst enemy
I'm the thoughts late at night that make you cry yourself to sleep
I'm the bullet in the gun that you're holding to your head
I'm the whispers in the silence that make you wish you were dead

I'm a walking natural disaster
I will tear you limb from limb
I'm just a living fiasco
Waiting for you to invite me in

My hair shines red like the blood running through your veins
It's just a hint of what you'll see if you let me stay
I walk like an angel, but don't let yourself be fooled
There is no god in the kingdom where I rule

My lips are coated in poison
I'm told they taste like death
But soon you'll be addicted because
There's nicotine on my breath

With just one kiss, you'll bow down to me
Not even complaining when I make you bleed
You'll head down the path of self destruction by my side
By the time you realize, it'll be too late; there's nowhere to hide

I'm not your temptress
But believe what you must
I'm just my own mess
Want to turn to dust

Hell-bent on self destruction, full of shame
Don't you dare care about me or mention my name
I'll stop for no one in my way
Darling, I can never be saved

Just save yourself
And run away
I'll **** myself
No matter what you say
I am writing a short story currently and am in need of an editor. It has to do with eating disorders and depression. If anyone is interested, tell me!
Ephemeral Em
Written by
Ephemeral Em  16/Cisgender Female/Colorado
(16/Cisgender Female/Colorado)   
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