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May 2016
Growing up,
My father warned me
About many things.

But he never warned me
To stay away from brown eyes
That glistened when she smiled
Or freckles that only appeared along her
Cheeks in the sun.

He never warned me that I could become
On a person so easily.

That I could,
And I would
Do anything for her happiness
Even if that meant

He never warned me that falling in love
Could be painful,

He never warned me for the rejection,
The thoughts
Of never being enough.
The nights
Of drinking
Until passing out
On the bathroom floor.

He never warned me that a person could love
You one day and
ChangeΒ Β 
Their mind
The next.

But in defense of my fatherΒ Β 

I don't think anyone
Could have warned me
About the dangers
Of falling in love with
Written by
Anastasia  nyc
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