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Anastasia Oct 2017
It still hurts
when I see you.
It's this feeling in the pit of my stomach
A feeling I can’t quite place

The familiarity

Seeing you see me

I think I still have this
That you’ll come over to me
When we cross paths
But you don’t
Why would you?
There’s no words left for us to speak.

I guess it hurts because
You’re the one that broke me
Yet I still think you’re the only one
Who can put me back
Anastasia May 2017
So I watched the girl I loved cry over a girl who wasn't me
Wondering how someone so beautiful
Could be so
But I still held her her in my arms
As she wept
Running my fingers through her hair
And down her back
Trying to piece back together what I could of her
While slowing breaking off
pieces of me
  May 2017 Anastasia
Taylor Aldous
You put your fingers in the back of your throat
In hopes you can gain what you have already lost
But you are lying to yourself
Because you never really had it
Anastasia Apr 2017
When I met her
She set fire to my cold
December soul
She made me



I never
Have before.

I fell in love with
She fell in love with the
of me.

So here I am listening
To the song
That played
that day
I knew I loved her.
We were lost,
Yet I felt found.
I was home
She was my

It's 2am and i'm  
Walking around this campus
lighting a cigarette
Reminiscing on that day we took the wrong train
To Central Park
And how I kissed you in the station
without a care of who was watching
for in that moment it was just
you and I

I can't help but
Keep you
Every kiss
Every touch
Every moment.

And I know you never really loved me
But I know I’m going to search for you in
Everyone I meet.
Anastasia Apr 2017
She bought her tiger lilies rather than roses
She wrote her poetry instead of letters.
She left kisses where she hid her past.
She saw her for her soul not her body.
Anastasia Apr 2017
I always knew  
I was one
To have these tendencies

To want
To crave
To need

But I never expected this dependence
To be a person
And I never thought it would be
Anastasia Feb 2017
It's been a year
Since you broke me
The first time.
Yet, your expresso eyes
Are still the only ones I
To see past the fog of

I wish I could hate you
Oh how simple that would be
But I can't
When the only thing you didn't do
Was love me the way
I love you.
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