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May 2016
Humour is my forte
Ask my friends, that's what they'll say
And I pray, I pray, it stays that way
So no-one sees the way I fade

What is the point of life?
No I won't commit suicide
It's just a thought that burns inside
Nagging me, a thorn in my hide

Someone once said, to give life meaning
It hit me hard, I thought I was dreaming
There was my answer, a simple play on words
And of a life like that I'm sure I deserve

My life has meaning with my friends
I can be myself and not pretend
So I'll stick with them to the end
The guard dog, here to defend

And when my friends fade away
The mist gone on a rainy day
I'll stay by the ones left behind
Because this is why I was designed
my friends and family are my existence... take them away, and I'm left with nothing
Written by
Viseract  21/M/Adelaide
   Into Darkness, Mya and ---
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